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  1. Running the plugin on ores. After actually being online and going to ores once again, I have found would probably be a good thing to compensate for the large nerf of ores (More like absolute destruction of diamond spawns) with the plugin being outdated with allowed for more diamond . Having on smp as much as i do agree it would help with bigger builds. I always enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after working hard to get the materials, finish the project and then look at the completed thing so i still am against that side of it. But you can consider my vote for the ORES side of things a yes now after taking a look
  2. Treeassist had this toggle and yet the "treepocaplse" still happens and it goes nuts lol
  3. As much as it would be do able. There are already things in place to make oreos LESS OP. So this kinda sounds like a step backwards of what has been put in place
  4. Applications are not currently open, As i told you on the server. There will be a message on the forum when they are, You can apply then. Thank you -Knight
  5. I never really trust refurbished imo. I always hate the uncertainty of how old the parts are and ect but that's just a personal thing
  6. Well. Sometimes with pre built. You are paying more for the branding. Like Dell or hp ect, than the actual performance. I would just go with building one. You can get a better machine with less money
  7. Yeah . That's why i am asking lol
  8. I ment the name of who I was making it for @Chrono
  9. Any idea when we get our secret santas? I dont ever recall getting mine.
  10. IGN:Knightman Discord: Knight#9287 As far as gifts go, Anything is fine with me P.S Cubesmp+Dan ship is still a thing , it will never die.
  11. Why should the amount of players effect how you act ? And chat is also linked to discord as well if you are not aware so anyone could be seeing chat at that moment Not in any way is this a valid argument
  12. First off Second off (from last appeal): So why should we give you another chance?
  13. I think instead of a warp for the build itself. This would be cool to move to another current existing place as an exhibit type thing instead
  14. Diversity is wonderful and a great place to meet some great people! and was I just called wonderful :0
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