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  1. You've been visited by Walrus, pls send fish. pls


  2. I voted Took me a solid 7ish minutes looking at all of them trying to choose one. Good luck to all <3
  3. New Number, who dis?

  4. Congrats Ace, flowerice, and LoneWolf! A job well done
  5. Why would you hurt creatures as innocent as this?




    #1Like1Prayer Stop dog abuse


  6. Congrats flowerice, Jazzberryjam, Dr_Awesome1001, AceIsEves, xxiKarly, Whatevahhh, and maxboy35 (aka LoneWolf)! I know you guys will do a great job!
  7. Woo! yay for fun times! Happy Birthday Jazz! <3
  8. That gravel be looking' mighty fine!...Don't do drugs kids
  9. So that is why you needed so much TNT
  10. Congrats guys! You did eggcellent
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