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    I am putting this out here to see 1) who is up for it 2) what ideas we have I would like to start a community build project. Something grand like the hanging gardens? any other ideas are welcome. We as a community would discuss the build, location and design. Have different roles i.e.. building and gathering. We would also need to come up with a rule for granting permissions to prevent griefing. Lets start the ideas flowing and we will have a poll to vote on the best ideas.
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    hi there, nice to meet y'all! you can call me tezza or tez, i'm nineteen, and a nonbinary lesbian from australia! (they/them pronouns, please ) i've been playing minecraft on-and-off since about 2012-2013, but i only really started playing frequently a couple months back. i guess i can thank falling down the rabbit hole of a few good youtube channels for that, lmao. when i play i'd say i'm more of a builder than anything else, but i've been getting into redstone a bit lately, even if my skills with it are more than a bit atrocious. i've never really been on a larger community server like this (have been on very small ones with a handful of friends in the past though), but hey, it's always good to try something new, and it's a great way to meet like-minded people, i suppose. i have to say i'm a little shy and awkward so you'll have to excuse me if i keep to myself a little on the server at first. hopefully i can get over that quickly and make some friends! a little about me: - i'm really into animation, and i'm hoping to work as a storyboard artist one day! - following on from that, i do a lot of digital art - i have a cat called chloe and she's my entire world - i fuckign love my girlfriend thanks for reading, i'm excited to play with you all!
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