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  1. ZZZZzzzzzz-_-


    1. Queen Jazz

      Queen Jazz

      *Que annoying alarm here*

  2. car battery is easy to get and easy to replace. But it would've been a gigantic pain in the ass.
  3. Go and look at the Sky City, Columbia! They did all of it without /fly. Again... LAZY! If you cannot fully justify to us WHY /fly is necessary then its a simple NO. End of discussion.
  4. I shudder at the thought of driving that much..... and the fact my car battery died when i got back to my parents just after we got back.
  5. or just use removeable dirt pillars... don't be lazy. And no one wants to fly with you. I sure don't want to. There is a creative server... I suggest you use it since you want to fly so much!
  6. Hey guys, I'm Amandda a.k.a MunDhi - A Senior Mod of Diversity SMP I'm a 27 going on 28 year young lady who currently lives in Brisbane, Australia. I originally hail from Singapore and moved to Australia in 2003. Currently in my 2nd year of University, I'm studying a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Interactive & Visual Design (a lot of fun but a lot of work), which is also the reason why I'm not online a lot at this stage. When it comes to my holidays, I'm normally move active. I joined the server through a friend Sp4rkofins4nity (I think that's his ign) about 2 years ago and eve
  7. When all words fail... Eat chocolate... it's easter!

  8. soon to be pizza time!!!!

  9. can finally update my status! HAH! ... ugh I'm so sick......

  10. Hello Diversity Community! We have finally decided on who we wanted as helpers! YAY! So CONGRATULATIONS to OnMy412ish and Sliceofpi314!!!!!! Just so you guys know, we were looking for people to fill in at a certain times of the day and we concluded that both OnMy412ish and SliceofPi were the people that we needed, but that does not mean the end of all our applicants. We will be holding on to all the applications just in case our player counts increase whether it be before or after upgrading to 1.9 So please don't be discouraged, and continue to enjoy being part of this com
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