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  1. Turbotailz

    Nether Roof Petition

    This should be disabled, are people still dying up there? Anyway, all I'm seeing here are reasons why it should be banned to build up there. I want to know why people wish to go and build things on the Nether roof, perhaps my opinion on banning it could be swayed.
  2. Turbotailz

    Portalboy2006 Staff Application

    There is a certain process for staff applications. Posting a thread on the forum is not how we choose new staff. An announcement will be made when applications are open. Also just a heads up, we usually only promote regular players to staff ranks on our server. Your activity leaves a lot to be desired, so you may want to work on that.
  3. Turbotailz

    Vanilla Seed

    We don't give out the seed for Vanilla, sorry.
  4. Turbotailz

    robyo1 ban appeal

    Hi @robyo1, you have been unbanned.
  5. oh my god it's not a lonely tweet

  6. Turbotailz

    Schematica Banned?

    Sure, lets let everyone click a button and have all their builds appear automatically for them without them having to do any work. Sounds like a great way to play Minecraft. This is an insult to everyone who has spent hours and hours building massive structures in survival mode on our server.
  7. UPDATE: SMP is back up and running 1.13.2. Things seem to be going well but there may be some bugs that still need fixing. If you come across anything weird, please ask a staff member or report it to us, either here on the forums, on Discord or in a ticket in game. Have fun! Just a heads up the SMP server will not be accessible from 7AM UTC Nov 16. I can't say how long it will be down for but hopefully no longer than a few hours. In the meantime, you should be able to connect to the vanilla server which is a fresh install running 1.13.2. Sorry for the inconvenience! Connect directly to vanilla with vanilla.diversitymc.net
  8. Turbotailz

    Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP

    We have heard this suggestion a few times. It's not going to happen unfortunately. That's just too much work.
  9. Turbotailz

    Vanilla 1.13 Reset

    I suppose we should get around to it. I'll get back to you.
  10. Turbotailz

    handwriting appeal

  11. Turbotailz

    Where would you travel??

    Starting in NY and ending in CA, stopping at PA - DC - OK - CO in between.
  12. Turbotailz

    Where would you travel??

    You should want to visit somewhere that's not within your country I'm with Abi, I wanna go everywhere. Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Antarctica... at least I'm going to USA next month but that's only a small part of that part of the world. One day I'll be able to get up and go wherever I like.
  13. Turbotailz

    Unban please

    It was a while ago now, and you seem to understand what you did that was wrong. I'll give you another chance, just remember that racism is not okay and you'll be banned pretty quickly if we see that sort of behaviour from you again. You have been unbanned from Diversity now.
  14. 1.13 is finally upon us! Unfortunately it will be a while until Diversity is compatible with this version, so you'll need to keep using 1.12.2 in the meantime. Some of you may not know how to downgrade, so I'm posting this guide to help you out. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS GUIDE ASSUMES YOU ARE USING THE OFFICIAL MINECRAFT LAUNCHER Step 1: Click on the Launch options button in the launcher, outlined red below Step 2: Click Add new to add a new launch profile Step 3: Give your launch profile a name (for simplicity sake, I've named mine "1.12"), then choose release 1.12.2 from the dropdown menu as shown below - make sure it's 1.12.2 and not just 1.12! Click the Save button once you've done this and go back to the News tab. Step 4: Now that you've created a 1.12.2 profile, you need to make sure you load it, so click the up arrow next to PLAY and choose the profile you just created. Then click the PLAY button, and you're on your way Please do not ask when Diversity will upgrade, because we do not know! It could be weeks, it could be months. Your patience is appreciated. Thank you.
  15. Turbotailz

    Music Thread

    I've been listening to these three albums a lot lately: Disobey by Bad Wolves The Future by From Ashes to New V by Hollywood Undead Here are my favourite songs from each: Also special mention to my boys As I Lay Dying, who just recently got back together and are one of my favourite metalcore bands ever \m/

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