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  1. Stiles

    Music Thread

    ieuan love it when u love me - https://youtu.be/aj3aMs-GOyk saint california (whole album, 30 mins) - https://youtu.be/UEm20HX-CsA oceans, pink suburbia - https://youtu.be/5lzr7hvTJk4 there's a lot more so I'm just gonna leave a link of my Spotify playlist:
  2. Stiles

    Hey there, it be Nelson.

    do u like cats
  3. Stiles

    BAN APEAL..please apeal my ban

    Please use the format!!
  4. Stiles

    St1les's AMA

    1. I'm from Illinois, in the United States 2. mac and cheese :eyes: 3. uh, yes ecks three
  5. Stiles

    St1les's AMA

    1. February 24, 2015 2. 30 3. Banned once :[ 4. I showed a new player something that I shouldn't have shown 5. Dragonblade Riven, look it up :^) 6. Okay, how was yours 7. same
  6. Stiles

    St1les's AMA

  7. Stiles

    St1les's AMA

    1. The name Stiles comes from a TV show called Teen Wolf. (He's my fav character and I'm kinda obsessed with the actor :))) ) 2. We were two llamas running around on the street and stumbled upon the same trashcan and now I'm screaming while she's singing on discord 3. I started playing PC MC in December 2013, but before that, I used to play a lot of MCPE so, 4-5 years. 4. yse
  8. Stiles

    St1les's AMA

    Hi, I'm Thomas, or St1les! Ask me questions and I might answer. :))
  9. Stiles

    Welcome News Crew!

  10. Stiles

    April 2017 Monthly Update

  11. Stiles

    Favorite Artist/Band?

  12. Stiles

    Poem about Vryx the Great.

    yall is hella cute pls i need all the fanfics
  13. Stiles

    St1les's Birthday!

    oh my gob happy birthday me111!

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