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  1. Did u just reject me u little bitch? I’ll have u know that I have had over 200 confirmed lays in the past year. Turn me down again and I’ll fuck your mum, Sister and your cousins - fuck it I’ll even butt fuck your dad and make u watch. At this precise moment I’m analysing your body language and I know everything about you. You aren’t used to being around an alpha like me, ha, pathetic, I bet you’re wetter than a rainy day in autumn u inexperienced skank. If your lucky stars align I might give you another chance to get on your knees and suck me off but I doubt you’d be so lucky. Think I can’t get laid tonight with someone twice as hot as u? Think again, whore.
  2. EpicExtendus' ban appeal previously known as SPACEGHOSTTHOT 1) My in game name is EpicExtendus 2) I was banned for stealing and x-raying 3) I believe i should be unbanned because I have matured since I last played on your server and I wish be be allowed back in your community
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