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  1. 1) i will make sure this will not happen by not going on vanilla , if i am lost on the rules i will make sure to ask moderator 2) yes, i am remorseful. this ban has effected me because i havent played minecraft at all. this is the only server my friends and i play on 3) If anyone needs help i will help them and i will be more involved with the community 4) i will return if possible and i will use this as a learning experience
  2. So basically my friend Eli / Outlawpike was on vanilla and he said the shops was villages and i took everything not knowing it was an actual shop, I haven't been on this server in a long time and never touched vanilla I changed my mc name to Jacob710 btw
  3. 1.) my ingame username is FTPchungus 2.) I was banned for stealing items in the vanilla server(I was new to vanilla and was not aware I was stealing, i mostly played on smp) 3.) I want to be unbanned because I was new to vanilla and didnt know i was stealing and i want to play smp with Trevor, Eli, and Eliot who are my good friends. -sincerely, FTPchungus
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