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  1. Building seems to be the best solution to the problem. Yet as it is a quite large area on the map and a big portion of it is on the ocean where building isn't that easy, a fix of the problem would save me a lot of work since it hinders my plans
  2. Hello there I had been offline for some time and when i came back and wanted to use the dynmap in my home area i noticed that areas areas that had previously been explored are now black again. It's exactly the shape of the chunks that have turned black. Exploring these areas again doesn't do much either. When i spend enough time in them they will sometimes eventually pop up again on the dynmap but i really don't want to have to do that with every single chunk that i've already explored before and it's bad for planning out what i'm going to build. Is there a way to force dynmap to render these chunks again? The area is somewhat big around the coordinates 56000, 64, -79000
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