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  1. Let me download my town with world downloader and you can ban me forever i do not care. I just want my town i worked hard on. i will not come backif i can download my town map. So, no need to take anything because i am going to leave for good once I download my town.
  2. Yeah and you keep saying the same things but no proof. I was just strip mining and i had a good picaxe But yes ma'am you are right and always will be because you have more power than me. So, yes I totally did those things because even if i did not i do not have the power like you do. So, i will keep my temp ban. Thank you
  3. Me going up and down is because i mined Dabris but i mined for eight hours keep that in mind. So of course i found a lot i actually did not know where they were sooo I just kept staying between 11-22.
  4. Hi, my name is Jay and I was acused of using Xray to mine for Dabris. I would just like to say that I mined for eight hours of course I am going to get a lot of dabris. I did not mine for two minutes? Also, I prefer to use my picaxe to mine quickly because it has Efficiency five and it is really good so I strip mine instead of using beds to explode and create the chance of me dying with from the explosion or lava fall. Also I dig down in the biomes because I am looking for Dabris at level 11-22 where they are mostly. I strip mine until I can found some and I do it for many hours and I happen t
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