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  1. Anyway, I heard that Arct1cYet1 got his ban reduced. He did the same things as me... And he does not have high functioning autism if you somehow believed that.
  2. Damn, I forgot about the HIV sign. Just wanted to make a stupid joke and didn't expect people to see it. Also, i didn't spam afk, i did it about once and they just started doing that. I can see myself deserving a punishment such as the original 3 day ban but not permenantly, because tbh I really liked that server. If I log back on, I can promise that I won't be continuing that immature behavior that my friends had made me want to do. If it continues to happen, have me under your radar and if I manage to end up in a situation like this again, perm-ban me.
  3. I'll admit to making a sign saying "6969 Cool Street" just because it's a joke i have with arcticyeti who was also banned, and the signs that said "Gay" built by me were not meant in any homophobic way, but i can see it being misunderstood in that way. I'd say that i'd messed up with those signs, but being permenately banned is still quite a stretch.
  4. Just because it is close to my house doesn't mean i take responsibility in it. I have never done anything troublesome either, I was actually quite polite to other moderators and staff. I just think a perm ban might be a stretch of a punishment.
  5. Honestly, I do not remember the staffs username but this happened at about 9:20 PM EST on saturday. However i'm pretty sure the staffs name was whateva. It may have not be him.
  6. Username: fathar Reason: racism isnt tolerated, goodbye. I've been permanently banned from the server for someone i met on this server "Heedies" built a racist cementary near my building. If this is not staff abuse, I don't know what is. They definitely could've given me a temp ban at most, but a perm ban for literally doing nothing but having a friend that i never knew was racist? That's pathetic. I really enjoy playing on this server and i'm extremely upset to see a staff member do this to me and ArcticYeti. Thanks for reading.
  7. same thing had happened to me. Bouta submit my appeal.
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