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  1. moderzombie

    Vanilla Seed

    Are we allowed to know the seed? Some biomes can be really hard to find.
  2. moderzombie

    Minecraft versions & client setup

    I personally don't care either way. I was curious because if a reset was going to happen soon I would put less effort into Vanilla until after the reset.
  3. moderzombie

    Minecraft versions & client setup

    Thanks. I thought that I had read a post about vanilla usually being reset after each update. Could be remembering that wrong.
  4. moderzombie

    Minecraft versions & client setup

    Is vanilla getting a reset?
  5. moderzombie

    Placing Nether Portal

    Thanks everyone I was able to get it linked up correctly!
  6. moderzombie

    Placing Nether Portal

    I am having trouble placing and linking my nether portal properly. My base and portal are at -480, -890. When I go through the portal it is linked to someone else's in the nether and when I come back through it I am at their base at -295, -720. All the instructions I have read about how to fix this require the original portal (which doesn't belong to me) to be broken. Is there a way to fix this without breaking someone else's portal.
  7. moderzombie

    AFK Fish Farm

    Sorry for the dumb question. I found the update that said autorank was now on Skyblock.
  8. moderzombie

    AFK Fish Farm

    I noticed that SkyBlock monitors when I am AFK. Does that mean an AFK fish farm is not allowed?
  9. moderzombie

    Sparkz' AMA

    That was supposed to be It turned out great
  10. moderzombie

    Your Diversity Family...

    Good one. I didn't get it at first either!
  11. moderzombie

    Sugarcane Farm

    I love that!!!
  12. moderzombie

    Sparkz' AMA

    It turned out great!
  13. omg its you!

    1. moderzombie


      LOL I didn't think anyone would notice :P

  14. moderzombie

    I'm Ryois

    Awesome. I love watching Skywars!
  15. moderzombie

    Sparkz' AMA

    What do you like to do in Minecraft? What is your favorite thing you've made/done?

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