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  1. wittywolf

    I'm outtie.

    Thank you Turbo. You guys are great and I like the server... I hope I can resolve my issues eventually and return.
  2. wittywolf

    I'm outtie.

    Thanks Turbo... I understand that it was just something that happens... I was hoping someone else could take over my claim areas, so that's why I unclaimed them... Hopefully nobody griefs there. Do you really think I should reclaim them? I doubt I'll be back for quite a while, except to reclaim the areas if you think I really should.
  3. wittywolf

    I'm outtie.

    Sorry all... I'm having issues, so I'm leaving. I unclaimed all my claims and left a ton of stuff in chests under my igloo base. My castle needs to be finished by whomever takes it over. I hope you get the problem with player's donations updating monthly working. I think that mine not working was just the last straw in a bunch of stuff happening IRL. I may be back sometime... I don't know when or if I'll get back to Minecraft. Have fun all.
  4. My in-game name is wittywolf. My email is wittywolf2929@hotmail.com.
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