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  1. Umpaz Ban Appeal

    I also got sick. Boo. Anyway, we've decided to give you another chance, but please understand that any violation of our rules will lead to a permanent ban.
  2. Ban appeal

    lol no.
  3. Ban appeal

    I see. Can you tell me your friend's usernames? Also, I'm a little hesitant that you won't decide to fuck around and steal/grief if your friends lose interest and stop playing, since that seems to be your only motivation to behave?
  4. Ban appeal

    I've unbanned you now. Btw, you've spelled your own username wrong in your profile
  5. Please unban me

    Your tempban lasts 2 days. Please wait it out and refresh yourself on our rules: https://players.diversitymc.net/wiki/Rules/cur/ https://forum.diversitymc.net/topic/746-all-political-talk-is-now-banned/
  6. Y33ZY's ban appeal

    All right, give me a moment and I'll unban you. (I saw you just tried to log in)
  7. Umpaz Ban Appeal

    You're not forgotten, we're holding a vote and I'd like more staff to respond to it before we'll make a decision.
  8. Y33ZY's ban appeal

    I'm not a sir, please see my signature Anyway, we held a vote and although we are slightly hesitant, we've decided to give you another chance. Please read through our rules and let me know when you have done so: https://players.diversitymc.net/wiki/Rules/cur/
  9. Ban Appeal

    You received a 2 day tempban on November 11th, 2015, after you were disrespectful of other players. You came back after the tempban was over... and promptly got yourself permabanned on November 15th for "disrespecting staff, abusing farms, and generally being a jerk." Now we're aware it's been 2 years since then, but can you tell us more about how you've changed/matured? It's hard to just blindly take your word for it, because let's face it: everyone who come here to appeal says the exact same thing. Have you played on other multiplayer servers in the two years that have gone by? How has that gone? Have you been banned anywhere else or have you behaved? What made you change your behavior?
  10. Ban appeal

    Please do not create new threads, there's no need for that. We've read your post here, we've just not really agreed on whether you deserve a new chance or not. Your reassurances that you've matured haven't really been backed up by anything but your word. Anyway, we'll let you have another chance but please understand we will keep a close eye on you and this time we expect you to read and follow our rules. Once you've taken the time to read through them, let me know: https://players.diversitymc.net/wiki/Rules/cur/
  11. To be fair, he knew it was coming. He knew sending in the application that we'd all pile on him like happy milk-drunk kittens.
  12. DIVERSITY UPDATE: DECEMBER 2017 As the year comes to a close, we have some staff changes and upcoming events to announce. First and foremost, what many of you have been eagerly waiting for: New helpers! We had 37 applicants this round, and out of those we've selected 8 players whom we deem to be the cream of the crop: Jazzkovsky @Jazzkovsky MechanicalWolf @Mech Impling @Impling RancidApex @RancidApex Kuritas_ @Kuritas Warlord_Aldon @Warlord_Aldon Snowballer94 @SnowBaller94 Azaba @Azaba Please help us congratulate them all! Thank you to all who took the time to apply, we really appreciate how many people want to help out the server And if you applied but weren’t chosen, do not despair! There will eventually be a next time, and some people apply 2-3 times before they get in We have also chosen Vanilla Moderators, but they will be announced at a later date so we are not overwhelmed with training new people all at once. Please be patient! Retirements ): Unfortunately as new staff join, some of the older ones leave. After long and faithful service, @Merga has chosen to step down as moderator but promises she’ll continue to play on the server when she can. Saddest cupcake party ever Holiday events! A build competition is planned closer to the holidays (no dates yet, stay tuned), and our News Team are working on a present scavenger hunt. Prizes will include awesome holiday-themed heads so make sure you check the forum and in-game announcements for more info! Server business A few small quality-of-life changes have been made to Diversity over the past few weeks that most of you are probably aware of. Here’s a list of the changes so you’re all up to date: Mail is now cross-server! The new mail system allows you to read mail from wherever you’re logged in. Old messages can still be accessed by using /essentials:mail read. Type /mail help for a list of the new commands available with the new plugin. Join/leave messages are now visible across all servers, so you will always know when people log in when you’re playing a different server. A message now shows when a player switches to a different server, in the past it would show that they have logged off (some servers might still display these messages, over time these will be removed). You can now switch between servers with a shorter command (without the “server” part) - current commands are /smp, /hub, /vanilla, /sky, /creative, /creativepro - let us know if you’d like any other quick commands The tab list now shows everyone online on the entire network, not just the server you’re logged in on. Server TPS is also displayed here, giving you a real-time update on how the server you’re on is performing. Please note the TPS displayed may not always be a real representation of server lag. Skyblock can now be joined using a 1.12.2 client! The server is still running 1.11, so don’t expect any new Minecraft features to be usable while playing in these conditions. It’s simply for easier access. Some of you may have noticed the “Data sync complete!” message that pops up on the SMP and Hub servers when you log in. This is a plugin that stores your inventory in a database, which allows us to have inventories shared across different servers. Diversity is constantly changing and evolving. Thank you to everyone for responding well to the changes and being patient while we work out kinks and bugs. Looking forward We’re always coming up with ideas to make Diversity a better environment for everyone. Here are some of the things the staff team are either working on, or planning to work on in the near future: New Hub server A new Hub server will act as the new “rules cave” we currently have in the SMP server. Hub is the first place a new player will generally visit when they first join Diversity, so it would make sense to make them go through all our rules and make the agreement there, not in SMP. This also means the Hub server will be completely re-designed, to make it more welcoming to new players and a bit less confusing, with more emphasis on pointing them towards the SMP server. If you have any ideas on how our Hub server should look or be structured, please send us your feedback through the form on the website. Ores server Ores is a big part of the SMP server, but regenerating it every week puts strain on SMP’s resources for a few hours. Having the 3 Ores worlds loaded in memory all the time doesn’t help either. We need to focus on making SMP a better experience for everyone and cutting the lag is our #1 priority. So it’s time we give Ores its own server! This is where the cross-server inventory plugin mentioned above comes into play. This is currently in a planning stage and has not been tested yet, so we can’t give any details on how it’s going to work. We will keep you updated! Secrets In addition to the above, we are working on a handful of other things to improve your experience and bring new and fun things to Diversity. We’re not telling, though That's it for this round! Play nice and play hard
  13. Luci did me dirty

    You had to be there. Also, he tried to make "willn't" a word.
  14. Luci did me dirty

    It was 5 minutes in the dummy corner for your awful, awful grammar. Lesson learned: Satan does not mess around with proper spelling!
  15. Y33ZY's ban appeal

    So basically you were racist, extremely inappropriate, and harassed our staff. Either you wanted to be ~edgy~ and get a rise out of people, ooooor you think this is what humor is. Idk which it is, but they're both pretty terrible excuses. You also don't think you deserve to be unbanned, so why should we?