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  1. Count me in! i'm bmooney ign, bmooney at that gmail dot com place (email) and bmooney28 on discord. I'm only 1 week on this server, but level 5 and loving it.... As far as recomendations, I wouldn't mind elytra, trident, diamonds, just about anything really
  2. Hi, I'm brian playing as bmooney on minecraft since october 2010. I've hosted servers and played on great servers. I host a server now that I'm unfortunately discontinuing soon, hence, I am looking for a new home for myself and my friends. I've tried out about 8 servers and so far, Diversity is by far my favorite, and looking like THE keeper! I'm loving meeting y'all and look forward to spending my MC time here! Oh, I'm an IT Director, Photographer, Father, Husband, nerdy guy!
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