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  1. Do you like kawaii potatoes
  2. ores

    Having ores reset daily on the same seed would make ores very easy, as players would learn the map and locations, we have already disabled water buckets and enderpearls to try to make ores more difficult. I do not think you can /sethome in ores currently. I get your point about the special blocks and think having more biomes would help prevent destruction of smp land and resources, but some of the joy of the random seeds is that you don't know what biomes it will have, besides, who doesn't like exploring?
  3. That mod is 1.11 , but there are similar stuff for 1.12
  4. It used to be 4 hours, but it had to be lowered because of lag,
  5. Could be a creative only feature? As if you loose something. Ya can just make a new one there
  6. Poor kilk. He is squid-less
  7. As i have been to this place, I can tell that this will turn into a good build, two things I can say is, building a wall around the town to keep mobs out, would be a good idea when you are finished expanding, and continue the use of the new 1.12 blocks they look good
  8. I loved the addition of Redstone. It's been a while, but It opened up so much more stuff you could do
  9. @Loubee1000 @SteelyEyed and I after the last event comes to my mind when I read this..
  10. ... me when trying creativepro...
  11. I think I have heard the story of the great trench before..
  12. Being a helper. I can not make the final decision, but one way to prevent this is to sign out of Minecraft when you are done playing for the day. And be aware who is around when you leave your pc to go do something .
  13. Violets villagers needed to be fed.. They were going to starve..
  14. Pics?, and can you give some info about the place?
  15. They will get back to you. But it could take a little bit