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  1. I like the idea.
  2. SMP Level Guide Level 1 Time required: None. To get level 1 you just need to agree to the rules Homes: 1 Claim blocks: 200 Kit: Starter (level 1 only), Gardener, Rescuekit Farm: WA_GuardFarm, GuardianFarm, Arachnophobia, KnightsFarm, BlazeFarm, Witherfarms, WitherWorks, Endermanfarm, Treefarm, StartFarm (level 1 to 4 only), SheepfarmNG, Sheepfarm, SkeletonFarmNG, SkeletonFarm, ZombieFarm1, CreeperFarm, Slimefarm, Ink_Farm, Record Farm, EggyFarm2.0, Drowned Level 2 Time required: 6 hours Homes: 2 Claim blocks: 1000 Kit: None Farm: None
  3. Why did you just reply uh
  4. I know the current kits are decoration enchanter gardener rescuekit starter and terraformer but what level are they unlocked at?
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