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  1. Knightman

    Status on modded server

    Well. As there seems to be quite a bit of wonder about this. I made a poll to see what you guys would want https://www.strawpoll.me/15204992
  2. Knightman

    Status on modded server

    This will not effect most of the people on the server. But for the players who play modded, this will be important to you. As some people know there is a modded server, and recently it has been having some issues. So sometime within the next couple days , the modded server will be shutting down as it is being redone. And some of you will be wondering "what will happen to my base?" the truth is, I do not know for sure, The plan is to move over to a custom modpack for the reason that it lets us have more control of what mods are used and to what extents they are used to. If you have some questions, feel free to contact me over discord. And if the map does end up being reset, I will Try to provide a world download for your single player worlds of the server map, but this is not promised, or there may not even be a reset to start with. Also. Feel free to comment on this post with some 1.7.10 mods that you would like to see featured. No promises that they will be implemented into the pack though. And those asking about modded stuff on smp constantly will be punished if need be
  3. Knightman

    Can I be unbanned plz

  4. Knightman

    why am I perm banned?

    That is a reason. And, if the same person is playing on two accounts , its still the same banned person.. Also there is a rule against logging in with an alt to bypass a ban
  5. Knightman

    Diversity bans

    I think turbo wins this one .. managed to ban himself.
  6. Knightman

    why am I perm banned?

    Rule #8 - Respect other players' builds and spaces -Claiming someones base, even if you did eventually unclaim it, is violation of this. And you were asked multiple times by the player and staff to give him his house back, and refused to do it. And causing all this chaos right after a ban shows all of us that you did not really learn anything from your previous ban.
  7. Knightman

    why am I perm banned?

    You were not banned without reason. 1. Not even a hour after coming back from your previous ban, us staff start getting complaints about peoples homes being claimed, which it was found that you had claimed another's house, and continued to keep it even after they asked you to unclaim it 2.There were multiple instances of you being rude to other players in general chat and pms. 3.And while looking at this situation.It was found that you and a few others had griefed an old players base and were building right in front of it. I hope this helps sum it up for you.
  8. Knightman

    Town Request for Llama Valley

    I'll take a look at it later today when I get on
  9. Knightman

    Egg Farm Warp Request

    A couple things, to say. The looks of the farm could be improved. Also I don't think there is need for another egg farm. Even though lix is inactive, that farm still produces enough eggs. And really eggs are only good for cakes And making chicken farms. So I don't see the need for it. But then again this is only my opinion. This also looks like a lag machine.
  10. Knightman

    Wanted: reward suggestions

    Well. There are some fly guidelines that even staff Need to follow. And monitoring this could be a pain
  11. Knightman

    Wanted: reward suggestions

    Well, doing / fly or permissions may be a pain with the permissions with all the temporary nodes and plugins adding perms to other ranks and all sorts of stuff. I think more item-based ideas would be better. Also. It could drive staff nuts. In terms of checking for fly hacks adding / fly to others But this is just my opinion
  12. Knightman

    Claim not working

    All fixed a couple hours ago
  13. Knightman

    Ban apeal

    You made an appeal on november 17th. You have to wait 6 Months between appeals. As was said the last time.
  14. Knightman

    Modded smp How to.

    Just a quick how to for how to get onto the modded server Ip:modded.diversitymc.net There are two ways to get on, one is a lot simpler to use Way 1. Technic The techinc launcher is a very easy to use modding client which takes a lot of the scrambling for files out of the modding process technic can be downloaded at https://www.technicpack.net/download And scroll to the bottom of the page until you see an area like this Click your OS and run the .exe ,it is a safe download, I have used it a lot and know many others who use it with no issues, After getting the launcher. Log into your minecraft account and you should get a screen that looks like this Then proceed to the MODPACKS section and find the 1.7.10 pack It should look like this. I already have the pack installed, but where the play icon is , there should be a download button, (NOTE: make sure the version is set to the most recent, it should be 0.9.7) Before launching the pack. make sure you have given the launcher at least 3GB of ram . most low end laptops normally have 4, so it should work on most pc's. to give it more ram go to where it says "Launcher options" up at the top right corner of the screen. Then proceed to where it says "Java settings", it should look like this, other than it will default to 1Gb of ram If it does not give you any options close to 3 gb. Check your java version,, If it is a 32-bit, there will be another section with how to upgrade. There you go! Go ahead and launch the mudpack, and please note, that first time launch can take a while, so please be patient as it loads. After it has reached the minecraft title screen , which will look different, you can go to multiplayer and proceed like you would in more recent versions of minecraft. (NOTE: you can mute the cringy music by hitting the music note at the top of the title screen). If you have problems with this method, please don't be afraid to message me. Way 2. Forge (windows) Download minecraft forge 1.7.10 at https://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/net/minecraftforge/forge/index_1.7.10.html And ignore the add that will pop up on the next page and look at the banner on the top of the screen , After the count down, press skip and run the installer After the minecraft forge version has been installed, go to your normal Minecraft launcher and change to the version of forge, ( I recommend running it in a separate directory). While in that tab. allow more ram to minecraft by going to the option labeled JVM arguements, and enable this option at the begining of this you should see -Xmx1G, change the 1 in that phrase to the amount of gigabytes you would like to use in whole numbers. Then you can launch your minecraft forge. (64-bit java is recommended) after it has launched, close out the window and go to your search bar and search %appdata% and go to .minecraft, You will see a folder in there called mods. Put the mods in this folder from (insert link here) and launch your minecraft. This may take a while for the first time launch, You can then go and add the modded server into your server list, This will probably take a while for the first time setup. 64-bit java setup. Very simple and easy . go to https://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp and go to your operating system, , if using windows I found that the offline 64-bit works the best it should come up with an install page, which is easy to follow and use, the java should automatically start working after you download it Just a note, this is a draft of sorts, please tell me if anything needs fixing.. other than me adding the mods list link
  15. Knightman

    Record farm request

    I'll come and look at it when I get a chance