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  1. I've been absent from the forums for a while and i thought of returning back along with something i composed :)

    Greenhalgh Station, 1905.jpg

  2. Project Update #3

    At the beginning of the actual phase 3 construction we started off as planned to build viaducts to cross over the swamp to reach the mesa where it will carry on through regular high land. We built the first long viaduct connecting from the tunnel entrance to the little land beyond which only took half an hour due to short breaks. The tunnel that had recently been dug had to be built on the inside and out complete with cobblestone walls above the tunnel entrance to prevent monsters from straying on the line. We also begun making a decision whether to de-electrify the line prior to furnice minecart power being capable of pushing minecarts through bends easily instead of the leading minecarts running ahead leaving the furnice minecart trailling off leaving slight commosions. The decision is still being processed and thought of but the result may be in on the next project update. 

    I'm hoping by tomorrow i would've came up with the decision whether to de-electrify the line plus continued the construction on the 2nd low-viaduct and began entering the lines into the areas of the mesa biome. I will keep you updated and i bid you all a nice day.


  3. Project Update #2

    The Phase 3 of the ECR construction had commensed as announced in the last update. However, during the starting of the 3rd phase there were some slight commosions, the stock of powered rails had ran out, so for the time being gold had to be ventured and mined in order to produce more, nonetheless we managed to gain enough powered rails to complete most of the track laying. The other being that railtrack route markings had to be layed out to lead the rail route since the venturing at the start got very confusing and therefore to make it easier to know where the rails will lead to and need to be built, markings where required by adding torches to the route.

    I'm hoping by tomorrow the construction goes well like always and that im aware of any mishaps or mistakes that are likely to happen regardless. I will keep you updated and i bid you all a nice day. 

  4. Project Update #1

    Construction on the ECR will continue as normal project, the 2nd phase of the construction (route from Krauskow to Hultrauw) has been completed. Phase 3 (Hulltrauw to Grand Bay via KoeDwarhf) will commense tomorrow. The 2 more phases (phase 4 and phase 5) will result in those sections of the project will take longer. I am pleased to say the construction is going fairly smoothly and it's resillience is outstanding. 

    I am very looking forward to its final result at the completion of the project hopefully completed either by Early/Mid-November standard. I will keep you updated and i bid you all a nice day. 

  5. Yo! wassup ;D it's izzsykes from the server! pleased to meet you on the forums :D just popped by to say hi! 

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