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  1. so with a member of staff being rude towards me and a lot of other people i have had enough of this server. i want to remove my support payments as wont be playing on here no longer. i would also like to have a copy of my creative plot on the creative server. IN GAME NAME is KaylaMcTear
  2. I will probs start doing live streams maybe when i have the decent pc that im working on building
  3. ok after seeing this post because of what Chaise wrote and then seeing this i gave it a go the link sends me to the rules page of website
  4. Please cast your votes on the poll. I'm doing this because I would like to see smp updated like it was for 1.14. If you do too then please vote. Thank You
  5. I think this needs to be said right here and now. I have noticed over the last few days that we have had new members join our ranks on the server Great! My issue is and a lot of other people can back me up on this but the server is becoming increasingly unplayable to the state that you are breaking blocks 2 - 3 times over. I did notice that we are still running the server on a 1.14 snapshot according to the F3 screen. Mobs and villagers are stuttering across the ground or just plain freezing for no reason now this might be some plugin that the admins have been mentioning but does seem to be a
  6. Name – Kayla McTear Nickname – Queen Red Panda Age - 27 Birthday - 12/11/1991 Star sign – Scorpio Gender – Transgender Female Sexuality -Lesbian Location – Stourbridge, UK Hobbies – gaming, music, graphic design, the norm haha Love – red pandas Likes - girls, friends, family Dislikes – homophobic, transphobic Pronouns - She/Her Social Media Twitter: Kayla_McTear Instagram: Kayla_McTear Snapchat: KaylaMcTear Discord: KaylaMcTear#3037 Mixer: https://mixer.com/KaylaMcTear YouTube: https://www.you
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