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  1. There's been a lot of discussion this week about a reset, community, and new players. After ruminating on this all week, I'd like to weigh in as a new player in search of community. I've been playing Minecraft for a year - this is my first public server, and my first time building in survival. I joined several months ago because I was tired of playing alone and needed a constant reminder that other people were still out there. What I found was overwhelming kindness and generosity. Players /tp'd to dress me in fully spelled netherite to stop my constant deaths. I was rescued and assisted more times than I can remember. I was given tours of incredible builds that took years of thoughtful dedication. Other players offered to help me build, and even left gifts in my house. I was encouraged to ask questions, and ASK FOR HELP. Every time I logged on I was welcomed back, and the chat was always full of "Welcome" and witty banter. It's been hard for me to find the energy to play this week under the cloud of a reset. I'd be sad to see those monuments lost, and I'm overwhelmed by the idea of starting over, but I'd do it to stay a part of the Diversity Community I joined. That is why I'm speaking up. I never expected Diversity to be the kind of place where a request not to use "pussy" as a slur would be mocked and dismissed. I did not expect to see players threatened, cheated, or their builds intentionally destroyed by other players. I did not expect to see bullying, petty infighting, or sexual harassment here. I also never expected to join a Minecraft Discord chat with kids in it and see someone asking to have their "watersports" fetish fulfilled- I know the server is intended for 18+, but read the fucking room. I enjoy good sexual innuendo as much as the next 84 year old woman, but in the immortal words of Ron Burgundy, "Stay Classy, Diversity." Here are my humble suggestions: 1) "No" means NO. 2) "Please stop" means STOP NOW. 3) No name calling. 4) Keep your hands to yourself. 5) If it is not yours, do not touch it. 6) Don't post your kinks in the general Discord. And lastly, let's have more build competitions. I was too shy to enter the last one. All My Love, Nerf N. Turf
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