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  1. Insulting people is never good and never should be no matter what. Breaking the rules to anything is never good unless the rules are racist and don't make sense, but the rules I broke were simply made to stop people from making the server a toxic and unwelcoming place. I apologize for what I have done to the server you all put your well earned time into to make it a clean and friendly server. I won't do it again.
  2. I am not here to make an argument, im here to get unbanned and to play with my friends on this minecraft server. If this is how aggressive your server is in the first place then I would rather not get unbanned. My ban appeal was suppose to be simple to read for a quick reply, but instead I received an immature ignore until I had to go on other threads to get this reply from you. Yeah I apologize for what I have done on the server, it was just all fun in games(for me and the boys). I broke the rules to get a laugh out of my friends, and now I want to follow the rules to crawl into a comm
  3. Oh thanks for taking the time out of your day for literally ignoring my ban appeal.
  4. 1) My ingame name is Blifaloo 2) I have been perm-banned for being a troll and circumventing a ban by logging in with an alternative account 3) I believe I should be unbanned because I want to play the server seriously without breaking the rules.
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