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  1. name: Martta ign: theMarttaship pronouns: they/them gender: nonbinary sexuality: asexual languages: English, Finnish, Dutch, French, some Russian and German hello! i'm Martta (yes, with two Ts), i've been playing on Diversity SMP and Vanilla for a while now and i decided to finally introduce myself. i'm currently in university where i study French and linguistics. when i'm not playing Minecraft, i read a ton (especially science fiction but also contemporary, fantasy and other stuff). i love cooking and i like to think i'm pretty good at it. also, i'm passionate about languages; in addition to the ones i already speak, i definitely want to learn Mandarin and maybe Vietnamese and Romanian... i've been playing Minecraft since 2012. when i'm on the server, i'm usually mining. i don't talk much, but i like the Diversity community and i'm happy to help with whatever you're working on!
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