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    So I've created this cinematic, somewhat "professional" video to inform new players with the usual questions they might have when they first join. I hope you guys like it! and I probably over-edited it, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Has a PE server ever been considered? That version is desperately in need of servers that work...
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    Hello Diversity People its been a while. I believe last we spoke was about May, when i got banned you probably remember that i took a long break from MineCraft and Video Games in general. i was working on some mechanic related stuff. but im here to say i would like to re-become a member of the diversity server. i know my mistakes in the past have been harsh (and many). However i miss the closely bound community that Diversity can give to the play after my long search for a server to fill this void in my MineCraft heart i would like to rejoin the community. But first i need to apologize, and there are some certain people in general that deserve my words... LUCI- You are a very good person and even better admin you keep Diversity clean of baddies. i formally apologize for my harsh words against you in the past. and i would like to say i'm sorry. <3 ACE- I was just a dick in general and i don't know what i had against you, but you are a very smart athletic amazing person and i need to say sorry, so sorry <3 MUTTLEY- I was a HUGE asshole but i apologize for all my words against you EVERYONE- I'm sorry. For Those that knew me --- I hope you are glad to hear that i am a lot happy i have started my own car business, stopped the whole selfharm thing and i haven't smoked a cigarette in 3 months I have moved away from my father which has been good for me. my family is alot happier and i'm doing good Ps. i know this is kind of a shitty appeal but i dont have that much time but i hope it will do. My Current Ingame name is Tengy I was banned for a lot of things becuase i truly have changed and i miss the server. -Robin 17/11/09
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    I need to add a third point to the list here also for completeness. Third. Just a few days ago someone claiming to be a friend of Draqon_ joined and tried to 'scam' an unban for the Draqon_ account, with a story about the account being stolen. So either a) Draqon_ lied to a friend about why they were banned or b) lied to me using yet another account. Neither of which paint a positive picture.
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    Found a Diamond Sword at spawn called Jibing, if this is your's please let a admin know, it is in my ender chest..
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    Highly unlikely, but a cool idea I guess. Frankly, I don't even think the 5 year olds that play on PE would be interested in a server where the focus isn't on mining in a straight line or killing each other. Maybe that's harsh; I realize there are a few older, innovative players on PE, but they are so outweighed by the players who are perfectly content to... punch trees and breed pigs and stuff. I wouldn't mind this suggestion being accepted at all. It's a great idea - I just don't see it happening.
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    I think the camera effects are the only real downside. The lensing and spinning is hard on the eyes. The typography was very clean and smooth!
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    You know the Mods can look through records to see whose it is, right?
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    Hey everyone, been a while! Diversity has been getting a little quiet lately. We're aware of this and have some plans to help get things back in order. A few staff members have resigned in the last few months, so we're looking to expand our team once again. As of today, we are now accepting new Helper applications. What is a Helper? We don't often talk about what "Helpers" do on Diversity and I'd like to explain their role. Helpers are our first line of support for all players. They have a few basic tools at hand to help with many situations, like checking logs to see who has taken something out of a chest, or temporarily removing a troublesome player from the server. Helpers not only help the players, they help the Moderators and Admins as well. By taking care of certain tasks, the Helpers allow the higher levelled staff to do their jobs easier. What is required of a Helper? It's not just a fancy green tag next to your name, as a helper you will be required to: Encourage good behaviour in game and follow all the rules - lead by example. Be the first line of response to players needing assistance in chat. Perform routine checks of our various public farms, communicating with other staff as you do so. Use the staff communication platform Slack to notify other staff of certain events online. Take part in regular monthly staff meetings on Slack. Help the moderators/admins as needed. We tend to be quite strict with staff responsibilities, so if we find you are not pulling your weight, demotion is possible. If you think you're up to the tasks involved, please apply. Who can apply for Helper? We encourage everyone to apply, however we can't accept applications from all of you. Please be aware of the following: You must be at least 13 years old. We use tools such as Google Drive and Slack which restrict usage to people over the age of 13. Having multiple warnings, kicks or bans can negatively affect your application. If you've had a history of breaking our rules then you're unlikely to make it as a Helper. If you're unsure, apply anyway. There is no SMP level requirement but having more time played on Diversity will certainly give you an advantage over others. Please don't apply if your only reasoning for being a Helper is that it's "cool". We want people who genuinely want to help the players and staff, and to help the network evolve. If you've read and understood the above and still want to give a shot at becoming a Helper - apply now. Applications close Sunday 19th November. But don't leave quite yet! We are also looking to better our Vanilla server and build up a dedicated player base. In order to do that, we will need to take on a few players who will specifically look over and moderate the Vanilla server. What is a Vanilla Mod? The Vanilla Mod position is a new role to Diversity. We've decided to create it to give the Vanilla server some love that it deserves. Vanilla Mods will help run the server and be in charge of organizing community events, design a set of rules, and moderate the server. These Moderators will be in charge of checking logs and banning players when issues arise on the server. They will be able to fly and use creative mode, although this should be used at the bare minimum as the whole idea for a vanilla server is to keep it vanilla. They will not have staff powers on the SMP server, but will have access to tools we all use such as Slack and our Google Drive. If they need help or have any questions, the admins will be able to help there too. The requirements to become a Vanilla Moderator are the same as those to become a Helper on SMP. If you have any further questions or concerns, please ask them. This is a brand new role and we are still working out the kinks. Now if you've read and understood the following and are interested in becoming a Vanilla Mod, click here to apply - apply now. Applications close Sunday 19th November.
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    When will the new staff be announced? This question often pops up. Usually what happens is we wait until the close date (Nov 19) before we begin making any decisions. After applications close, staff will each decide on who they think should be our next lot of Helpers. This process can take a while, days, weeks, it depends how proactive everyone is about it all. Once a decent amount of staff have made their decision, we compare all the staff results and see who makes it out on top, from there we make informed decisions on who would be best for the role and we also decide how many new staff members we will recruit. Again, this process can take a while due to most of us being in different time zones. We try our best to make a choice as quickly as possible, but we also want to make sure we're making the right choice . Please try not to repeatedly ask us when the Helpers will be chosen, it can make you come across as pushy and may possibly affect your application.
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    Hello, so basically I wanted to tell everyone of this server that I am sorry for a few things.. First of all, being rude; I realize that I am/I was often rude to people and I am really sorry! Secondly, being a noob; I know it can be frustrating when someone asks really dumb questions that they should have known by now but you guys are very helpful and I really do appreciate it.. And thirdly, getting banned in the past; it has been lying on my heart the way I handled the ban and I would like to think I have matured a bit more since then, I am sorry that you had to ban me for the reason you did, I should have known better.. Even though this was a bit ago it still bothers me the way I handled the salutation that I shouldn't have even been in. I really do appreciate the things the staff do to keep the server safe. I want to keep this Diversity journey without any more bans; I realize that it will forever be on my record but I can hopefully make sure it won't happen again.. I also want to make some changes for myself and everyone that plays on the Diversity server.. "What changes?" you may ask, well I want to stop being provocative in chat//in my builds, I want to be nicer to players, and just enjoy my time.. I really do enjoy the server and if anyone needs help I will always try my best.. I hope you enjoy seeing my chats in the future; much love..