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Eyup! everyone! my name is Thomas also known as ''skiesloey'' and i'm a minecrafter and artist from the western region of United Kingdom. My basic persona is that im an alternative person which means im a mixture of many goth/punk styles originating from the taste of bands which make up the alternative subculture itself. I am heavilly obbsessive with music and gaming and art, my usual hobby from time to time is basically doing minecraft and playing other games such as Midnight Mansion, Terraria, Halo, Online flash games etc. I have been a proud minecrafter since the spring of 2010 and my main purpose of playing is being a builder, my buildings and other odd jobs make up my projects as they follow a cycle of roles that are intended to make up what im designing or building. The same is with art and actual building since i have also been doing successful desiging and technology during my education years. I do really good in my projects and work in my spare time and not give up one bit of it. My use of projects and designing are fairly inspired by other good builders and players and real life successful builders like isambard brunel, Etc. I am a very very kind and helpful and hard working person and is willing to give anyone a helping hand, i am also brave and strong and will stand up for anyone and do the best i can in my hard work and not give up, i also encourage other people around me to do the same.



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