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  1. hypersound

    Favorite Mob in Minecraft?

    Happy that I'm remembered lol
  2. Just the title, honestly. Very poorly explain the plot of a movie you like. Example: After a mother and all her unborn babies except for one are killed, the one child is born with a disability. The child is kidnapped and initiated into a tribe, and tries to break out of his cage with the tribe. While this is going on, the father finds a woman with short term memory loss and travels across the world to get his son, meeting surfers and people trying to become vegetarians that try to kill them. Finding Nemo
  3. hypersound

    Mildly Interesting pictures

    There's a subreddit for this, but then again there's a subreddit for everything. I think you'd like this derpy picture because of how awkward it looks, though it doesn't really count as mildly interesting:
  4. hypersound

    Favorite Mob in Minecraft?

    That cow that pushed me off a cliff while I was standing still back when I played pocket edition begs to differ.
  5. hypersound

    Favorite Mob in Minecraft?

    Erm... The Wither because it's edgy and has that loud spawning noise that bothers everyone in the world no matter where they are?
  6. hypersound

    Your desktop!

    I love those games, specifically, Kid Icarus Uprising. Respect has soared up. (It's true and it's a pun!) I'll post pictures later, but my first image was Bill Cipher, my second was the Bionis and Mechonis from Xenoblade Chronicles fighting (that's actually my profile picture on here right now, though you can't really tell and I'll change it soon) and is currently the artwork from the 1st full DLC trailer of Breath of the Wild, with a huge Gold Lynel charging at Link. (It's above right now and I'm on mobile so I can't easily move it down.) Not the exact same as the one I posted here though, the one I use is slightly better quality and there's no wierd Mario face watermark.
  7. hypersound

    Can't Reconnect to Server

    This problem has probably ended, but for future reference, usually, if your connection times out restarting your game (closing it and launching it again with the launcher) should fix things.
  8. hypersound

    Hey I'm abijuice :D

    *gives cookie* Hope you have fun on the server!
  9. hypersound

    Hey I'm abijuice :D

    So I see this isn't an AMA, so hi! Would you like a cookie?
  10. Ignore my submission I'm stupid and sent it late lol
  11. hypersound

    Favorite weird Vid

    Just... Look at this madness. I don't know what to say.
  12. hypersound

    First memory on the server?

    Reading the rules Then immeadietly tp'ing to my friend and starting to build in a snow biome (my main base is still there) I remember LaserDiamond1 tp'ed me and gave me 4 stacks of iron ingots, which surprised me. The rest isn't completely clear.
  13. hypersound

    Favorite Artist/Band?

    I don't particularly like them specifically, but their songs: Fallout Boy and Imagine Dragons.
  14. hypersound

    What 3 words describe Diversity the best?

    What. Is. This. Hi. Falcon. Punch. Ok, my actual responses: Supreme. Overlord. Turbo. Awesome. Community. Greatest. (server ever)

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