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  1. Nevermind I just found a copy of the download on my old hard drive. If anyone else would like a copy of the world let me know and I will provide the file
  2. Hey this link is dead. Would you happen to still have the file? Thanks
  3. So any update on the reset?
  4. Alkesta

    Vanilla 1.13

    We reset the Vanilla server for the 1.9 update, and kept it through 1.10. Then we went and reset it for 1.11 and kept it into 1.12. Is it time to reset again to keep up with the tradition? I'm back in the swing of things after a long hiatus because of work, school, etc. And nothing would be more fun than a fresh start!
  5. Alkesta

    Your desktop!

    Been a long time since I've posted here. But anyway here's my new desktop setup.
  6. Alkesta

    Your Setup?

    I could have sworn this thread existed already, but I couldn't find it. Anyway... What does your (computer) setup look like? We already know Turbo is a badass with four monitors, but I'd like to see other people's setups, too! Mine: (Ignore the shitty chair, my main one broke)
  7. Really? Nobody taking the opportunity to advertise? Huh. Anyway... https://www.youtube.com/AlkestaTRP, I don't make Minecraft content, but I hope it's enjoyable anyway
  8. For a while I did think that I could be bisexual, but I came to the conclusion that I am straight. But I do support the community.
  9. Alkesta

    Faces to the names

    I've revealed my face many times. But here's a couple images of my ugly mug anyway. No glasses Glasses
  10. Tobu and JJD are my top two. My favorite songs from them each are Roots (Tobu) and Future (JJD)
  11. Alkesta

    I'm back, baby

    After my fairly long departure from the community both in game and on the forums, I've returned. Oh how unfortunate. I actually developed a social life! *GASP* I know that it sounds insane, but school really started to kick in. Hard. So I simply didn't have enough time for Minecraft anymore. Not to mention some failed projects of mine... *cough cough* GlassSMP *cough*. Also, girls. No questions please. We enjoyed the silence... I know it was nice while it lasted, but the reason I've come back is because I really missed the good old days, especially around the time of Diversity Vanilla III. Now we're on the fifth iteration, and I really want to get going on it. Go away. No.
  12. I'm back, baby

  13. Alkesta

    Favourite Thing

    1. My phone, or my PC 2. A more powerful PC.
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