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  1. Ban apeal

    Two things I would like to address. First. Wizardd, your last appeal was just less than 2 months ago, and was denied, Second. You attempted to bypass your ban using an alt, which is not allowed. I think it is safe to say that this appeal has been denied
  2. Tengy/Robins Ban Appeal

    I remember you robin. Thank you for being patient while staff discuss your appeal .
  3. A minecraft cinematic video to help new players :)

    I'll see if I remember to pull some of my crap from my pc, I don't remember talking about it. But that's just probably my bad memory
  4. A minecraft cinematic video to help new players :)

    @Ash The video looks like a very good concept and can establish a good base. I see a lot of stuff that is good. And I also see some stuff that could be improved. I am fairly decent at this kind of stuff , talk to me when I'm online and maybe we can work on it a little bit
  5. Supporter Perk Suggestions

    As cool as this sounds . The last update for this plugin was for Minecraft version 1.7.9. And it looks like the author has left the project behind.
  6. SS Ship of DOOM

    @AdventureNarwhal I an happy to say that your warp request has been accepted ! . Please talk to an available mod or admin to get it set up. Congrats captain Narwhal
  7. Invertory Tweaks

    One thing that does suck about this plugin. (I have used it in the past before), is sometimes the items will *disappear* out of your inventory, but they are not really gone and others can see them. Also it does not have all the features that the supporter plus option does
  8. I know you can get the stuff from your chests, not 100% sure on the plot tho
  9. SS Ship of DOOM

    We have seen people trust people and then be greifed, people set up subclaims with the wrong permissions, and more
  10. Ban Appeal

    Two things 1. 2. Also, your ban is only for 3 days. All of these rules are seen when you walked through the spawn cave , and can always be accessed through /rules. Please wait out your ban and we will see you back on the server then.
  11. SS Ship of DOOM

    You would be surprised what all staff have seen happen in claims.
  12. SS Ship of DOOM

    The build looks good. But even with claims, I am still concerned about that many people going through your personal base, but that's just my opinion
  13. Warp Request for Castle Lychgate

    Not 100% sure. But we are trying to catch up, the warp stuff has been fairly slow for the last couple months
  14. Warp Request for Castle Lychgate

    @USCWaves I am happy to say that your warp request has been accepted. After talking with staff, it has been decided that this is a cool build, and it should be featured in warp hub! Please talk to an online staff member when you are online to get your warp setup. Congrats!
  15. Warp Request for Castle Lychgate

    I took another look at the town. Most of the before issues ,I am happy to see, you have fixed. I made a layout of the small town. The red areas are where the light level is less than 7, the mob spawning light required. Keep in mind, some of the red areas are rooftops, which the mobs cant spawn on due to the stairs. With that statement said. It does look like almost all of the land is covered, but keep this in mind if you plan to expand