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  1. Knightman

    Diversity Post Office / Secret Santa

    IGN:Knightman Discord: Knight#9287 Cubesmp+Dan ship is still a thing, it will never die
  2. Knightman

    handwriting appeal

    Why should the amount of players effect how you act ? And chat is also linked to discord as well if you are not aware so anyone could be seeing chat at that moment Not in any way is this a valid argument
  3. Knightman

    Tengy appeal

    First off Second off (from last appeal): So why should we give you another chance?
  4. Knightman

    Diversity Monument Warp Request

    I think instead of a warp for the build itself. This would be cool to move to another current existing place as an exhibit type thing instead
  5. Knightman

    Lets play a game ;)

  6. Knightman

    Hello All from Divinegrl!

    Diversity is wonderful and a great place to meet some great people! and was I just called wonderful :0
  7. Knightman

    ZachYT Unban Appeal

    This story does not line up to what you posted in your last appeal
  8. Knightman

    Nnnick55's ban appeal

    Your topic has been moved to it's own thread. Please create a new thread in the future when appealing
  9. Knightman

    Lav's Introduction!

    What instruments do you play? I also play a lot of music
  10. Knightman

    permenantly banned for "starting arguements"

    Well. you basically have just shown us that you use hacks. so all other points aside, that is bannable itself
  11. Knightman

    permenantly banned for "starting arguements"

    Something does not seem right about that minecraft screen
  12. Is this still being worked on at all sail?
  13. Knightman

    Golf Course Warp Request

    Is this still a build you are working on?
  14. Knightman

    Egg Farm Warp Request

    Is this still a build you are working on united?
  15. Knightman

    Seed and Dye Farm

    Moved to archived for inactivity