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  1. HI there, Firstly in regards to your following post after this, one month doesn't equal 11 days, which is the amount of time that has been since this appeal. Secondly, how can we know that you've really matured? You seemed to have a lot of infringements over the course of ~6 months, without maturing, so why now? (This many infringements to be exact:) So why should we really take you for your word when you've had this many chances?
  2. Hi WitheredFlame, Although I'm sure the admins will have a better response to you on this, I just wanted to add a little bit of input. As far as I know, this was the primary reason that the mod was banned. Most aspects of the mod were fine, just this one proved to cause a few liabilities. The main one being a large disadvantage it provided to other players not using the mod. Most people enjoy building, and the reward that comes out of finishing a build, and allowing players to have an advantage over others due to a mod. If you're really too lazy to want to build it how most nor
  3. TwoDog

    New Mods?!

    Congratulations to both of you! Good luck with all your new modness!
  4. Two's Birthday!
  5. Hey Y33Zy, Sorry for the wait, but we do ask you to be patient. Banned players aren't of our biggest priority currently, and we'll get to when you can. Thanks!
  6. Hi PaulGr! Would you please use the following format when making a ban appeal. Thanks.
  7. Hi realsoul35, Please use the following format when appealing. Thanks.
  8. Hey Crunchy, Just thought I'd pipe in with a bit of proof for you! Now, however, this doesn't show too much, it shows what we aw you doing, winding from side to side, although in the strip mine style, going straight towards baits, another you were heading to before you were banned. You also managed to comment upon how it was a good hacker trolling // baiting, which as far as I'm aware, we thought you were talking about yourself, not others, as you aswell we were positive were using X-ray, with your mate, who was banned for the same offence. Also, pu
  9. Hey Lazer, Apologies that I didn't respond while your ban was applied, however I still would like to put in my valid reasoning behind your ban. You and another player had been discussing hacking, and hacked clients for quite a while, until I asked for that discussion to be moved elsewhere, as it was already raising an eyebrow or two. However, being determined, you and this player continued to talk about how you hacked, and your clients. Saying this didn't help your case, as if there were no eyebrows raised before, this can come off as quite an alarm to
  10. Hey Tavish Firstly, I would like to ask that you use the following format next time; Secondly, I would love to say that what you are saying is true, but unfortunately, it really isn't: Mar 11, 17, 10:00:56am Tavish07 Command /r than me making one yes it will be quicker Mar 11, 17, 10:00:33am Tavish07 Command /r please Mar 11, 17, 10:00:19am Tavish07
  11. Hey Dan, I think one of the main downsides with this idea is making things a bit too easy IMO. Having to gather the obsidian (or bring your own), provides more of a 'survival' aspect, as not everything is handed out to you, you still have to work to reach the nether stage of ores. Just as you would have to in regular survival. Just my opinion, though!
  12. TwoDog

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    @TwoDog and @TwoDog You are noticed <3
  13. As I said before, I was 100% sure of you using x-ray. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't coincidence that you had mined straight to the Iron I had placed behind you, when you were building a staircase the other direction. I am sorry, but I truly am not convinced that you weren't xraying. Unless you prove me otherwise, I will see you in 5 Days.
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