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  1. Goats are indeed fantastic! Horny horns :)

  2. Umpaz Ban Appeal

    Congrats, you lasted 2 months and 18 days before we caught you breaking the rules again. Twice. I hope it was worth it, I guess?
  3. Terminator_T80

    Punctuation is simple: Write your text. Read it out loud. Every time you need to take a small breath, put in a comma. Every time you pause to finish one part and start reading another, put in a period. Anyway, given your history on our server and your attitude here on the forums, you will not be unbanned. You're not Diversity material, but I'm sure there are plenty other servers out there who'll be more accepting of your, uh, personality.
  4. Terminator_T80

    You seem like such a lovely person. Definitely someone we want on our server.
  5. A kid follows a band around along with a beautiful girl he's in love with, and has both good times and bad as he tries, desperately, to write an article about his experiences. Almost Famous.
  6. Can I be unbanned plz

    You were banned on the 6th of February, 2016, which makes it two years ago. The reason for your ban was "pranking/griefing and being annoying". Before we banned you, you received 2 warnings, one on January 29th and another on January 30th, just a week before. Please follow the guideline in the post Knightman linked and tell us why we should unban you. (Also, your username appears to be thatgamer396, not ThatGamerHD)
  7. New Skyblock servers ready for testing

    And a tip for sb3, don't do that. Water kills you. (but do /is sethome somewhere safe for when you fall off things or fall into water)
  8. Diversity bans

    Oh, so now suddenly you give a shit about the rules? As if. This is nothing more than a hissyfit befitting a four-year-old. Stop reporting posts for being 'offensive to me' or I'll revoke your forum privileges. Your temporary ban has just reset and you've logged in to play again on our server. Rest assured we'll be keeping a close eye on you, and if you don't follow the rules to the letter you'll be out on your arse. Permanently this time.
  9. Umpaz Ban Appeal

    I also got sick. Boo. Anyway, we've decided to give you another chance, but please understand that any violation of our rules will lead to a permanent ban.
  10. Ban appeal

    lol no.
  11. Ban appeal

    I see. Can you tell me your friend's usernames? Also, I'm a little hesitant that you won't decide to fuck around and steal/grief if your friends lose interest and stop playing, since that seems to be your only motivation to behave?
  12. Ban appeal

    I've unbanned you now. Btw, you've spelled your own username wrong in your profile
  13. Please unban me

    Your tempban lasts 2 days. Please wait it out and refresh yourself on our rules: https://players.diversitymc.net/wiki/Rules/cur/ https://forum.diversitymc.net/topic/746-all-political-talk-is-now-banned/
  14. Y33ZY's ban appeal

    All right, give me a moment and I'll unban you. (I saw you just tried to log in)
  15. Umpaz Ban Appeal

    You're not forgotten, we're holding a vote and I'd like more staff to respond to it before we'll make a decision.