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    You may have heard of this circus show referred to as "the US election". It's pretty big right now. We at DiversitySMP have made the decision to make our server a politics-free zone from now until this madness and the inevitable uproar afterward is over. "Hang on, what does this mean?" This means that any talk about the candidates, their stances, their sanity level, their families, the hot topics they and the media argue about discuss at length are off-limits. Just don't bring it up. If you do, a staff member or another player will politely remind you of this new rule, and ask you to please stop. If you persist in talking about whatever it is after being gently warned, you will be temporarily muted. If you still don't get that we're serious about this, you will receive a vacation from our server, otherwise known as a tempban. "But wait, what about Free Speech™?" The short answer is that your right to free speech will not be impeded by this. The long answer is that, first of all, we are not a government. Your opinion can not be censored or shut down by a government - this is why the Westboro Baptist Church are still a thing - but as a private actor DiversitySMP can tell you to STFU. Secondly, we're not preventing you from stating your deep, deep love for [insert candidate here], we're simply telling you that our server is not the right venue for it. You are perfectly free to wave signs and shout slogans and debate to your hearts content in an appropriate place, like say, facebook, or your local newspaper's letters-from-readers column, or standing on your very own rooftop. Go right ahead, knock yourself out. But this is a minecraft server, of which the majority of players are likely under the age of 13. It's not really the place to get into heated discussions about immigration, "locker-room talk", the sanctity of marriage, politicians-in-the-pockets-of-big-banks, or the dos and don'ts of private email servers. And don't even try to tell me it wouldn't get heated, cause you know it would. It always does. "Aren't you guys being hypocritical tho, since Diversity has taken a clear political stand on certain things in the past?" No, we're just decent fucking human beings who don't tolerate persecution, hatred or insults directed at anyone for their race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and so on. You could angle it this way: we are protecting people from being hated on for their choice of candidate by banning any and all mention of it. And while we don't allow anyone to talk shit about a person for their religion for example, we also wouldn't let them preach or attempt to convert people on our server. 'Cause, again, this is not the place for it. So please, keep that shit away from Diversity. That's all we ask. Take it elsewhere, and let this place be a calm island in the turbulent seas of today. Let people log in knowing that they won't be exposed to somebody's political agenda or opinions, because there's more than enough of it everywhere else. Thank you. Love, Satan
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    You lied. Maybe you should try removing your hacks and stop cheating. Well we sure proved that wrong didn't we. Again. Well done. Like I said before I unbanned you:
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    You're a fucking joke. What the hell makes you think we want something who "hates fags" on our server? We're an open community that welcomes everyone, as long as they can follow our rules. Our number 1 rule happens to be: So, you could have totally been a part of our community, if you had simply left your hateful views at the door. But no, you decided that you really needed to let everyone know how you feel about homosexuality: These are the only messages you sent during your very short stay. With that information, let me break down your ban appeal... I don't believe you expressed your beliefs at all. You said "fuck gays" and that you "like the Westboro Baptist Church", none of this actually supports your beliefs, just that you're a twat. This just makes you sound like a complete douche nozzle (ie. an attachment for a device that helps flush out unwanted excretions from your bowels, usually used by gay men, offended yet?). Good for them. Quite frankly, I don't care. As long as they keep their beliefs to themselves, they are welcome to stay. That is, of course, if you're telling the truth. Which I don't think you actually are. Okay, so let's just say that God is in fact real, and that he created everything, does that not also include homosexual people? And why is it wrong? I think it helps with the population issues we're currently facing in this day and age. Up the bum = no babies! Heterosexuals could totally learn a thing or two from us. I believe that homosexuals deserve a chance to live wonderful, fabulous lives without being hassled by people like you. Do you still think your beliefs matter as much as mine? So, you want everyone to be equal, except for fags? That's quite a contradiction! To be honest, I think you're just a terrible troll and are simply looking for attention in all the wrong places. Have fun in the real world with that attitude, kid. Your ban appeal has been denied (surprisingly), sorry! Much love - a raging homosexual xoxo
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    So I'm still making changes to it, but here it is so far @Turbotailz @Zoredache @Mouse @Lucifer
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    While I love the fact that you guys are discussing ways to improve how people play on the server, I think this has been done completely wrong. Before deciding on something, you should always discuss why it is needed, don't skip straight to how. All I see in this thread is how the fly mode will be used on the server. This is not something we should be discussing at all, yet, especially if the majority of people are against having fly accessible to players in the first place. I want to see arguments for and against /fly. Why should we let people have access to it? What benefits will it have for a Survival server? What problems will it cause for everyone (especially staff)? For the record, I am against players being able to fly: It is a survival server People are capable of creating amazing things without flying, thus it is more rewarding once someone finishes something purely in survival How would we distinguish between someone who is flying legitimately and someone who is fly hacking? This also adds a whole lot of other problems that staff are likely to start having to deal with, such as flying entitlement, complaints from people who can't fly, the list can go on We have to figure out how, which is already being discussed, but it's complicated. Feel free to continue the discussion but unless we actually see some good debate for and against flying, we are not going to even think about adding it.
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    List of lovers KIlk and Whatevahhh Mut and Ace Luci and Mouse Kilk's other 'many grills' 412, Hani, Kilk - 'Love triangle' *cough* threesome *cough* Dark and Karly Finally, Red - who is #ForeverAlone
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    Hi Section28, I've been coming onto the server lately and remaining quiet for an hour or two to observe the dynamics of the server. During these times of quiet, I've seen some stuff from you that concerns me, and so I brought it up to the other staff members. Diversity is a server where people from all backgrounds, ages, social classes, gender, etc... should come to to feel safe. Our rules are set up to encourage this, but the only one I'm going to talk about is "treat people with respect." It's this concept that we have a huge problem with. For example, I logged on last week to this comment: Aug 21, 16, 9:30:22am Section28 Chat It isn't hard to be racist to the French and frankly, this French mod wasn't impressed. Rather than react, I kept my mouth shut to try to learn the context of your speech, and what followed was talk about the hispanic culture: Aug 21, 16, 9:31:54am Section28 Chat In the US we get taught Spanish, but most non-hispanic Americans don't care to speak it Aug 21, 16, 9:32:26am Section28 Chat Spanish just gives me a headache to hear Aug 21, 16, 9:33:07am Section28 Chat And I live in a city where Americans are the minority to hispanics Aug 21, 16, 9:33:58am Section28 Chat It really isnt racism, Racism is discrimination towards PEOPLE, not language Aug 21, 16, 9:35:05am Section28 Chat I would bring up the sensitivity argument, but I probably shouldnt Now, when some members called you out for the microaggression, (412 was AFK, and I was invisible watching to see how it would go down), you simply say that they're being oversensitive. Seriously? Aug 26, 16, 4:14:24pm Section28 Chat BLM has evolved from a genuine movement into a hateful, racist shitshow like the KKK Aug 26, 16, 4:16:33pm Section28 Chat Does anyone here live in Africa? Aug 26, 16, 8:28:09pm Section28 Chat I think we spend too much on social welfare on people who are too lazy too work Aug 26, 16, 8:26:57pm Section28 Chat Problem with Conservatives: Keeps too much money. Liberals: No concept of money Oh FFS. IJUSTCANT. So listen. There's more. A lot more. I went back only a week into your logs. It's filled with so much terrible stuff. Like seriously fucking awful. You make rape jokes. You make disparaging comments about women, about poor people, about French people, about Black people. About Hispanic/Latin people. ... and this was all in the course of just last week. The micro-aggression has to end. Diversity is not your personal soapbox. Our players are women. They're poor people. They're French people, black people, brown people, and everything in between. They're conservative and liberal. -- And let's face it, a lot of our players are children -- and I am not okay with teaching them that this is the new normal.
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    Hey ___Finn, I joined in to this "competition" a little bit after it started, to see you type in chat: "ur dick is so big i wanna suk it", Being something we generally don't accept around here, I muted you before you continued to say/msg things like this and so I could handle the situation, the mute was never permanent, simply something to allow me to investigate into what was happening. Pulling up your logs I found some rather disgusting things, including this; Not only is this rather.. disgusting, it's violating Rule #1: 'Respect other players'. In my opinion, Making fun of someones penis size, is generally not a funny thing, nor is it tolerated on our server. However, That's not all I found; We are a diverse server (hence the name 'Diversity') meaning our server has players from many different backgrounds, cultures, political affiliations, religions, ages, genders, and sexualities. Because of this, we don't allow anyone to mock these backgrounds, therefore practically blacklisting some of these derogatory terms, Including what you said there. Again violation of Rule #1: 'Respect other players'. Then we have this, two examples of blatant disrespect towards other players in our community, strictly against our rules (Rule #1) and is something we don't take lightly. You weren't the only one to be punished in this situation, You were just the first, If that helps. Sure, people disagreed, as they did with your ban. Yet that doesn't make punishment unjustified. If we unbanned every player that another player thought shouldn't be banned, I doubt there would be a banned player In conclusion; Look, I understand your situation about your "Roasting" being asked for. However, I strongly believe you've crossed the line from friendly banter/roasting to full out vulgar disrespect. Quoting Urban Dictionary, Roast: "To humorously humiliate someone with a well-timed joke, diss or comeback." What you have said isn't: Funny in any way; A well-timed joke; nor a comeback of any sorts.. So I wouldn't regard it as a valid entry for this competition, nor a valid entry for being part of our server. Unless you give me a better reason, this appeal is denied.
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    This is a main factor on why your ban was made permanent. After talking through with staff, we decided it's best you don't visit our server anymore. Your attitude towards other players, and comments are NOT welcome here. We strive to have a very comfortable and friendly server. Please, have a good day.
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    Hello Diversity Players! Myself and Bucky recently relaunched the Diversity Newspapers! What is that you ask? Its a weekly newspaper that updates you on the server. How can I get these? You can get these by subscribing to the newspaper. Every Monday we restock your newspapers and put them in your designated chests. Where are these chests? Just past the help board you can find our stand and nearby it you can find your designated chest with instructions. /mail jazzberryjam if you are interested in subscribing. Also if you would like an article in the newspaper they are 3 diamonds! There are now more spots available!
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    I decided to write this post to provide information and transparency. Whether you have contributed to Diversity in the past, are a current supporter, are thinking about supporting Diversity or if you're a parent who has been approached by their child asking to buy a rank on our Minecraft server, you should read this post. There are many expenses involved in keeping Diversity running. When you purchase a subscription or contribute a donation, you are helping us cover costs for the following: Dedicated server for all Minecraft server/world data - $139.99 USD per month Dedicated server for all database data - $79.00 USD per month Back-up storage - $16.00 USD per month "diversitysmp.com" domain name - $13.95 USD per year "diversitymc.net" domain name - $13.95 USD per year Web hosting - $119.40 USD per year BuyCraft service - £4.99 GBP per month IPS Community Suite (Forums & Gallery) - $35.00 per 6 months Note: there are some other one-off payments such as premium resources bought from spigotmc.org, these usually do not exceed $10 USD. We spend approximately $259 USD per month to run Diversity. Our goal is to receive $300 USD in player contributions per month. By having our goal larger than our expected costs, it grants us a small safety net for months when donation goals are not met. Funds from player contributions will only ever go towards expenses that keep the server running. With additional funding support, our goal is to purchase better hardware and development services to improve the gaming experience across the Diversity network. Donations will never be used for personal gain. We simply wish to provide a safe and fun community for everyone. If you ever have any questions regarding fees or any other financial information regarding Diversity, please send me an email at turbotailz@diversitysmp.com and I'll happily answer any queries for you. To all our supporters, thank you, your contributions help keep Diversity alive and well.
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    Hey all, Hope you like it Also, a little 16x16px icon Diversity.zip
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    Very much "Napping 101", I am the king of being able to take a nap anywhere at any time. I think @Lucifer said she might be able to teach me a thing or two, so she can teach "Advanced Napping" but i think i got 101 down to an art form.
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    You may be thinking “hey, it’s a little early for Halloween, Canadian Thanksgiving isn’t even over yet!” and you’re right, it is early for Halloween but we wanted to give you all the time you need to plan. This year, the Diversity community is going trick-or-treating and it’s up to you whether visitors to your home get a trick, a treat, or something good to eat. So how is this going to work? Build a Halloween themed display at your base or somewhere in the wilds. Whatever you want to build; big or small, spooky or sweet. Remember to claim your space. Decide on what you’d like to give out for Halloween and collect or craft 10 identical pieces/stacks of that item and put them into a chest near your display. This can be the Minecraft equivalent of either a full-sized chocolate bar, a toothbrush, or anything in between, it's up to you! Just remember, whatever you give the staff 10 of, each player will get 1 of when they visit your display. Feel free to name or enchant your gifts, just remember to give each item the exact same name and enchants. Fill out the form here with your player name and the coordinates where you would like players to land when they come trick or treating. Put the chest with the 10 items at these coordinates. This is where your “Trick or Treat” sign that dispenses items will be. If you’d like that sign to be somewhere else in the build, please provide those coordinates in the "comments" box. Staff will take it from here, setting up signs and warps in time for Halloween! Your form must be received by October 19 to allow time for staff to set up before the event begins Trick-or-Treating will take place from October 24-October 31. Please ask all questions about this event in this thread as Merga's PC is broken and she will not be on the server to provide answers.
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    Hello everyone! I hope you're having a good time because it's about to get better! I am very excited to present new kits to you all Zoredache, myself and a few other staff have been working hard on this project. To give credit where credit is due: a lot of the new kits have been based on mutleymuffin's thread posted a while ago here. So without any further to say, here are the new, AMAZING, updated kits: Starter Unlocked at: Level 1 Cooldown: One use only Contents: 1x Golden Shovel 2x Chest 64x Torch 64x Baked Potato 1x Iron Sword 1x Iron Pickaxe 24x Leather 16x Apple 1x Saddle 1x Nametag Farmer Unlocked at: Level 2 Cooldown: 2 days Contents: 1x Iron Hoe 1x Water Bucket 32x Seeds 16x Potato 16x Carrots 8x Pumpkin Seeds 8x Melon Seeds 2x Lead 8x Sugar Canes 32x Bone Meal 8x Cocoa Beans 16x Beetroot Seeds Farmer Pro Unlocked at: Level 13 Cooldown: 1 week Contents: 1x Diamond Hoe - Unbreaking III 2x Water Bucket 64x Seeds 32x Potato 32x Carrots 16x Pumpkin Seeds 16x Melon Seeds 8x Hay Bale 4x Lead 32x Beetroot Seeds 16x Sugar Canes 16x Cocoa Beans 64x Bone Meal 32x Glowstone 16x Pistons 16x Sticky Pistons 32x Redstone Torches 32x Redstone Dust Miner Unlocked at: Level 3 Cooldown: 2 days Contents: 2x Iron Pickaxes 1x Diamond Pickaxe 64x Torch 1x Water Bucket 8x Oak Log 32x Cooked Steak Miner Pro Unlocked at: Level 14 Cooldown: 1 week Contents: 1x Diamond Pickaxe - Unbreaking III - Efficiency V - Silk Touch I 1x Diamond Pickaxe - Unbreaking III - Efficiency V - Fortune III 128x Torch 1x Water Bucket 16x Oak Log 64x Cooked Steak Explorer Unlocked at: Level 4 Cooldown: 3 days Contents: 1x Compass 1x Clock 1x Bed 16x Ender Pearls 32x Golden Carrots 1x Saddle 1x Book and Quill 1x Iron Horse Armor 64x Torches 1x Boat Explorer pro Unlocked at: Level 15 Cooldown: 1 week Contents: 1x Compass 1x Clock 1x Bed 32x Ender Pearls 64x Golden Carrots 1x Saddle 1x Book and Quill 1x Diamond Horse Armor 128x Torches 1x Boat Fisherman (you're welcome Magus) Unlocked at: Level 5 Cooldown: 4 days Contents: 1x Fishing Rod - Unbreaking III 16x Raw Fish 8x Cooked Fish 16x Raw Salmon 8x Cooked Salmon 16x Clownfish 16x Pufferfish Fishermanpro Unlocked at: Level 16 Cooldown: 1 week Contents: 1x Fishing Rod - Unbreaking III - Lure III - Luck Of The Sea III 64x Raw Fish 32x Cooked Fish 64x Raw Salmon 32x Cooked Salmon 32x Clownfish 32x String 32x Pufferfish Builder Unlocked at: Level 6 Cooldown: 4 days Contents: 64x Stone 32x Quartz Block 32x Brick 32x Glass Block 32x Clay Block 32x Hardened Clay 32x Purpur Blocks 32x Sandstone 32x Red Sandstone 64x End Stone 32x Granite 32x Diorite 32x Andesite 32x Prismarine 32x Prismarine Bricks 32x Dark Prismarine 16x Bone Blocks Builderpro Unlocked at: Level 17 Cooldown: 1 week Contents: 128x Stone 128x Quartz Block 128x Brick 128x Glass Block 128x Clay Block 64x Hardened Clay 64x Purpur Blocks 64x Sandstone 64x Red Sandstone 128x End Stone 64x Granite 64x Diorite 64x Andesite 32x Obsidian 32x Mossy Stone Bricks 32x Cracked Stone Bricks 32x Chiseled Stone Bricks 64x Prismarine 64x Prismarine Bricks 64x Dark Prismarine 32x Bone Blocks 64x Nether Bricks 64x Red Nether Bricks 32x Netherwart Blocks 32x Magma Blocks Redstoner Unlocked at: Level 7 Cooldown: 4 days Contents: 16x Redstone Repeaters 64x Redstone Dust 8x Redstone Comparators 16x Pistons 16x Sticky Pistons 16x Dispensers 16x Droppers 16x Hoppers 16x Levers 16x Redstone Blocks 16x Redstone Lamps 16x Tripwire Hooks 32x String Redstoner pro Unlocked at: Level 18 Cooldown: 1 week Contents: 32x Redstone Repeaters 128x Redstone Dust 16 Redstone Comparators 32x Pistons 32x Sticky Pistons 32x Dispensers 32x Droppers 32x Hoppers 32x Levers 32x Redstone Blocks 32x Redstone Lamps 16x Daylight Sensor 16x Iron Trapdoors 32x Tripwire Hooks 64x String Attacker Unlocked at: Level 8 Cooldown: 4 days Contents: 1x Diamond Sword 1x Diamond Axe 1x Bow 32x Arrows 1x Diamond Helmet 1x Diamond Chestplate 1x Diamond Leggings 1x Diamond Boots 1x Iron Horse Armor 1x Shield 5x Golden Apples 32x Spectral Arrows Attacker pro Unlocked at: Level 19 Cooldown: 4 weeks (28 days) Contents: 1x Diamond Sword - Sharpness V - Unbreaking III - Knockback II - Fire Aspect II - Looting III 1x Diamond Axe - Efficiency V - Unbreaking III 1x Bow - Power V - Punch II - Unbreaking III 32x Arrows 1x Diamond Helmet - Protection IV - Unbreaking III - Respiration III - Thorns III 1x Diamond Chestplate - Protection IV - Unbreaking III - Thorns III 1x Diamond Leggings - Protection IV - Unbreaking III - Thorns III 1x Diamond Boots - Protection IV - Unbreaking III - Thorns III - Depth Strider III 1x Diamond Horse Armor 1x Shield 32 Golden Apples 64x Spectral Arrows Enchanter Unlocked at: Level 9 Cooldown: 4 days Contents: 1x Anvil 16x Bookshelf 1x Enchant Table 8x Book 32x Lapis Lazuli 64x Bottle Of Enchanting 8x Emeralds Enchanterpro Unlocked at: Level 20 Cooldown: 2 weeks Contents: 2x Anvil 32x Bookshelf 1x Enchant Table 64x Book 64x Lapis Lazuli 128x Bottle Of Enchanting 64x Emeralds 2x Unbreaking III 2x Efficiency V 2x Fortune III 2x Silk Touch 2x Protection IV 2x Looting III 2x Mending Brewer Unlocked at: Level 10 Cooldown: 4 days Contents: 1x Brewing Stand 1x Cauldron 16x Glass Bottle 16x Nether Wart 16x Glowstone 16x Redstone 16x Fermented Spider Eye 16x Gunpowder 16x Magma Cream 16x Sugar 16x Glistering Melon 16x Ghast Tears 16x Blaze Powder 16x Golden Carrot 16x Puffer Fish 16x Mushroom 16x Rabbit's Foot Brewerpro Unlocked at: Level 21 Cooldown: 2 weeks Contents: 4x Brewing Stand 4x Cauldron 64x Glass Bottle 64x Nether Wart 64x Glowstone 64x Redstone 64x Fermented Spider Eye 64x Gunpowder 32x Magma Cream 32x Sugar 32x Glistering Melon 32x Ghast Tears 32x Blaze Powder 32x Golden Carrot 32x Puffer Fish 32x Musroom 32x Rabbit Foot Cookielord Unlocked at: Level 11 Cooldown: 1 week Contents: 256x Cookies 3x Cakes 1x Notch Apple 3x Golden Apples 4x Name Tags 1x Beacon 8x Gold Blocks 1x Diamond Block 32x Iron Blocks 8x Emerald Blocks Cookielordpro Unlocked at: Level 22 Cooldown: 2 weeks Contents: 384x Cookies 6x Cakes 3x Notch Apple 32x Golden Apples 8x Name Tags 2x Beacon 16 Gold Blocks 2x Diamond Block 64x Iron Blocks 16x Emerald Blocks Musician Unlocked at: Level 12 Cooldown: 10 days Contents: 1x JukeBox 32x Noteblocks 1x C418 - 13 1x C418 - Cat 1x C418 - blocks Musicianpro Unlocked at: Level 23 Cooldown: 30 days Contents: 4x Juke Box 64x Noteblocks 1x C418 - 13 1x C418 - Cat 1x C418 - blocks 1x C418 - chirp 1x C418 - far 1x C418 - mall 1x C418 - mellohi 1x C418 - stal 1x C418 - strad 1x C418 - ward 1x C418 - 11 1x C418 - wait Kits in Rank order Level 1 Starter Level 2 Farmer Level 3 Miner Level 4 Explorer Level 5 Fisherman Level 6 Builder Level 7 Redstoner Level 8 Attacker Level 9 Enchanter Level 10 Brewer Level 11 Cookielord Level 12 Musician Level 13 Farmer Pro Level 14 Miner Pro Level 15 Explorer pro Level 16 Fishermanpro Level 17 Builderpro Level 18 Redstoner pro Level 19 Attacker pro Level 20 Enchanterpro Level 21 Brewerpro Level 22 Cookielordpro Level 23 Musicianpro
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    What is "Christmas"? For most people it's keeping warm in the chilling Winter of the Northern Hemisphere. For others (like me) it's about spending time outside, maybe at a beach, drinking ice cold beer and throwing meat on the barbie. Don't be so quick to shut down what Christmas is and isn't because what it might seem like to you could be something completely different to someone else. You said "overall Christmas", why not let people do what they want? I'm sure as long as they can describe why their skin means "Christmas" to them then it will work out okay.
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    Monthly Update: September 2016Better Late Than Never Edition OMG Yes, I'm still alive. Surely many of you have noticed my inactivity on the server over the past month. Let's just say IRL has been a little tough and taking a break from Diversity has been a breath of fresh air. Never fear though... So... since I've been away from the server for so long, I'm a little out of the loop but I can still give you all a bit of info for the month of September! ...even if it is a little bit late: Vote rewards are being removed for now Cross-server chat is here! A look at the new Enderman farm A reminder about the Forum reputation system SMP kit changes Survival Games/UHC big changes Supporters lounge Vote rewards are being removed for now Apparently giving out vote rewards to players that give an advantage over others is against the Mojang EULA (similar to how we can't give certain perks to players that donate real money). After this information was brought to my attention, I've decided to remove all rewards from voting until further notice. You are still welcome to vote for Diversity on the three sites we have listed but you will no longer receive any rewards as a result. We will need to discuss potential voting rewards in the future. I understand that voting has been a great way for players to boost their claim block allowance, so to help balance this effect I have raised the amount of claim blocks accrued per hour from 100 to 200. The signs to trade emeralds for claim blocks at /warp claims have also been edited to give 200 claim blocks per emerald (1800 per emerald block). Sorry if this affects you but we would prefer to play it safe instead of risking being blacklisted by Mojang for breaking their EULA. Cross-server chat is here! It's been discussed for a long time and I'm happy to say that cross-server chat is now working across our network. The following servers are set up for global chat: Hub SMP Vanilla Creative Creative Pro Event Skyblock A really awesome feature about cross-server chat means you can also PM other players who are on a different server! The usual commands apply when messaging other players. If you're not interested in taking part in global chat discussion, you can type /gtoggle to keep chat local - your messages will not appear on other servers and vice-versa. Please note that we are still configuring a few things so you may notice a lot of changes. You may also notice some issues that we don't yet know about, so please let us know if you notice anything! A look at the new Enderman farm As most of you know, the new Enderman farm (created by @412) is now up and running. The new design is a lot more useful in that it allows up to four players to use it at the same time. There are INFO signs available at each booth if you require any further information on how it works... Please note that Enderman spawns are limited in the End world and results may vary depending on how many players are using the farm. Here are a few screenshots of the farm: A reminder about the Forum reputation system Please remember that the reputation system is not a popularity contest. Posts should only be "liked" if you truly believe the post is good quality and adds to the discussion. Do not simply like a post because your friend posted it, this is not a true representation of the reputation system. You should never ask other people to like your posts and if someone does ask you to like their posts, don't. This also applies to comment counts, do not spam the forums just to raise your count, it is not a race. I've said this before and I'll say it again - if we find the reputation system is being abused, we'll remove it completely. SMP kit changes It's been a long time coming, but we've finally come up with a new set of kits! Old kits have been updated to be more up to date with new items that are now available in Minecraft. New kits have also been introduced such as: Fisherman, Redstoner and even "Cookielord"??! The new kits mean kits will continue to be unlocked up until level 23 More info about the kits will be revealed later on by @KIlkAAAA on the forum, so keep an eye out Survival Games/UHC big changes We've decided to change the name of BGames/Battle Royal (again) to something a little more familiar - Survival Games! Not only that, but we now have more staff available to host these games (and UHC) every weekend. So if you're into a bit of harmless PVP fun, make sure to check out these events when you can. We've also come up with a solid set of rewards for placing in a PVP competition. Stay tuned for more information. There are plans to do another build competition for the UHC/SG prize hall/museum, so keep an eye out for more info about that as well. Supporter's lounge It's been up for a while now, the Supporter's lounge can now be found north of the Warp Hub. Currently there's not a whole lot to do there, but it's happening, I promise! There are a bunch of goodies that supporters will have access to here. I mentioned some of it in the previous monthly update. I'd also just like to take this moment to thank all our supporters for their contributions. Without them, we probably wouldn't be able to keep the Diversity network running! We have almost been meeting our monthly goal recently, which is fantastic. I have just paid for another 3 months of service with our host ($393) and we now have a little under $100 remaining, if we can keep this up, it's possible we could look at upgrading our hardware in the near future Again, thank you all so much! That's all the news for now, thanks for reading - Turbo and the Diversity staff team
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    Okay, first ... I appreciate that you all want to help. I also appreciate that you all want to make yourselves staff and give yourselves extra perks by doing so. Which, sorry to say, isn't going to happen. Second, Merga may not know much about redstone, but some of the rest of the staff does. And since we're already checking on players quite often, we see some of these "laggy" redstone devices. Most of them are not putting stress on the server. (Giant auto-sorters, and mine cart collection systems are really the biggest culprits but even then the lag that they produce isn't bad enough to drag the server down). If we DO notice something that's causing a problem, we quietly speak to players and suggest ways they can fix it. We do NOT need a team of self-appointed redstone experts with staff powers tp'ing around and destroying people's redstone creations that they worked hard to build. We have three or four staff members on board who are highly proficient with redstone, and who we can call in if we have a question. Many of the rest of us are at least proficient enough to be able to tell the difference between something that will cause server lag and something that causes client-side lag. The thing that affects server TPS (not FPS) more than redstone? Entities. Overcrowded cow and chicken farms, mob farms where people AFK at their zombie spawners until there's more than 50 crowded into a one block space. Item frames with items in them (this is why shop warp can be laggy client-side). We have a plugin that takes care of this regularly, and it's reduced a lot of server lag. But there's not much we can do about 45 people being online, and the server having to deal with the 9,000+ entities that this causes. Dealing with redstone issues is SUCH a tiny part of the work that staff does that if we implemented this idea it would actually cause us MORE work to have to oversee the new "redstone supervisors" and make sure they weren't abusing their powers. So, while I appreciate the offer, I seriously doubt this will ever be a thing.
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    Diversity is my favorite server.. Why? Because they take their time to check in on players, if someone has a problem they go out of their way to help them.. I remember when I first started there was this player and I made a base next to him (not knowing anyone lived there..) He wanted to make a path between our bases so I needed to trust him.. Me being an innocent player trusting everyone I did so, He built half of the bridge and he said he'd do the rest tomorrow.. I left him trusted and he stole from me, (wither heads and a few other items..) I remember telling one of the admins (not sure which one..) and they gave me back my items.. This isint relevent but he ended up getting banned (I don't remember why though..) I recently started playing on another server just to kind of get out of my comfort zone and I stummbled upon a youtuber who owns a server, he's famous for trolling hackers on his server, I thought it would be safe because it looked like they were doing their work. I recently got x-rayed (there was a hole coming from the top of my roof into my base..) I reported it and they said "You need video proof of the person x-raying, denied." You could at least look at the videos I took just in case I did get raided, how am I supposed to get a video of someone x-raying my base? They don't take time to help players, they don't ask you if you need help and when you ask something in chat they pretty much ignore you. I can't tell you how many times I was an idiot and died in the wild on Diversity and a staff member helped me get my stuff.. I love how active Zore and Turbo is, I always see Turbo on discord making an effort to talk to Diversity players, Zore always teleports to players to check up on them.. (Those are the only people I see on at the time I'm on but I know other helpers and admins do to..) You guys make an effort, you guys make Diversity fun to play on, you make it safe. Thank you! I love you guys very much, keep it up!! <3
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    Instead of introducing myself and prattling on about things that may or may not interest you, why don't you ask me a question (about me)? That seems more efficient. Here's me meeting one of my fave actors at a convention a few years ago:
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    I'd be one of the idiot troll spastics to see what the fuck goes on in their heads.
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    At the top of the ban appeals forum there is a message in bright red that states: "You may only post in a ban appeal thread if you are the banned player in question or a staff member. Please do not post in a thread without prior staff approval." I do not consider it unreasonable to expect players follow the rules. This thread is about you and your appeal. The discussion is between you and staff, without the input of any other players. When we look at a player's case we take into account evidence. What the logs tell us. We do not listen to 3rd parties and what they may think or feel or believe. Only the logs, which are 100% impartial. This is not a popularity contest in which the player with the most friends backing them up or the most players disagreeing with their mute or ban get off scot free. According to the logs you broke two of our rules: Insulting other players (multiple times, and at least 3 different players) and racism (at least once). We take especially the latter one very seriously. I can't help but notice that you have nothing to say about the chatlogs provided by TwoDog. No apologies, no explanations, nothing. Instead you call us "unreasonable". You are of course welcome to your opinion, but if you maintain that expecting players to not be racists or assholes (or both, in your case) is unreasonable, then we will have to agree to disagree. DiversitySMP does not tolerate that shit and never will. As you have provided zero reasons for us to change our minds, our verdict stands. You will not be unbanned. I think it would be best if you found a different server to play on, one that is more welcoming to your... uh, particular style of humor. I'm sure there are several of them out there. Best of luck.
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    Oh dear people of Diversity, I love that people have loyal companions in the server such as dogs and cats, but PLEASE don't leave them around hub. Love ya lots Jazz
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    #3-Jokes of the Day This made me hungry 1. Q: When do you go at red and stop at green? A: When you're eating a watermelon 2. At lunch time in the cafeteria there was a pile of apples on a tray, and the teacher put a note: take only one, remember, god is watching. A little bit further down the line there was a pile of cookies, and a child had put a note on it: take as many as you want, god is watching the apples.

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