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  1. Thank you! He was very happy to hear this news. I have reminded him of your advice. I also recommended he contact you to make sure he's clear on what he needs to do.
  2. (1) I'm requesting a ban appeal. My 10 year old uses my LittleThumb handle on Diversity server. He's too young to manage an email and forum membership so i'm doing this for him. I hope it's not a problem. if so, just let me know how you like me to handle this. (2) According to him (he's usually a pretty trustworthy kid), he misunderstood a sign in game and was temporarily banned for griefing or stealing. I think he took some blocks out of a chest. (edit: took some lapis unintentionally and then forgot to return it.) When he received the 2 day temp. ban notice, he did not understan
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