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  1. Some great points on the benefits of resetting the world. Personally, I have played on many servers that felt like they had a strong sense of community with smaller map-sizes within walking distance of other players, and community-built towns and projects, but they all seem to go through a peak where they are popular with lots of new people joining and playing, then over time only a few regulars remain before eventually dying off completely. One of the issues seems to be when people of similar age (in elementary or high school, with lots of free time to play Minecraft) begin to grow up, graduate, get full times jobs or start pursuing post-secondary education. There just isn’t enough free time for playing Minecraft at that stage in life and I fear that as most of our regular players are reaching this point, the server may die off regardless of whether we reset the map for new players or not. The current difficulty rating of the server may also be an issue. Most new players seem to play for a bit then are discouraged as soon as night hits with the swarms of mobs, particularly the zombie gangs. I tried to get my young niece to play (She was 11 when I got her to join the server) and she immediately no longer wanted to play after night hit, and she died (I offered to help her get established but she wasn’t really interested and went back to her Skyblock server lol). Everyone has a play-style that they prefer and since we have multiple server worlds, they may be coming to play Creative or Skyblock, then see it is level restricted with a requirement to play SMP first, and then leave. Another issue I have seen is that the word “Diversity” is highly associated with the Complete the Monument (CTM) adventure map in Minecraft. While it is sometimes funny that a lot of new players ask, “Where’s the parkour?”, or “How do I get to the puzzle map?”, it really hurts to see players join and leave so quickly as they came with the sole goal of playing the CTM. I wonder if we should also consider a name-change so people searching online don’t associate our server with the CTM, or perhaps add another word so that we are unique from the map: “<Blank> Diversity” or “Diversity <Blank>”. That way we could keep our current logo without too many changes and still have the original roots and ideologies of the server. This also brings up another issue of getting the server’s name out there. Voting is one of the only ways I know of for advertising since most servers have rules about not advertising other servers and none of us have large social media followings such as YouTube or Twitch to reach a larger audience of new players. I try to make sure to vote once every day to get the server higher up on the lists but my measly 20-25 votes a month cannot compete with the hundreds of votes very popular servers get. It also certainly is not fair to Zore to be paying for the upkeep of the server from his own pocket though I, and I’m sure many of us, greatly appreciate and cannot thank Zore enough for keeping the server up when he could have just dropped us all in order to pocket that money or spend it on other things (Thank you so much, Zore! We all love you and appreciate all the hard work you have done to keep the server up for us to have somewhere safe and friendly to spend our free time and escape from reality for a while, especially during the pandemic). The current map world in its entirety is too large to be downloaded for individuals to use, though I do agree with the number of large world generation changes being made in the next update, this would be a great time to start a fresh world as much as it would pain me and many of our other long time players. I would certainly be open to the idea of resetting if there’s a way to get a copy of my build to use in single player. I am very slow creatively and enjoy taking my time with building. The fact that we haven’t reset has allowed me to slowly build something much larger than I normally would have without being un-motivated by an imminent world reset. I hope we are able to come up with some solutions in the future, and hope to continue to play with you all for many years to come! Thanks for reading my thoughts.
  2. I'd like to join this year IGN: OmegaEille
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