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  1. Hmmm, good question. Although I am not sure if one exists, I am positive there either might be one, or someone is working on it. We'll keep an eye out.
  2. Hey everyone! 1.14.4 has been out for quite some time, and to catch up on the lost time, Diversity is now fully running 1.14.4. Hurrah! In other news, Skyblock has made a very welcomed return. Previously Diversity was using aSkyblock, and this time around we decided to switch things up a bit using bSkyblock. You are able to choose between 3 islands, each with varying difficulty! In order to get started playing, you just need to meet the Level 2 SMP requirement. After that, use the command /server bSkyblock and get started playing! We still need you guys to tune the gameplay,
  3. Hello Blifaloo, Please follow the correct format and try again.
  4. Awwww!! My heart has melted! Neslee is so adorable! Looks like Neslee loves the water! Maybe one day I'll get a cute pup, but until then I have my two kitties! Here's pictures of them Mama is the white one, she's a Dwarf kitty, and Sphinx is the tabby. He's very overweight lol.
  5. Hey there Alaura, It's nice to meet you! You sound like an amazing person, and I'm glad that you're apart of our community! Very adorable service dog name, I'd love to see a picture. I've seen you in game a lot, we should compare islands sometime! See you in game!
  6. Hi there, Here is my two cents about kits, with ranking up too, all bundled into one post. I'm also going to be covering a lot of other points too, so please read through my post thoroughly. I also want to say this right off the bat also, when Diversity's Staff is debating any major change, i.e the removal of Dynamap, or entrance of a new feature, let the server debate about it, too. Have a poll, either straw polls, or a simple Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down reaction on a post in Discord, under a channel #PossibleFeatures. (Read only for players, though.) In general, let the server have a
  7. While I agree that using the Nether Roof should be allowed, I also think if this recommendation is not taken, and is denied, might we come to a mutual agreement? Here are some of my ideas. Such as: • Traveling along the Nether-Roof for the pure reason to travel long distances, would be strictly prohibited, and a more severe consequence could be implemented if caught doing so. ( This could be prevented with a WorldGuard region of a pre determined size above the roof (Expanding the region only as you see absolutely necessary) , and as soon as a player hits the regions boarder, they are telep
  8. Welcome to Diversity! I'm glad you joined the Diversity Family If you ever need help, feel free to find me in game, Discord, or ask someone in chat. Someones always willing to help! Happy trails!
  9. IGN: mike88898 Discord: 𝓜𝓲𝓴𝓮#7840 I can't wait!
  10. I think this would be a great community project. I'm all for it, but I want Main Street! Rubik's Cubes will prevail!
  11. Hi there. I'm Mike, or just a Rubik's cube. I joined diversity, what seems like a month ago maybe? Not exactly sure. I'm also a Rubik's cube. Alot of people fancy my head, and would love to add it to their collection. I don't mind this of course, but they are kept as rare as possible. Since it makes for such good decor, and, you can be that cool guy who says "Hey look! I solved a rubik's cube, are you jelly fishing yet?!" But no, in all seriousness, I'm Mike and i'm glad to meet you. I found Diversity through a friend, and I've been slowly settling my roots here. I'm a long-ti
  12. "I spent 21 minutes fine tuning my profile picture."

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