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  1. MissStephanie

    Diversity Update: December 2017 - NEW HELPERS!

    Congratulations Y'all are gonna do great :))
  2. You've been visited by Walrus, pls send fish. pls


  3. MissStephanie

    Logo Competition - Voting Time!

    I voted Took me a solid 7ish minutes looking at all of them trying to choose one. Good luck to all <3
  4. New Number, who dis?

  5. MissStephanie

    Monthly Update: November 2016

    Congrats Ace, flowerice, and LoneWolf! A job well done
  6. Why would you hurt creatures as innocent as this?




    #1Like1Prayer Stop dog abuse


  7. MissStephanie

    Made Diversity a logo!

    Looks amazing!
  8. MissStephanie

    Monthly Update: August 2016 - New Helpers Edition

    Congrats flowerice, Jazzberryjam, Dr_Awesome1001, AceIsEves, xxiKarly, Whatevahhh, and maxboy35 (aka LoneWolf)! I know you guys will do a great job!
  9. MissStephanie

    Happy 13th Birthday Jazz!

    Woo! yay for fun times! Happy Birthday Jazz! <3
  10. MissStephanie

    Girls And Gravel?!?!?

    That gravel be looking' mighty fine!...Don't do drugs kids
  11. MissStephanie


    So that is why you needed so much TNT
  12. MissStephanie

    Easter Egg Hunt Winners!

    Congrats guys! You did eggcellent

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