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  1. Applications are not currently open, As i told you on the server. There will be a message on the forum when they are, You can apply then. Thank you -Knight
  2. I never really trust refurbished imo. I always hate the uncertainty of how old the parts are and ect but that's just a personal thing
  3. Well. Sometimes with pre built. You are paying more for the branding. Like Dell or hp ect, than the actual performance. I would just go with building one. You can get a better machine with less money
  4. Yeah . That's why i am asking lol
  5. I ment the name of who I was making it for @Chrono
  6. Any idea when we get our secret santas? I dont ever recall getting mine.
  7. IGN:Knightman Discord: Knight#9287 As far as gifts go, Anything is fine with me P.S Cubesmp+Dan ship is still a thing , it will never die.
  8. Why should the amount of players effect how you act ? And chat is also linked to discord as well if you are not aware so anyone could be seeing chat at that moment Not in any way is this a valid argument
  9. First off Second off (from last appeal): So why should we give you another chance?
  10. I think instead of a warp for the build itself. This would be cool to move to another current existing place as an exhibit type thing instead
  11. Diversity is wonderful and a great place to meet some great people! and was I just called wonderful :0
  12. This story does not line up to what you posted in your last appeal
  13. Your topic has been moved to it's own thread. Please create a new thread in the future when appealing
  14. What instruments do you play? I also play a lot of music
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