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  1. current ign: WHI5PY why I was banned: stealing on multiple occasions ( diamonds from shop were later returned on smp ) why should I be unbanned: I am willing to pay back the diamonds and the iron that I stole. I am deeply sorry for what I did it was wrong and I should have never done it in the first place. it was stupid to steal from others on the server and there for will never happen again. I give you and every one on the server my sincere apology.
  2. hey its me again. its been quite a while since I've even tried to contact you again but on July 30th 2019 (I think) I was permanently banned from diversity. I am more that sure that I have learned my lesson and I am not going to steal anything from any one. PS I am banned from the discord too and that would make it a lot easier to contact you
  3. no not if I do things like this the only reason I play it is so I can be in 1.16 if im being truly honest I don't think I shoud be playing vanilla at all but Its the only place I can play in 1.16. If smp was 1.16 I whoud be playing on there 24/7. im still waiting for a notification in discord saying: smp has been updated to 1.16 but until then I guess im goin to work on base plans in creative.
  4. I dident know that that chest was not for the public I didno see a sign, but there was a sign befor I stole and it said viliger curing stuff witch I thougt was open to the public. if there is any way I can pay you back like afk at the iron farm for 1 hour or mine 128 iron by hand then let me know
  5. my in game name is WHI5PY I was banned for stealing I dident steal any thing what I did was take diamonds craft them into blocks then I put the blocks and excess diamonds back into the chest/shulker/barrel I got them from
  6. I have been banned for stealing when I dident steal anything. I took diamonds crafted blocks the put the blocks and excess dimonds back in the chest/shulker/barre. I have only been temp banned but I dident do or take anything to deserve this punishment


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