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    Alternative Voting Reward System

    I've been discussing with a few people on ways we can improve and expand the playerbase on Diversity, and I have some thoughts. A lot of people are against having "loot crates" in Minecraft as it will take away from the free nature of the game, so I've devised a different solution. Instead of giving individual players in game advantages for voting, we make it collective. We should reward the whole of the players with collective perks for the month if they make the voting goal, in the same way that everybody wants to make the $300 donation goal at the end of the month. We could also add an in-game point system for voting that lets players slowly purchase their own trails - the same trails that Supporter+ players have access to. For example, every time a player votes on voting site, it'll give them a "token". You can then use, say, 150 "tokens" to purchase a block trail. This is a non-gameplay oriented way to encourage players to vote on the server.
  2. Scetch

    Vote Crates - Comment your ideas!

    I think this is a great way to get more players on the server. I think it's important that we make the tags on the vote tickets the same so they can be used in sorting systems - Other than that I'm basically on board!
  3. Scetch

    Still look snazzy in armour?

    Pretty sure this is impossible in vanilla.

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