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    First, let's take a look at these marvellous comments you have left on the forum recently: Using sarcasm towards a staff member, real mature... which later led to you posting this: Lmao. Hey @Lucifer, do you mind changing your signature? Some punk thinks it's "offensive". I highly doubt she will change it because some banned kid took "offense" to it and demanded she change it, you didn't even say "please" And then there's this: Now that's just insulting - fuck you! Now, on to your "appeal". So, you respect your decision to disrespect the staff? You're an actual twat. Lol, we're not so weak that we get our feelings hurt by some kid being a douche on a Minecraft server. Try again. I mean, all of this behaviour alone is enough for me to give you a big fat DENY. But, let's step back in time (1 year, to be exact) and see why you were actually banned from Diversity: 3rd February, 2017 A new player called Terminator_T80 joins Diversity! His first messages: "i work for planet minecraft", "i review servers". Then, the console warns that he is moving incorrectly, to which he claims "i was tezting", "i mean testing". A few minutes go by, during this time he tries various commands that don't exist on the server. A few more minutes go by, he claims "lag" and then proceeds to speak in Spanish: "hola" "como estas" "mi amigos" "putos" "no hablo" "putos" "stupido" "putos" "putos" "putos" "putos" "putos" And before he could utter another word, the spam bot banned him for one day. A moderator jailed him and added the note "needs talk about respect and english only in chat". 4th March, 2017 Terminator_T80 waited a whole month until joining Diversity again, despite his ban being only for one day. Upon joining, he was immediately placed in jail. He tried many commands to get out but he was stuck there. He logged off. 5th March, 2017 Terminator_T80 joined again, still in jail. A moderator called @Hani came to his aid. "Hello", she says. No response. "Hello" she says again, "to msg me do /r", "i am a mod". He noticed she was flying around the jail, something a mod usually does when someone is jailed. He tells her "your a cheater" She replies "i am allowed /fly" To which he replies "gmc on a survival server is cheating" "let me out" At this point, Terminator_T80 has caught the attention of many other staff online, including myself. Hani then says "first i need to talk to you" He tells her "what do u want i didnt do anything" (but he did) Then he calls the staff "gmc hackers" and tried to type /fly but he was of course denied. Hani tells him "you were banned for disrespect and not talking in english on general chat" He says "so", "it says that i stole" Hani says "im just saying what you did to be in here" He demands "let me the fuck out" Hani replies "sorry not with that attitude" Hani's nickname at this time was "RespectTheHani", and he had just realised this So he then says "oh its respectthehani" "well let me tell you something" "i dont like people who demand respect" "so fuck u" I saw these messages, and that is when I banned him with the reason: "disrespecting staff, don't come back :)" Neat little story, huh? Needless to say, within one year, it seems that you still haven't changed. So no, I will not unban you. No other staff member will unban you. You will never be returning to Diversity because your attitude is disgusting and we do not like brats like you running around in our community. Have a nice life.
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    Diversity is my favorite server.. Why? Because they take their time to check in on players, if someone has a problem they go out of their way to help them.. I remember when I first started there was this player and I made a base next to him (not knowing anyone lived there..) He wanted to make a path between our bases so I needed to trust him.. Me being an innocent player trusting everyone I did so, He built half of the bridge and he said he'd do the rest tomorrow.. I left him trusted and he stole from me, (wither heads and a few other items..) I remember telling one of the admins (not sure which one..) and they gave me back my items.. This isint relevent but he ended up getting banned (I don't remember why though..) I recently started playing on another server just to kind of get out of my comfort zone and I stummbled upon a youtuber who owns a server, he's famous for trolling hackers on his server, I thought it would be safe because it looked like they were doing their work. I recently got x-rayed (there was a hole coming from the top of my roof into my base..) I reported it and they said "You need video proof of the person x-raying, denied." You could at least look at the videos I took just in case I did get raided, how am I supposed to get a video of someone x-raying my base? They don't take time to help players, they don't ask you if you need help and when you ask something in chat they pretty much ignore you. I can't tell you how many times I was an idiot and died in the wild on Diversity and a staff member helped me get my stuff.. I love how active Zore and Turbo is, I always see Turbo on discord making an effort to talk to Diversity players, Zore always teleports to players to check up on them.. (Those are the only people I see on at the time I'm on but I know other helpers and admins do to..) You guys make an effort, you guys make Diversity fun to play on, you make it safe. Thank you! I love you guys very much, keep it up!! <3
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    Sounds like half our ban appeals
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    I think we need to unban you and make you an admin because you clearly know how to run a server better than us. Look, I don't really know exactly what happened but it sounds to me like you just want to cause trouble. You only have 8 hours of time logged on Diversity, in that time you've managed to get yourself temp banned for using mods and not long after that you were banned again for disrupting players and staff. We don't care if you're "joking around with a friend", your pranks (which are also against the rules) have wasted staff's time and disturbed the peaceful nature of our server. If you and your friends want to fuck around and start petty fights then move on and join another server. Your condescending tone in this thread shows that you have no respect for the staff at all, why would any of us want to unban you?
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    I've never, really, been hungry. Sure, each one of us has felt we needed to eat at some time... but what if you were really hungry, and what if that was distracting you for half of your day, every day? Now imagine you're a child at school I believe that education is key to unlocking the best outcomes in life for our kids so I'm here raising awareness for Magic Breakfast whose mission is to see thousands of children start their day well with a healthy and nutritious breakfast. This weekend I shall be walking the complete coastal path around the Isle of Wight, just off the south coast of the UK, where I'll be covering 66 miles (106km) over two days. I'll let you all know how things are going during the weekend.
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    Congrats, you lasted 2 months and 18 days before we caught you breaking the rules again. Twice. I hope it was worth it, I guess?
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    I'd appreciate draconic evolution and archimedes ships (because that's a fun mod)
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    Oh, so now suddenly you give a shit about the rules? As if. This is nothing more than a hissyfit befitting a four-year-old. Stop reporting posts for being 'offensive to me' or I'll revoke your forum privileges. Your temporary ban has just reset and you've logged in to play again on our server. Rest assured we'll be keeping a close eye on you, and if you don't follow the rules to the letter you'll be out on your arse. Permanently this time.
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    My warp request is for a PLACE/TOWN The X and Z co-ordinates for the place where I'd like the warp landing spot are X: 656 Y:60 Z:1327 (IN THE END) My build is IN PROGRESS I have read and understood the guideline & requirements thread: YES * With this application I confirm that my build is SAFE and no mobs can spawn there. It is 100% claimed by me, with subclaims for appropriate areas. I have spent time and effort making it look nice, and I have placed signs to guide and inform visitors. * I promise to not pester staff in-game or here on the forums about this application. Instead I will be patient and wait for replies, and answer any questions asked. If any changes to my build are requested, I will work with staff to make them happen. * If my application is rejected, I won't complain or whine. Instead I will go back to working on my build and improve it so that it can be approved in the future, when it meets the requirements. * If my application is approved, I won't rest on my laurels but will continue to uphold the standard of my build and maintain the location. If it is a town, I will assist with any concerns the citizens raise and evict inactive or banned players. I may expand as need be, and I will design my spot in the warp hub to match my build. Avalon has been a project of TPS_Platinum and I for over a year. We transformed the islands, then the end cities, to make Avalon as great as it is now. We give newer players opportunites to work with a community towards a bigger project. Many people (Too many for me to list) have helped us transform over 5 islands! ElaborateJade and AdventureNarwhal brought us animals from the overworld. We have many different biome dependent islands. Such as the Mooshroom biome that is finished, and the snow plains, which is not. We have a town hall, where we conduct meetings. In Avalon exists the Mighty Mount Orion. The mighty mountain was hollowed out to fit the Avalonian museum. There are also different islands for food gathering, and general housing. Overall Avalon is a mighty fine place for anyone to stay in. With great amenities and so forth. So I hope you will accept this warp and make it what it deserves to be!
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    When someone asks to be unbanned but you still remember they called you a bitch three years ago.
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    Alright, you can have a second chance. I'm just making it super clear to you 'cause we get a lot of players who claim they "didn't know" etc. And the reason for them not knowing is always that they ignored all signs and didn't read the info on them. By cautioning you beforehand that excuse is eliminated
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    A house i made in creative
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    Admittedly, the bridges are kind of an after thought since elytra's supposed to be the primary mode of transportation (we provide a free pair and fireworks to anyone who doesn't have them), however I do agree the infrastructure could be better. We are still expanding. Even with what's already been claimed, there are still about 2 or 3 big islands that haven't been worked on. The random pillars are from before we got there. I'll clean them up next time I get on. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to give a quick update on our Supporter Gifts. Some of you may have experienced the problem where a nickname has not been applied to a player because they are offline. This was due to the way I had BuyCraft setup where the package would run the commands while the purchaser was online, not the person being gifted the package. BuyCraft now have a proper "gifting" feature that I have setup for those wishing to purchase supporter packages for other players. I've tested it, and it works, no more nickname errors! Well, there's always the odd case when a nickname is invalid or unavailable, but that doesn't happen very often. For those interested, I'll post some screenshots below on how the new system works... When choosing a package, you can now select the "Gift this package" option, this will allow you to enter the name of the player you are buying the gift for Once you hit the Gift button, you'll be taken to the nickname selection screen. Previously this is where you'd enter the name of the player you're buying for, but we've already done that, so all you need to do is configure their nickname. Once you're ready to checkout, make sure the player's name is displayed here where it says "This is a gift for <player>" And that's it! Now all they need to do is log in (or wait a few minutes if they're already online) and their nickname will be applied as expected. Their Supporter rank is applied immediately after purchase, there has never been an issue with this (it works when they're offline). As usual, if you have any questions, please let me know
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    Feel free to add to this list we must maintain the modded server! You can do it Knight \m/ Bold = Pleaseeeeee Witchery DecoCraft Vampirism AE2 Magic crops Extra Utilities Backpack Big Reactors Biomes O Plenty Doge Open Blocks Ender IO > Includes Ender Tech everything really Flans Hats are essential! Forestry Bees Rail Craft Mekanism Iron Chest Magic Bees NEI Pam's harvest craft Redstone Arsenal Tinkers construct Simply Jetpacks Thaumcraft Carpenters Thermal Expansion WAILA TreeAssist If We Get More Ram and can handle it then Twilight Forest Enchanting Plus Chisel
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    Alright thank you everyone for your responses, some really good stuff here. I'll list out all the things that I think will make a good pool of possible loot in these crates: Staff heads Player's head - can only give out your own head Decorative heads Materials - iron, gold, diamonds, emeralds Tools - picks, swords, axes, etc. most likely enchanted Enchanted books - more sought after ones, mending/infinity especially Claim blocks Shulker shells/boxes - I don't think giving out filled shulker boxes is possible/I don't really want to go that deep into customising these Beacons/nether stars Enchanted items - non-tools, useless, basically cosmetic Totem of Undying Elytra Enchanted golden apples Dragon egg Brief supporter perks - 1 day, probably Golden carrots A few notes on the popular ideas: Flying - I know you guys all want to fly but it's just not going to happen, sorry! Spawn eggs - as much as I'd like to give these away (farm animals, at least), spawn eggs allow anyone to change any spawner to whatever mob they hold an egg for. This would cause some unwanted farming as we already have some out of control farms on the server. Spawners - pretty much the same deal as above, we can't have people pumping out mobs like crazy, otherwise RIP server. There were some other really cool ideas but most of them would require a bit of work to make happen. I also wanted to throw this idea out there - who would be happy to have this system replace the current kit system (as in, no more kits)?
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    Tell me this isn't one of the most amazing ads you have ever seen. Don't get me wrong i hate Doritos and Mountain Dew gives me heart burn, but this ad. THIS FUCKING AD!!!!
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    Thor Ragnarok is a movie about how nothing brings two siblings together like ganging up on the 3rd.
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    Thank you for being patient about this. I really like this build and like how it is different from existing stuff. Overall everything looks pretty good. This was a little difficult to judge, taking that there are not many end builds, but some stuff i noticed could be fixed/made better. 1. A lot of the area seems very dark and may benefit from being lit up . for example, this hallway 2. Some of the bridges seem a little dangerous and dull, and very easy to accidentally fall off of 3. Some of the random pillars leading to nowhere and from random islands could be cleaned up. Take this one for example. It also looks like you guys are still working on expanding it and building more islands which is nice to see. Good luck with the warp!
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    That was a really tough day. 52km and a quarter of that in decidedly muddy conditions. Made it through to the end if the day and the finish line \o/ My blisters have blisters and sunburn... owie. No chance to do more today unfortunately but very pleased and all in support of Magic Breakfast.
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    At the starting line now. Setting of in the next half hour. Folks if you would like to keep up with my progress om the route I'm bib number 3013 https://isleofwight.livetrail.net
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    I am perfectly happy with a reset. Especially since I dont know what to do now haha. New mods would be nice. Here's my list: Applied Energistics 2 (top pick) Tinker's Construct CoFH, and all of its addons. (This is thermal expansion stuff btw) (top pick) Warp books Chisel Forge Multi Part (covers, panels, etc) Buildcraft ProjectE (EMC stuff) Minimap Draconic Evolution Mekanism Big Reactors (necessity) Extra Utilities EnderIO Pam's harvestcraft MineFactory Reloaded Forestry (top pick) Extra Bees (required with Forestry) Binnie's Mod (goes with Forestry) Gendustry (pairs with forestry, super important if you are going to include forestry) TreeCapitator Optifine BiblioCraft BiblioWoods Biomes O Plenty (if you add BOP) Railcraft Industrial Craft 2 Aroma (world backup, and ores world) Death Graves WAILA Hats Open Blocks Biomes 'O Plenty Magic Crops Inventory Tweaks The betweenlands (yes, there is a 1.7.10 download at the bottom of the page, even though it says 1.12/1.10) Extra Cells 2 JABBA Reliquary Moo Fluids Iron Chests AE2 Stuff (yes thats the name of the mod) Not Enough Items / whatever the 1.7.0 equivalent is Nether Ores Schematica Lunatrius Core (TreeCapitator and Schematica require this) WAILA harvestability WAWLA WAILA plugins Open Modular Turrets (this nice for defending yourself when you are afk, or just in general from mobs that want to get at you) VeinMiner Morph Mod Thaumcraft Blood Magic Roguelike dungeons If you dont want biomes O plenty, feel free to try out something different. like... Alternate Terrain Generator (this is a really cool mod, I love it, it makes the world look amazing, but cannot be used with BOP) JurassiCraft (always wanted to try this one out) Dense Ores Druidry (looks cool) Hunger Overhaul + AppleCore (food is more of a challenge, thus makes farming more of a necessity, I like it a lot) Modular Power Suits Galacticraft Extra Planets (just ignore this one if u want to evade pain) Mo creatures Fast Leaf Decay Cosmetic Armour (i'd love this) And here's a list of stuff Im sure other people will want: Witchery Carpenters blocks Aether Twilight Forest Chisels and bits Flans And that is it. This is my carefully crafted modpack list if I were to create a mod pack. Here's a pic of Alternate Terrain Generation. (there's much more to it, but this is what I saw within 1 min of creating the world) I
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    how about slightly over-leveled gear, stuff you can't normally create? like feather falling V, Smite VII, or Fortune IV? Unique enchants could be cool to, such as one that grants the effect Health Boost. Would need to be carefully balanced tho. Also Totems would be nice. Alternatively, shulkers filled with chests that are inturn filled a with random material could be interesting.

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