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  1. I'm all caught up on this, read all of the responses on Discord as well (seriously, why does no one use the forum? lol) - thanks to @KatieBug555 for bringing this to my attention! Personally, I'm against removal of the original Diversity worlds, in any form. But I do agree that Diversity needs a reset. I did suggest this before I stood down as admin but it gained no traction. My idea was to keep the current server active but direct new players to a new server. Original players could still play the old server and it would be restricted to only them - newer players could upgrade their account to gain build access on the server if they wanted, this could help with financials. A new server would be a great restart for the community without upsetting any long term players. I understand this is very expensive to keep running, so I'm happy to begin donating $100 a month to help keep Diversity alive, as long as the world is kept intact. Would love to hear @Zoredache's opinion on this.
  2. Just saw this and wanted to add some input. Recent versions of Minecraft have been causing more and more strain on server hardware to perform well. Diversity is running on Paper I believe, which is meant to be well-optimised for dealing with more players but even that is not enough. The CPU that runs the server is not powerful enough to handle the load and ideally it should be upgraded to a newer model but that still may not solve the problem, plus it costs a lot of money and time that Zore probably does not have (or maybe he does, with the stupid virus and all). This has always been an issue with the Survival server, as it's the main server that everyone joins and plays on. The other servers are fine, because no one plays on them. Here are some suggestions from an old admin... For the players: Consider playing on other Diversity servers, like Skyblock or Creative Play at times where there are less people on If you must play on survival, group up and play together, this lessens the strain on resources as the server is not ticking so many chunks Stop building and using crazy ass farms! Entities (mobs) are usually the biggest cause of lag on servers. Stop generating new chunks, i.e. stop exploring - check the dynmap (if it's still alive) if chunks have been generated or not and avoid the black areas For Zore and staff: Start a new survival server with limitations, pre-generate the land, put a world border on it, share the inventory with the original Survival server (maybe?) force new players to join here while the regulars can stay on the original Survival. I remember raising this option before and I still think it's a good idea, especially with 1.16 around the corner. Try using Tuinity, a fork of Paper with even better performance optimisations (people swear by it). It would kill a lot of farms unfortunately. Upgrade to a better system. OVH's stocks seem a bit low atm but their range keeps improving. Also maybe check out ReliableSite, I hear they have some good options for dedicated hosting. Try using plugins that "stack" entities, I hear they work well but again, they probably break farms. Hope you don't mind me butting in but I do want to see Diversity succeed even when I'm gone :)
  3. Hello everyone. Many of you have probably noticed I am no longer active on Diversity. This is my official notice that I will no longer be an admin for the server. Since starting the SMP server back in April of 2014, it has been a long 5 years of learning, making new friends, stressful situations, funny times, and most importantly - creating the community that is now Diversity. However, the last couple years has proved that I am no longer interested in Minecraft, which has led me to neglect the community. It's not fair on anyone, so I have decided to step down. I leave you all in the capable hands of @Zoredache who has been single-handedly running the server behind the scenes for quite a while now. He is very active in the community and will be a good "owner" for Diversity going forward. I would love to thank everyone who has been involved in making Diversity what it has become today. There are too many people to name - whether you have been a staff member or a player, you have made a difference and I will be forever grateful for the part you have played. I'll stick around on Discord to chat every now and then. Take care - Turbo
  4. It's a similar concept to how the per player day signs work, it may look like day to you but the server is in night mode, so you will still see mobs spawning in the day. The effects do not alter spawns (it's purely cosmetic).
  5. Don't even think joking about that is funny, dude.
  6. Abuse? If anyone's abusive it's your shitty sense of humour. Joking about racism and HIV? Fuck off with that shit. You're lucky you're getting another chance TBH.
  7. Sadly with that plugin it doesn't look like you can't separate that with permissions. It's all or nothing.
  8. I suppose I should add some serious input here. In agreement with Dark's statement above about Ores not really being useful to anyone anymore, I'd like to suggest allowing Veinminer for everyone in Ores only. This will encourage more players (especially newbies) to use the Ores worlds for easier resource gathering. The level perk can make it available to players above a certain level (8?) in all the worlds, and this can include blocks like dirt, stone and sand to help people clear out areas quicker. We would need to test this though, as you can set how many blocks are "mined" at a time, so we don't want to overpower it and allow players to remove too many blocks at once.
  9. There is also an option to toggle it by crouching.
  10. So I disabled import status updates from Twitter. Sorry LC but that shit was spammy AF.

    1. Impling




    2. LonelyCreap
  11. It's possible but not something I will be doing anytime in the near future.
  12. The problem with giving players who vote access to perks that supporters get, is that those supporter perks will no longer be unique, thus making supporters feel like their subscription is useless and possibly cancel it. Why pay for it when you can just vote and get it? I don't want to sound money hungry here, all I care is that our server costs are covered each month. I'm all about giving rewards for voting but they need to be unique IMO and not conflict with the rewards that supporters get. Anyway, originally my idea was to have a "vote party" every 50 or so votes, this would enable certain perks for every player online at the time, but for a short period like 30 minutes or an hour. Something like potion effects (haste, speed, etc) or commands. There was also going to be a reward for each vote which would be a form of currency that players could use to purchase a loot crate... but if people are against those then I'll scrap that idea altogether.
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