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  1. Turbotailz

    Avalon Warp Request

    This looks really neat, I'll check it out in game and see what the other staff think
  2. Turbotailz

    More Players

    That's not too bad of an idea. How many people would be interested in streaming? What could the project be? It all requires a lot of planning by the sound of it. I'm happy to give the go ahead for something like this but I don't really know where to start with it all.
  3. Turbotailz

    More Players

    As much as I like that idea... it's gonna be a lot of work!
  4. Turbotailz

    More Players

    Thanks Wither, but we already have a listing on that site like Imp said. You might want to delete that one if you can. I'll be bringing back the voting feature soon. Previously we used to have listings on 3 sites but I've gone and added us to about 10 now, so hopefully the voting will get us back on track with more people online. I also need to update the website, as that used to be our main source of newbies but since I updated it last time (over a year ago), it has hurt our Google results (plus I'm a much better web developer than I was back then so I'll be able to make something really good). I'll leave this thread open in case anyone wants to discuss anything about voting or any other ideas on how we could attract more players.
  5. Turbotailz

    Ensure no child is too hungry to learn

    Ouch! Well done Steely
  6. Turbotailz

    Essentials AutoBan for spamming

    GriefPrevention, actually.
  7. Turbotailz

    Supporter Gifts update

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to give a quick update on our Supporter Gifts. Some of you may have experienced the problem where a nickname has not been applied to a player because they are offline. This was due to the way I had BuyCraft setup where the package would run the commands while the purchaser was online, not the person being gifted the package. BuyCraft now have a proper "gifting" feature that I have setup for those wishing to purchase supporter packages for other players. I've tested it, and it works, no more nickname errors! Well, there's always the odd case when a nickname is invalid or unavailable, but that doesn't happen very often. For those interested, I'll post some screenshots below on how the new system works... When choosing a package, you can now select the "Gift this package" option, this will allow you to enter the name of the player you are buying the gift for Once you hit the Gift button, you'll be taken to the nickname selection screen. Previously this is where you'd enter the name of the player you're buying for, but we've already done that, so all you need to do is configure their nickname. Once you're ready to checkout, make sure the player's name is displayed here where it says "This is a gift for <player>" And that's it! Now all they need to do is log in (or wait a few minutes if they're already online) and their nickname will be applied as expected. Their Supporter rank is applied immediately after purchase, there has never been an issue with this (it works when they're offline). As usual, if you have any questions, please let me know
  8. Turbotailz


    First, let's take a look at these marvellous comments you have left on the forum recently: Using sarcasm towards a staff member, real mature... which later led to you posting this: Lmao. Hey @Lucifer, do you mind changing your signature? Some punk thinks it's "offensive". I highly doubt she will change it because some banned kid took "offense" to it and demanded she change it, you didn't even say "please" And then there's this: Now that's just insulting - fuck you! Now, on to your "appeal". So, you respect your decision to disrespect the staff? You're an actual twat. Lol, we're not so weak that we get our feelings hurt by some kid being a douche on a Minecraft server. Try again. I mean, all of this behaviour alone is enough for me to give you a big fat DENY. But, let's step back in time (1 year, to be exact) and see why you were actually banned from Diversity: 3rd February, 2017 A new player called Terminator_T80 joins Diversity! His first messages: "i work for planet minecraft", "i review servers". Then, the console warns that he is moving incorrectly, to which he claims "i was tezting", "i mean testing". A few minutes go by, during this time he tries various commands that don't exist on the server. A few more minutes go by, he claims "lag" and then proceeds to speak in Spanish: "hola" "como estas" "mi amigos" "putos" "no hablo" "putos" "stupido" "putos" "putos" "putos" "putos" "putos" And before he could utter another word, the spam bot banned him for one day. A moderator jailed him and added the note "needs talk about respect and english only in chat". 4th March, 2017 Terminator_T80 waited a whole month until joining Diversity again, despite his ban being only for one day. Upon joining, he was immediately placed in jail. He tried many commands to get out but he was stuck there. He logged off. 5th March, 2017 Terminator_T80 joined again, still in jail. A moderator called @Hani came to his aid. "Hello", she says. No response. "Hello" she says again, "to msg me do /r", "i am a mod". He noticed she was flying around the jail, something a mod usually does when someone is jailed. He tells her "your a cheater" She replies "i am allowed /fly" To which he replies "gmc on a survival server is cheating" "let me out" At this point, Terminator_T80 has caught the attention of many other staff online, including myself. Hani then says "first i need to talk to you" He tells her "what do u want i didnt do anything" (but he did) Then he calls the staff "gmc hackers" and tried to type /fly but he was of course denied. Hani tells him "you were banned for disrespect and not talking in english on general chat" He says "so", "it says that i stole" Hani says "im just saying what you did to be in here" He demands "let me the fuck out" Hani replies "sorry not with that attitude" Hani's nickname at this time was "RespectTheHani", and he had just realised this So he then says "oh its respectthehani" "well let me tell you something" "i dont like people who demand respect" "so fuck u" I saw these messages, and that is when I banned him with the reason: "disrespecting staff, don't come back :)" Neat little story, huh? Needless to say, within one year, it seems that you still haven't changed. So no, I will not unban you. No other staff member will unban you. You will never be returning to Diversity because your attitude is disgusting and we do not like brats like you running around in our community. Have a nice life.
  9. Turbotailz

    Give me a poor explanation of your favorite movie please.

    A King is murdered by his brother, his child runs away, the King's brother takes over and raises hell. The child meets a rather strange pair of friends and together they somehow raise the child into adulthood. The child (now adult) lives a happy life with his new family. One day he bumps into an old friend and they fall in love. The old friend tries to persuade him to come back and take his rightful throne as king but he does not want to. Eventually he budges and everyone heads back to his real home. He kills his murderous uncle, peace is restored to the kingdom and everyone lives happily ever after. The Lion King.
  10. Sounds like half our ban appeals


    1. TPS_Platinum


      Makes for entertaining read, though.

    2. Lucifer


      Like if u cry evrytim

    3. hypersound


      Omg they should unban him if you don't unban him you are heartless becuz his bruther used his account!!1one!ExclamationPoint

  11. Turbotailz

    New Skyblock servers ready for testing

    Yes but they all do that. Did you even try them?
  12. Turbotailz

    New Skyblock servers ready for testing

    I did acid once and now I'm addicted for life.
  13. Hey you diverse peoples You may have seen us talk about how our current Skyblock server is not going to be upgraded anymore due to lack of development for the plugin, you may have also seen us mention we will be looking at replacement plugins to keep the awesome challenge of Skyblock alive and well within the Diversity network. We've just opened two new servers for everyone to try out the following plugins: ASkyBlock - /server sb2 - this plugin is your standard Skyblock experience, you start with an island in the sky and attempt to complete challenges to further your status as the ultimate skylord. The plugin is under active development and works for the latest version of Minecraft (yay!) so we're not expecting it to die any time soon. AcidIsland - /server sb3 - this plugin brings a twist to Skyblock - AcidIsland puts you on a small island in a never ending ocean... of acid. That's right, the water HURTS YOU (rain included). Everything works the same as Skyblock, except you're surrounded by (murderous) water instead of air. I should also mention this plugin is developed by the same guy who does ASkyBlock (above) so you'll notice the challenges are very similar, as are the commands. Please try out both of these servers and tell us which one you prefer. The server with most preference will end up replacing our current Skyblock server, which may or may not be deleted. Remember to play on these servers with the idea that they may not be around forever, don't get too attached to your builds! Thank you
  14. Turbotailz

    Diversity bans

    That was not a mistake, though. So I guess the admins are good after all!
  15. Turbotailz

    why am I perm banned?

    I think we need to unban you and make you an admin because you clearly know how to run a server better than us. Look, I don't really know exactly what happened but it sounds to me like you just want to cause trouble. You only have 8 hours of time logged on Diversity, in that time you've managed to get yourself temp banned for using mods and not long after that you were banned again for disrupting players and staff. We don't care if you're "joking around with a friend", your pranks (which are also against the rules) have wasted staff's time and disturbed the peaceful nature of our server. If you and your friends want to fuck around and start petty fights then move on and join another server. Your condescending tone in this thread shows that you have no respect for the staff at all, why would any of us want to unban you?