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  1. Chrono

    Diversity Post Office / Secret Santa

    It's meant to be the 20th to my knowledge. That or before, I'm not sure.
  2. Chrono

    Schematica Banned?

    I'm not a mod so I'll try to but in here minimally, but I've been encouraged to build giant, beautiful things because I've seen that it can be done and I have more attention span than that of a goldfish. Not everyone would have schematica as well, like tree topper or teleportation, so it's an unfair and unrelated comparison. If you want "Enhanced to perfection building" try until you can do it yourself, don't outsource it to a mod. If you want to build something great, that's fine and dandy. Just one thing, build it yourself.
  3. Hello and good morning, afternoon, or night. I, Chrono and my Company, Chrono & Associates Build Inc. require associates. As you may or may not know, I have a build shop at my shop, (508 you should buy there) and am planning to expand that section. To do so, I'd enjoy hiring new people. DM me on discord, Chrono#7844, or reply to this thread if interested. Be ready to present a portfolio of builds, preferably built on the server. If accepted you will have permissions in my shop and be notified when we have a new project in need of being built. Payment will be split at different amounts depending on how many people work on each build (i.e. a build that two others and I work on could have the profits split 40% 30% 30% with me taking the majority, though that would be up to scrutiny, and I may decide to give the majority to whomever did the most/best work). Note, I do not have a redstone shop, though I would enjoy to expand and would welcome a redstone portfolio though that'd have to be on the server. Also, you may not be excepted immediately even if I enjoy your builds. -Chrono of C&AB Incorporated
  4. Chrono

    Community Project

    Personally I think leveling it entirely would remove part of the fun of a city build, and possibly leave the leveling up to builders where necessary? Also, I can help grass it over if necessary, I just did so to my own mushroom island.
  5. Chrono

    Diversity Post Office / Secret Santa

    IGN: ChronoVII Discord: Chrono#7844 I have a gift in mind, and hope I get something good. I did a secret santa on another server, and I think I got like a load of gold or something, that was great, I was in need of powered rails, I think. No one cares though, I'm sure.
  6. Hello, I'm Chrono, (IGN ChronoVII), and I thought I'd say hi, as I finally made a fourms account! I have been here for a year, though. I have a shop plot, 508, (we sell shulkers for 3 diamonds and a building service, for ANY STYLE![I'm not sorry for the advertisement]) so buy from it, I'm also working on a secret project that I'll share with people soon, but when it happens, I'll need players, so once there's some more progress expect a post on that, and I'm still trying to fill this paragraph, damnit. I'm a huge Nintendo fan, and I'm extremely excited for the new Detective Pikachu movie, and face it, you are too. I've been a life long Marvel fan, too, and my favorite hero is Spider-man, of course.

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