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  1. Egg Farm Warp Request

    A couple things, to say. The looks of the farm could be improved. Also I don't think there is need for another egg farm. Even though lix is inactive, that farm still produces enough eggs. And really eggs are only good for cakes And making chicken farms. So I don't see the need for it. But then again this is only my opinion. This also looks like a lag machine.
  2. Wanted: reward suggestions

    Well. There are some fly guidelines that even staff Need to follow. And monitoring this could be a pain
  3. Wanted: reward suggestions

    Well, doing / fly or permissions may be a pain with the permissions with all the temporary nodes and plugins adding perms to other ranks and all sorts of stuff. I think more item-based ideas would be better. Also. It could drive staff nuts. In terms of checking for fly hacks adding / fly to others But this is just my opinion
  4. Claim not working

    All fixed a couple hours ago
  5. Ban apeal

    You made an appeal on november 17th. You have to wait 6 Months between appeals. As was said the last time.
  6. Record farm request

    I'll come and look at it when I get a chance
  7. Ban appeal

    Well. First off. You built it. Not him. You should have known it was against the rules and told staff instead of just building it. And second off don't blame others for your actions. And that is a good tip for anyone reading this appeal.
  8. Another theme park???

    I can take a look later when I am on
  9. Please unban me

    Another point, you logged in to irc to beg to be unbanned you are lucky that your ban was not extended due to that.
  10. Diversity Update: December 2017 - NEW HELPERS!

    It was only a matter of time
  11. Diversity Update: December 2017 - NEW HELPERS!

    Could also be this
  12. Diversity Update: December 2017 - NEW HELPERS!

    #bringtheforumsbacktolife It's been quiet
  13. Diversity Update: December 2017 - NEW HELPERS!

    Congrats to everyone!
  14. Luci did me dirty

    Nick makes his own grammar. It's the art of nickology
  15. Hi

    I love food tooooooooo. .. mmmmm foood.