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  1. My warp request is for a PLACE The X and Z co-ordinates for the place where I'd like the warp landing spot are -420333, +193992 My build is FINISHED* I have read and understood the guideline & requirements thread: YES * With this application I confirm that my build is 100% claimed by me. I have spent time and effort making it look nice, and I have placed signs to guide and inform visitors. * I promise to not pester staff in-game or here on the forums about this application. Instead I will be patient and wait for replies, and answer any questions asked. If any changes to my build are requested, I will work with staff to make them happen. * If my application is rejected, I won't complain or whine. Instead I will go back to working on my build and improve it so that it can be approved in the future, when it meets the requirements. * If my application is approved, I won't rest on my laurels but will continue to uphold the standard of my build and maintain the location. If it is a town, I will assist with any concerns the citizens raise and evict inactive or banned players. I may expand as need be, and I will design my spot in the warp hub to match my build. My build is a near exact replica of the set from 'REVENGE - A Minecraft Parody of Usher's "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love Again"' by CaptainSparklez and TryHardNinja. Everything from the notable locations to the terrain behind the house and mine are recreated accurately from the original source material. Everything shown in the music video is built and accessible; the club, the cave/mine, cobblestone path and house, with some additional terrain built up around the cave entrance to make it appear like a natural generated structure, instead of being wide open as shown in the Behind the Scenes video of the set. In addition to this, the terrain encasing the set has been purposefully built up to match the terrain seen in the video, in order to make everything appear more natural (even though the end result is terrain that doesn't look naturally generated at all) There is also a 'hub' building of sorts that stylistically matches the rest of the set and provides information to visitors about what the set is, etc (It's also is the location of the spawn point listed in #2 above). This building has a road that connects to the set in an area where it could realistically be and connects to my own personal minecart railroad project. I included an asterisk on #3 for two reasons. One, part of the set intersects with a Taiga biome, making the grass color appear incorrect. However, a staff member informed me that I can request to get the biome changed by having staff WorldEdit the region, which I would like to request. When my build is being reviewed (and if approved), I will show a staff member the area of Taiga I want converted to Forest, and blend in trees and other scenery afterward. Two, the area is not mob proof. Well, the spawning area is, but due to the fact that the set is intended to be an exact replica of the original from the music video, I can't be placing torches or other light source blocks in places they don't actually appear, lest I make the build inaccurate. Again, however, a staff member informed me that I can request an area be made mob proof without the addition of any light sources, which if my warp is approved, I would also like to request. The whole area is claimed, albeit in portions due to the way my minecart railroad claim intersects with it. This should effectively be the same as having one giant claim around everything, but if necessary I can break up the railroad claim and place one large claim over everything, instead of having it broken into 3 separate claims. Here are some screenshots of the build! ^ The actual spawn location That's about it, thanks for reading!
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