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    First i was thinking.. Then i was thinking maybe... But then i was like....
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    @Turbotailz @Zoredache @Lucifer @Mouse I'll be making more if any other staff wants one, just let me know After staff, I'll make some for players
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    First, let's take a look at these marvellous comments you have left on the forum recently: Using sarcasm towards a staff member, real mature... which later led to you posting this: Lmao. Hey @Lucifer, do you mind changing your signature? Some punk thinks it's "offensive". I highly doubt she will change it because some banned kid took "offense" to it and demanded she change it, you didn't even say "please" And then there's this: Now that's just insulting - fuck you! Now, on to your "appeal". So, you respect your decision to disrespect the staff? You're an actual twat. Lol, we're not so weak that we get our feelings hurt by some kid being a douche on a Minecraft server. Try again. I mean, all of this behaviour alone is enough for me to give you a big fat DENY. But, let's step back in time (1 year, to be exact) and see why you were actually banned from Diversity: 3rd February, 2017 A new player called Terminator_T80 joins Diversity! His first messages: "i work for planet minecraft", "i review servers". Then, the console warns that he is moving incorrectly, to which he claims "i was tezting", "i mean testing". A few minutes go by, during this time he tries various commands that don't exist on the server. A few more minutes go by, he claims "lag" and then proceeds to speak in Spanish: "hola" "como estas" "mi amigos" "putos" "no hablo" "putos" "stupido" "putos" "putos" "putos" "putos" "putos" And before he could utter another word, the spam bot banned him for one day. A moderator jailed him and added the note "needs talk about respect and english only in chat". 4th March, 2017 Terminator_T80 waited a whole month until joining Diversity again, despite his ban being only for one day. Upon joining, he was immediately placed in jail. He tried many commands to get out but he was stuck there. He logged off. 5th March, 2017 Terminator_T80 joined again, still in jail. A moderator called @Hani came to his aid. "Hello", she says. No response. "Hello" she says again, "to msg me do /r", "i am a mod". He noticed she was flying around the jail, something a mod usually does when someone is jailed. He tells her "your a cheater" She replies "i am allowed /fly" To which he replies "gmc on a survival server is cheating" "let me out" At this point, Terminator_T80 has caught the attention of many other staff online, including myself. Hani then says "first i need to talk to you" He tells her "what do u want i didnt do anything" (but he did) Then he calls the staff "gmc hackers" and tried to type /fly but he was of course denied. Hani tells him "you were banned for disrespect and not talking in english on general chat" He says "so", "it says that i stole" Hani says "im just saying what you did to be in here" He demands "let me the fuck out" Hani replies "sorry not with that attitude" Hani's nickname at this time was "RespectTheHani", and he had just realised this So he then says "oh its respectthehani" "well let me tell you something" "i dont like people who demand respect" "so fuck u" I saw these messages, and that is when I banned him with the reason: "disrespecting staff, don't come back :)" Neat little story, huh? Needless to say, within one year, it seems that you still haven't changed. So no, I will not unban you. No other staff member will unban you. You will never be returning to Diversity because your attitude is disgusting and we do not like brats like you running around in our community. Have a nice life.
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    Both photos are in shitty lighting, sorry! Left is too yellow-pink, right is too much flash. Imagine a combination of the two and you get my approximate skin color.
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    Earlier, the server kept crashing due to some sort of lag. You and your friend (or whoever they are) Cz_Danielon were NOT, by ANY means, making things easier. You were being very rude to staff, complaining, and criticizing about our server and our staff. We had enough of the constant negative talk, so after several warnings, you were banned. If you think so lowly of our server, there should be no reason you want back.
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    Monthly Update: November 2016 Sorry for skipping October but writing these things can be time-consuming and I've been very busy with IRL stuff lately. Anyway, here's a not-so-quick update on what is happening around Diversity: Forum rules Updates to Supporter's perks and lounge Developers wanted When did I join Diversity? Ban on politics Design us a new logo! Community Build Project Spawn makeover Helper promotions Minecraft version 1.11 Server hardware upgrade Forum rules We've added a set of rules/guidelines for using the Diversity forum. You can find these guidelines by selecting Guidelines in the menu above (or if you're on mobile, by opening the menu then selecting Browse > Guidelines. We want to make sure people know exactly how they should be using the forum, so please make sure you read the rules. Updates to Supporter's perks and lounge Added the /hat command for all supporters. This command allows you to place any item you are holding on your head, it will take up your helmet inventory slot. Currently this command is available to anyone level 6+ Added the /warp lounge command for all supporters, allowing quick access to the Supporter's Lounge and... The signs in the Supporter's Lounge are now ready for use: Each Supporter type (Basic & Plus) get their own set of signs to use. I'll give a brief run-down of what each sign does... SET TIME / Day / Server - Hitting this sign will bring the sun back for the whole server. Recommend you only use this when it's night time! Basic supporters can use this sign once a day, Plus supporters can use it twice a day. SET TIME / Day / Player - Hitting this sign will bring the sun back, but only for the player who hits the sign. This has no effect on mob spawning or anything night time related (meaning it's purely cosmetic). Basic cooldown: 6 hours. Plus cooldown: 3 hours. SET TIME / Server time / Player - You'll need to hit this sign if you've changed your player time (the sign to the left, explained above) at any point. This will make sure your time is in sync with the server. There is no cooldown for using this sign, but please don't spam it! WEATHER / Stop rain / Server - Hitting this sign will stop the rain. Simple. Server wide, so you'll most likely be the best person in the world if you do this since a lot of people hate the rain! Basic cooldown: 1 day. Plus cooldown: 12 hours. WEATHER / Stop rain / Player - Similar to the sign above it, hitting this sign will stop the rain for yourself only. Useful if you hate the rain but would prefer if others had to endure the torturous rain (you evil bastard). Basic cooldown: 6 hours. Plus cooldown: 3 hours. WEATHER / Reset / Player - Hit this sign to get back in sync with the rest of the server's weather if you ever hit the sign to the left. No cooldowns for this one either. GIVE / Player head / # - Want your head? Hit this sign! Make sure your inventory has a spare spot though. Basic supporters can get 1 head per week while Plus supporters get 2 per week. As you can see, there is a lot of room for additional signs. This is just a taster for what is to come! I'll keep you all updated for any future additions to the Supporter's Lounge signs Developers wanted We've always needed a developer on board to help us with custom code for plugins and to see if we can try minimize lag as much as possible. We just haven't really known how to go about getting anyone to help us without needing to fork out money that we don't have. So we're seeking anyone with Java/Bukkit development skills (or any sort of development skills, for that matter) to volunteer and give us a hand in squashing these annoying bugs. @Zoredache has created a Developers forum for any developers who may be interested in lending their skills to tackle some projects we have on offer. If you're interested in making a difference in the way things work on Diversity, make sure to check it out: http://diversitysmp.com/forum/forum/26-developers Please note that we are not hiring any more staff here, this is all simply volunteer work. When did I join Diversity? A question we've been asked a lot, and has been something we (the staff) have been able to answer, but only after doing a bunch of tedious tasks. Well, now you can simply type /joindate or /jd on the SMP server and you'll be greeted with a message similar to this: A small addition but I think a lot of you will be happy with it. All credit to me because it's actually the first plugin I've ever created When I get a chance, I plan to learn more about Java and create more plugins to benefit our server, hopefully! Ban on politics Due to the US election and the craziness it brings to the whole world (for some reason), we've decided to ban any discussion on all politics. I won't go into too much detail here, since @Lucifer has written a fantastic thread on it herself, so go and read it: Design us a new logo! Do you like that logo? Nah, me neither. We need you to design us a new logo! We're currently holding an art event for people to submit to us a potential new logo. When the event ends, we'll cast a vote (as a community) and the winning logo will be our new official Diversity logo For more information, please see Ace's thread: Community Build Project We are big on community here at Diversity, so there's no better way to get us together than by doing a massive build project! @Lucifer has started things off by gathering suggestions from the community - what to build and where? The next step, is to vote on what we'd like to build as a community. So please make sure you vote on this poll that @Bucky has started: We need more people to vote! The winning idea will be our first ever community build project, so make it count. If this turns out a success, we'll definitely do more of these in the future. Spawn makeover So I got a little bored a few nights ago and made some changes to the SMP spawn area. You'll now find the glass globes have been replaced with black clay to give it a darker, enclosed look while making the portal signs (now made of sea lanterns) stand out more. I've also removed the SKY and ARENA portals as they're no longer a part of the SMP server (you can now access these via the /server command). These have been replaced with EVENT and END portals. The SMP portal now also takes you directly to the /warp hub location, as there was no further information in the SMP sub hub, it was kinda redundant (especially considering players can simply get there by using the command anyway). Check out some of the screenshots below and tell me what you think. There's always room for improvement so don't be afraid to suggest anything! Helper promotions We would like to announce that the following Helpers have been promoted to Mods: @Ace @flowerice @LoneWolf Make sure to send them your congratulations next time you see them online. They've worked hard since being made Helpers. Congrats guys. Please note - this does not mean we are currently accepting Helper applications, and do not plan to in the near future. Minecraft version 1.11 Version 1.11 has been scheduled to release on Monday 14th November, this means we will need to upgrade again some time soon. Please remember that we cannot upgrade our servers until a stable release of Spigot 1.11 is available. The SpigotMC team don't plan to have a working build until 19th November. Even then, we won't be able to upgrade because we still need to wait on plugin developers to update their code to work properly. We will continue to run 1.10.2 for all servers until further notice. This excludes the Vanilla server, which may be upgraded to 1.11 for anyone who wishes to play with the new features but still be connected to the community. Zoredache has started a poll to determine what we do about the Vanilla server, whether we reset the world and upgrade or keep it as is. If you have an opinion on this, make sure to go have your say: Server hardware upgrade Thanks to our awesome supporters, we've decided that now is probably a good time to look at upgrading our server hardware. Though not quite decided yet, it is likely we'll be making the switch to a new server towards the end of this month. We'll give you plenty of notice before hand and the upgrade shouldn't take terribly long (a few hours at most). The new hardware consists of a better CPU and faster RAM. For those who are technically inclined, it is the MC-64 Overclocked server from OVH. This server is only an extra US$20 a month, so it's a no-brainer really. Hopefully it reduces some of the lag we've been experiencing over the past few months! That's all for now, stay tuned for more updates in the future! Turbo and the Diversity staff team.
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    Monthly Update: July 2016Half-year Edition 412 stuck in a chimney?? It's July, which means we're officially halfway through 2016. People in the southern hemisphere are freezing their asses off while the northern hemisphere is happily enjoying the middle of Summer (you bastards!). Wherever you're living, I'm sure you'll enjoy this month's lot of updates we have for you: An update to our rules Introducing the Safe Room New shop stalls Reset the Vanilla server for a 1.10 update? Staff changes Helper applications are now open closed! An update to our rules A couple of our rules have been revised to be more clear about our expectations on Diversity servers. Please make sure to read and understand them, they are effective immediately. If you have any questions about these rule updates, feel free to ask a staff member. Introducing the Safe Room We take suicide threats and other announcements regarding self harm or mental health issues very seriously here on Diversity. While it is hard to tell whether any of these are genuine cries for help or just someone asking for attention, we have decided to build a "Safe Room" to place players in to try and give them the help that they need. The Safe Room is a small, calm area that players are free to explore. There will be information to help them with whatever personal issues they may have. Chat is disabled in this area to try and stop any provoking from other players. The only way out of the Safe Room is for players to find and hit the sign setting them free. Hitting the sign means you agree to the following terms: Repeated threats to commit suicide are not tolerated and offenders will be temporarily banned from the network Begging for anything from any player (such as friendship or chatting) is seen as attention seeking and is not allowed, see rule #3. Staff members are not psychiatrists and are not equipped to handle mental health issues. If anyone reaches out to you with help, they are doing it on their own terms and we strongly recommend that you look into speaking with a professional. New shop stalls Our old shop stalls were becoming a bit of a nuisance, so we're giving them a huge upgrade. Roughly 100 new shop stalls (for players level 1-4 only) have been set up at Jones' old shop plot, right by the shop warp-in spot. There are several floors of stalls that can be hired by eligible players. Here is a sneak peek: The new stalls aren't yet ready for operation but we'll let you know as soon as possible when they are. Reset the Vanilla server for a 1.10 update? There has been some discussion on whether or not we should reset the Vanilla server and upgrade it to 1.10. If you would like to have your say about this, please make your way over to this thread and vote on the poll! Staff changes In light of our recent survey results (I will give feedback on those very soon, I promise!) it appears a lot of you are confused about our various staff roles and what they all mean. To help with this, we have decided to merge the the JrMod and SrMod ranks together, meaning there will be only one Moderator rank. All Mod staff will have the same permissions SrMods had which includes the ability to permanently mute/ban players, roll back griefing/raiding, set warp locations, etc. Some Mods may have special permissions as needed (WorldEdit for example) but every Mod will have the core set of Moderator permissions. We are also changing some of the Helper permissions to try and bridge the gap between Helper -> Mod, like allowing them to handle tickets and temporarily ban for up to an hour, etc. Also, I should probably mention that we have decided to promote the following Helpers to the Moderator rank: @Hani @MissStephanie @Cherryinapie @412 Congrats guys, you deserve it Helper applications now open closed! Thanks to all 59 of you who applied. The staff team will now decide on how many and who our next lot of Helpers will be. If you applied, we may try to get in touch with you regarding your application, though don't expect anything. Helpers will be announced in August's monthly update. Promoting 4 of our Helpers means we need some more... so we're opening up applications for Helpers! Applications will be open for two weeks, closing Sunday 17th July. Click here to fill out the Helper application form. Here are some tips on applying: Take your time! You have two weeks to submit your application. Write your answers down in a document and complete the application when you feel you're ready. Only apply if you truly want to become a staff member on Diversity. Being staff can be a very stressful job sometimes and can even ruin the game for you. Be honest in your answers. If we find out you're lying, we certainly won't trust you with staff permissions. Try not to write long answers, you do not need to explain every little detail to us. If you have had a rough history on the server and think you don't have a chance, give it a go anyway, sometimes we may overlook past behaviour if we think you have redeemed yourself. Good luck! - Turbo & the Diversity staff
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    Monthly Update: January 2017 Our new logo! Welcome to 2017! A year of new beginnings for Diversity. It also marks one year since I started doing monthly updates, this one will be short but sweet: Diversity has a new logo! Is Ores challenging enough? What's in store for 2017 Diversity has a new logo! 95 people voted, it was a very close competition but in the end there could only be one winner and that was @Mouse's design. Which means our logo is now officially the one shown above! It might take some time for our logo to be updated across all our fronts (website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) so just keep that in mind if you come across the old logo in some places. Of course, the competition wouldn't have happened without the submissions from the following people: @ToeNibblingRat - 2nd place @DumbAsh & @Derrpalicious - 3rd place equal @Alkesta @katiebug555 @IntoTheHood @AstralToons @ParpiaJr @KidTheGr8 @Panther @mutleymuffin @inb4creeper @Flavoxt @FinnBish @Dannables Thank you all for taking the time to design a logo. You've all got prizes waiting for you at the Prize Hall by the Event Museum! You can get there easily by going to /spawn and finding the EVENT warp I'd also like to mention that since she is staff, Mouse has chosen to give the 1st place prize to ToeNibblingRat, thus giving Ash and Derrp the 2nd place prize as well. Congrats guys and enjoy Is Ores challenging enough? Getting around Ores was never meant to be an easy feat, but it's been quite a while since it was first introduced to Diversity and a lot of you probably don't find it as hard as it may have been in the past. I've started a poll to see if players would like a difficulty buff to Ores, so if you want to have your say, go and vote! If you have any suggestions on how things could be made more challenging, I'd love to hear those as well. Head on over to the poll here: What's in store for 2017 While I can't say much more about the following things, I just wanted to let you all know that some of this stuff is planned to happen some time within the next few months. We're always trying to improve things around here. This is just a brief list off the top of my head, it's in no way complete or confirmed. Dropping the name "DiversitySMP" in favour of simply being known as "Diversity". We will keep the diversitysmp.com domain, but will likely register a new domain which will be advertised everywhere instead. The website will be re-built from scratch to accommodate the new logo and will hopefully be of more use to everyone from new players to regulars looking to brush up on some knowledge of the server. Our permissions system will undergo some maintenance at some point. The network will most likely be offline for a few hours while this happens but we'll make sure to let you know when we cross that bridge. The new permissions system will be a lot more powerful and will create a much better experience for everyone. The Community Build Project #1 is still going to happen, we just need a bit more time to finalise logistics and stuff. Keep an eye out for some more info about it later on. Diversity will turn 3 years old in May And that's all for this month. Happy new year and stay awesome! - Turbo and the Diversity staff
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    Salad. Think about it, vegetable salad, tired of that? Ok, fruit salad. Literally anything can be salad, pizza salad, ice cream salad, just cut anything into small pieces, put it in a bowl and you have yourself a salad, awesome, isn't it?
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    Please use the following format when creating a ban appeal. -- 1) What's your current in-game name? 2) What do you think you were banned for? If you are unsure, our rules can be found at diversitymc.net/rules 3) Why should you be unbanned? If you have already appealed and been denied in the past, you must wait 6 months before you can appeal again.
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    Monthly Update: March 2016 New Forum Edition! Hello everyone! This month's update is an exciting one, as we have finally opened up the new forum to you all! Not only that, but there are some other great updates to share as well. So what are you waiting for? Get reading! This month's updates: New Forum is here - what you need to know Warp request guidelines are changing Helpers will be announced soon UHC Lobby Build Competition winner announced Official Battle Royale & UHC Events coming soon The deal with 1.9 It's Easter soon?! Staff changes New Forum is here - what you need to know It's been a long time coming (and a lot of me saying "soon") but I am happy to announce the new Forum is here and you are looking at it! So, what's the big deal anyway? Well, our old forum had a few flaws. One of them was spam prevention, which it badly lacked. We had a lot of spam accounts registered over there and it really clogged up our system. They'd also post lots of bad spammy stuff, not only in the forums but to their own profiles, which in turn would show up in the recent activity section. I didn't want anyone to be exposed to that crap, so I decided to look for something a bit more secure. Now we're running on the beautiful InvisionPower Forum software. There are a whole lot more features available to everyone now, I won't list them all but I'm sure you'll have fun exploring and seeing what's new. Some key features I'd like to point out though: Your level and supporter status on the server will carry over to here (more about that below). You can upload screenshots to our Gallery. We have a chat room (currently limited to 5 people - may be raised in the future but it costs us extra money) There's a Calendar, which we plan to keep updated with events. Ban appeals can only be viewed by the thread creator & members of the staff team. The feature with levels being synced from the server to the forum is not very stable at the moment and we're currently just testing it out, if we find it is causing more hassle than need be, we may look at removing it. There is a known bug where your level will not sync unless you rank up on the server, which is why some of our staff appear as Level 01 currently. If this is the case for you, you can either wait until you've leveled up (/ar check) or get one of us to manually change your rank on here. Please note that the ranks are purely cosmetic and do not give you any special powers on the forum (except access to certain server Forums that require a minimum rank to join). As time goes by, we may think about restricting certain features but for now, everything is free for all (mostly). The new forum is still being tested, you may notice small things changing here and there, do not be alarmed as this will most likely be me playing around! As always, if you notice something isn't working or just doesn't seem right, please let us know! You can use the Help forum for that purpose. The old forum is no longer accepting new registrations. Activity will be disabled after 4 weeks to give current threads a chance to be resolved, die out or have their discussions transferred over here. Nothing will ever be deleted but the whole forum will be shut down and only be accessible as an archive. We encourage everyone to register here and start to help us build the forum community again, since it is looking quite empty at the moment! Why not start by uploading some screenshots of your builds to our Gallery? To get to the old forum now, please go to this URL: http://diversitysmp.com/old-forum Warp request guidelines are changing As I mentioned in the previous monthly update, the process for requesting a warp is changing from using the in-game ticket system to the forum. We now have a Warp Requests forum that must be used for anyone wanting to create a warp in our Warp Hub. A Warp Guidelines thread will be there to guide you on how you should set your location up to be suitable enough for a warp. If any tickets are opened to request a warp in the future, we will be telling you to start a new thread on the forum. Helpers will be announced soon I know you're all sick of hearing the word "soon" but we've just been too busy to really get the ball rolling with the recent round of Helper applications - sorry about that. Please know that we plan to have this wrapped up by the end of the week and we'll be announcing the new Helpers by the weekend, hopefully! Thank you all for your continued patience Helpers have been announced! Congrats to our two new Helpers! Want to know who they are? Read this announcement post. UHC Lobby Build Competition winner announced Merga posted an announcement the other day about who won the UHC Lobby Build Competition. In case you missed it or it has gotten lost among the switch over to the new forum, I will repeat it here: Which leads me on to the next topic... Official Battle Royale & UHC Events coming soon Please note: Battle Royale is now our new name for BGames/Survival Games We will be announcing soon a series of PVP events that we are planning to run every weekend. Keep an eye out for the announcement which should be posted within the next few days! EDIT: Here it is! If these events are successful, we'll keep them going, so please do your bit and take part. They'll be heaps fun The deal with 1.9 As of the time of this post, we have successfully upgraded three servers to Minecraft version 1.9: Vanilla (the old 1.8 server has been wiped) Creative Battle Royale (BGames) We are still waiting for key plugins to update with support for 1.9 in order for us to upgrade the remaining servers to 1.9. This can take a while, especially considering some of the developers are no longer supporting their plugins, so we may need to think about ditching some plugins or finding an alternative. The UHC server should be ready for upgrading very soon. SMP still has some time before being upgraded. Please note that we will not be keeping any servers at 1.8 just because some people "don't like 1.9". Adapting to change is an exciting thing and you are all taking part in an ongoing development of this amazing game that you keep coming back to play, so be grateful! We'll keep you updated on 1.9 when we can! It's Easter soon?! You know how much we love seasonal events, and boy have we got something planned for Easter! We're not telling you what just yet, though. I'll give you a little hint - there may or may not be some new signs littered around the Warp Hub Staff changes One final update before I sign off tonight - we've had a few minor staff changes happen. Mostly demoting inactive staff and giving some other "kinda active" staff a new rank. The following staff have been demoted to "RetiredStaff" and now all have the same permissions as Helpers: BIG_NASTY (aka Russian) plwash StarlightSonnata Nertzz pdavidc222 (aka Princess) - still has Builder permissions Sp4RKof1NS4NiTY We are also planning to add another rank above Senior Moderator, called Executive Moderator (or ExecMod). These mods will be helping the Admin team with some more advanced server maintenance among other various tasks. We'll announce who will be promoted to these roles over the next few weeks. Thanks for reading - Turbo and the DiversitySMP staff
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    DIVERSITY UPDATE: DECEMBER 2017 As the year comes to a close, we have some staff changes and upcoming events to announce. First and foremost, what many of you have been eagerly waiting for: New helpers! We had 37 applicants this round, and out of those we've selected 8 players whom we deem to be the cream of the crop: Jazzkovsky @Jazzkovsky MechanicalWolf @Mech Impling @Impling RancidApex @RancidApex Kuritas_ @Kuritas Warlord_Aldon @Warlord_Aldon Snowballer94 @SnowBaller94 Azaba @Azaba Please help us congratulate them all! Thank you to all who took the time to apply, we really appreciate how many people want to help out the server And if you applied but weren’t chosen, do not despair! There will eventually be a next time, and some people apply 2-3 times before they get in We have also chosen Vanilla Moderators, but they will be announced at a later date so we are not overwhelmed with training new people all at once. Please be patient! Retirements ): Unfortunately as new staff join, some of the older ones leave. After long and faithful service, @Merga has chosen to step down as moderator but promises she’ll continue to play on the server when she can. Saddest cupcake party ever Holiday events! A build competition is planned closer to the holidays (no dates yet, stay tuned), and our News Team are working on a present scavenger hunt. Prizes will include awesome holiday-themed heads so make sure you check the forum and in-game announcements for more info! Server business A few small quality-of-life changes have been made to Diversity over the past few weeks that most of you are probably aware of. Here’s a list of the changes so you’re all up to date: Mail is now cross-server! The new mail system allows you to read mail from wherever you’re logged in. Old messages can still be accessed by using /essentials:mail read. Type /mail help for a list of the new commands available with the new plugin. Join/leave messages are now visible across all servers, so you will always know when people log in when you’re playing a different server. A message now shows when a player switches to a different server, in the past it would show that they have logged off (some servers might still display these messages, over time these will be removed). You can now switch between servers with a shorter command (without the “server” part) - current commands are /smp, /hub, /vanilla, /sky, /creative, /creativepro - let us know if you’d like any other quick commands The tab list now shows everyone online on the entire network, not just the server you’re logged in on. Server TPS is also displayed here, giving you a real-time update on how the server you’re on is performing. Please note the TPS displayed may not always be a real representation of server lag. Skyblock can now be joined using a 1.12.2 client! The server is still running 1.11, so don’t expect any new Minecraft features to be usable while playing in these conditions. It’s simply for easier access. Some of you may have noticed the “Data sync complete!” message that pops up on the SMP and Hub servers when you log in. This is a plugin that stores your inventory in a database, which allows us to have inventories shared across different servers. Diversity is constantly changing and evolving. Thank you to everyone for responding well to the changes and being patient while we work out kinks and bugs. Looking forward We’re always coming up with ideas to make Diversity a better environment for everyone. Here are some of the things the staff team are either working on, or planning to work on in the near future: New Hub server A new Hub server will act as the new “rules cave” we currently have in the SMP server. Hub is the first place a new player will generally visit when they first join Diversity, so it would make sense to make them go through all our rules and make the agreement there, not in SMP. This also means the Hub server will be completely re-designed, to make it more welcoming to new players and a bit less confusing, with more emphasis on pointing them towards the SMP server. If you have any ideas on how our Hub server should look or be structured, please send us your feedback through the form on the website. Ores server Ores is a big part of the SMP server, but regenerating it every week puts strain on SMP’s resources for a few hours. Having the 3 Ores worlds loaded in memory all the time doesn’t help either. We need to focus on making SMP a better experience for everyone and cutting the lag is our #1 priority. So it’s time we give Ores its own server! This is where the cross-server inventory plugin mentioned above comes into play. This is currently in a planning stage and has not been tested yet, so we can’t give any details on how it’s going to work. We will keep you updated! Secrets In addition to the above, we are working on a handful of other things to improve your experience and bring new and fun things to Diversity. We’re not telling, though That's it for this round! Play nice and play hard
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    Not the only thing you gain. The sever gains something. Lag That's why it was changed from 4 hours to 30 minutes. And with more lag comes more children complaining about the lag. And with more children complaining about the lag comes the overwhelming urge for most of the mods/admins to nuke the server. But that's my opinion.
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    Ugh, didn't you say you have a life to go live or something? Bye.
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    Agree with the sentiment that Ores is easy, to the extent that the SMP barter economy is a quite dysfunctional. When an hour in Ores yields stacks of diamonds what's a fair trade? Ores needs to be harder, and the resources less common, to save the SMP economy! Just 1 example: If I farmed cows (and the wheat to feed them) I could get 10 stacks of steak in that time from a largish cow farm, what's that worth - 20 diamonds, 40, a stack? If I wanted diamonds so much quicker and easier to go and get them. I'd be sporting about making things harder - leather armour, with free curses of binding, for everyone who visits
  16. 6 points
    All I read in your post, Pugoh, is "I did nothing wrong! The fault lies with everyone else!" What a nice attitude. I question, though, why you'd come here to appeal your ban with this mindset? Do you think we are gullible fools who will unban you when you a) won't admit you did anything wrong and b) appear to have no desire to change anything about your behavior? Or have you perhaps come just to argue with us and get your panties all in a twist about how we are wroooooong and you're right? Either way, your appeal is a giant waste of your time unless you're willing to get off that pedestal and change your ways. If you do not want to do that, well... good luck on other servers out there. I'm sure you'll be able to find one that suits you better! You won't be missed, that's for sure.
  17. 6 points
    Every Month a list of all shops in the Shop Warp that violate our rules will be posted here. Violations include: Inactivity of 30+ days If you do not have items in your shop keepers If you have been online, but haven't been to your shop in 30+ days If you do not have shopkeepers (If you own the shop but have not placed a ticket to receive shopkeepers) If your shop keepers are not accessible (if you have altered your claims/build so players can not use your shopkeepers) If you own a shop, you WILL be expected to check this topic to ensure that your shop is following all the rules. You will have 14 days from the day the new list is posted to ensure that your shop is following the rules. When a new list is posted, those who own shops that continue to violate the rules will have their shops revoked. *Note, if inactivity is noticed (with 30+ days) your shop will be removed immediately. ** Note, if your name is RED it has violated the rules on the original Dec. post and now. You have 1 week to fix it, or it will be removed. 2/9/2017 Shop # Shop Owner Sells anything Y/N Inactive Shop Use Have Shopekeeper? Y/N Can’t Use Shopkeeper 1312 Mordorax N N 1311 Sevrous N N 1310 Thefriendlytoast N 1308 Coolchris N Y N 1302 Dogewaffle N 1201 Elaboratejade N N 1203 Thefletchyt N 1205 Duckcribs N N 1211 DDDY N N 1112 ShinyLeafeon N 1110 Crashkins N 1003 Yourstrulyy N N 1005 Lizflute Y 910 Mario1874 N N 807 Thebuttisitchy N 906 St1les N 902 Groz N 808 Mysteriousmc Y 712 Binoo1123 Y 707 X_lava_x N 612 Aurorapingu N 511 Thattoaster Y 502 Slenderboycrew N 402 Itscarly N 408 Synchh N 411 Starbow_Lava N 304 Darkunicornmeow N 210 Mr_playstation N NOTES FROM STAFF: "Thank you to everyone who has been adopting the poor pets from the shelter. It was lovely to see all of our cages empty for once! If you happen to see any lost cats or dogs around the server, please send Merga an in game mail with the coordinates"
  18. 6 points
    Here is a rainbow 3D Text of Diversity that I drew @Lucifer
  19. 6 points
    #9-Joke of the day No more monkeys jumping on the bed! 1. Q: How do monkeys get down the stairs? A: They slide down the banana-ster 2. A policeman in the big city stops a man in a car with a monkey in the front seat. "What are you doing with that monkey?" He exclaimed, "You should take it to the zoo." The following week, the same policeman sees the same man with the monkey again in the front seat, with both of them wearing sunglasses. The policeman pulls him over. "I thought you were going to take that monkey to the zoo!" The man replied, "I did. We had such a good time we are going to the beach this weekend!"
  20. 5 points
    And the winners have been announced! Welcome to the team: @DANime203 @Violet_6 Khanquebueno Pass2144 @DaeFrontinx @dragonfriend410 @ChaiseRocks Nickothebuilder BecLabradoodle Stay tuned for Diversity's latest issue of the newspaper, coming soon in May-June!
  21. 5 points
    Aight, I guess we doing this. I mostly like to use IG filters to make black and white selfies so here's one:
  22. 5 points
    I'm sorry, why are you still here? I'm pretty sure you got banned for being an absolute arse. Go home, kid.
  23. 5 points
    On November 13th, we issued a warning and told you to stop being so creepy. You did not stop. On December 26th, you were banned for sending sexual PMs to another player. Looking at the logs, this is what happened: You come online, and after a little while you start talking about licking things, about going to the strip club, about how you just got back from getting banged, a few mentions of being triggered as a joke, how you're bipolar, how another player gave you an erection, and... and then you PM two different female players on our server, with inappropriate "jokes". You ask if their toaster is single, because you want to "put your bread in it". So basically, you're an immature asshole who likes to get creepy with players you know are girls. Your default excuse is that it's just "joking". Let me make it crystal clear for you: we don't permit this kind of "humor" on our server. Especially not directed at our underage female players. It's fucking creepy, and nobody likes a creep. Why on earth should we allow someone like you back? Warning you on Nov 13th clearly didn't work, and I have serious doubts that you'll change your behavior or even grasp that what you did was inappropriate ("I was just joking!" - you, to one of the player you sent the PMs to).
  24. 5 points
    You're obviously someone who prefers to play with mods that let you hack (fly, xray, etc) as every single one of your accounts have used them. They're not allowed on Diversity. Since you insist on using them, our server is not for you. Wanna play SMP? Sure, but you need to find an SMP that allows you to fuck around, because we don't. And, my favorite part: I'm gonna issue special permission for @Impling to provide an appropriate gif in response here, because words can not adequately express my feelings.
  25. 5 points
    I don't hate you, I am utterly indifferent to you. You were just another player, and now you're just another banned player in a long list of banned players. Look around this forum; I've not responded to you in any special or hateful way but the exact same way I do everyone. Honestly, if you think I hate you, you're vastly overestimating your importance in my life.
  26. 5 points
    According to /plugins, Diversity uses 3 plugins: "Not", "Your", and "Business". I couldn't find them on bukkit.org
  27. 5 points
    I've avoided this thread simply because I really dislike client mods but I figured I may as well put forward some input here. Diversity will not support any kind of "official" mod pack. The reason for this is mainly due to the fact that a lot of people like playing Minecraft without mods, they like playing Diversity without mods and they like knowing that most other players are not using mods as well (because most of them are against our rules). If we were to start offering a mod pack to users, people might begin to think that this is the norm and that this is how Diversity should be played. @SteelyEyed has already expressed he'd feel uncomfortable knowing others are using mods like these and I'd imagine many others would feel the same way. The mods themselves might not seem like they give much advantage over other players, but they really do. We're trying to run an even playing field here. I'm not saying you can't use any of these mods, of course it is up to the player how they would like to play Minecraft, we're not going to force you otherwise. You just need to know that if you use any mods to grab the upper hand over others, and we suspect you of doing so (with good enough reasoning), then we are going to take disciplinary action. Using mods is up to the player's discretion. Use common sense and you will be fine. If you truly feel you need a bit of extra code to make life easier for you then by all means, go for it, but we're not going to support the use of client mods.
  28. 5 points
    For the record, cursing is allowed on our server. We don't fucking care about that. Racism and hatespeech is strictly forbidden, however. That includes calling everyone else on the server "niggers". Just wanted to clear that up.
  29. 5 points
    Getting a ShopkeeperLevel 01-04Around the outside edges of the Shops space are stalls with self-serve vendors. Find a villager who is "For Hire" and trade them 9 diamonds.Level 05+Before you call a mod to help you, make sure that you know the following:Which shopkeeper you wantYou can choose any of the following mobs to be your shopkeeper:These shopkeepers will be hidden, or mostly hidden, behind a countertopCowMooshroomOcelotPigSheepWolfThese shopkeepers require a high ceiling:EndermanIron GolemThese shopkeepers will burn in daylight, but will not die:ZombieSkeletonNo special instructions here:SnowmanVillagerWitchWhere you want it to standShopkeepers won't move very far from where you place them, and if they are pushed around will always spring back to where they were placed.Which chests you want them attached toEach Shopkeeper need a double chest near by that is "theirs." They do not need to be placed on top of the chest. Please have them very near to where you want your shopkeepers to be. The Mod helping you will need to break that chest and replace it; do not be alarmed. All items that you are selling, and all items you receive as payment, will go into this chest.Once you have all of that information, go to your shop plot and ask for a Mod to come and help you.Setting Up Your ShopkeeperWhen your Shopkeeper is first made their trades will be empty since you have not told them what to sell yet. This is your Shopkeeper Editor menu, each space in the menu is used to tell the Shopkeeper what items to sell or what to charge for those items. You get to the menu by shift(crouch)-clicking on the Shopkeeper. NOTE: With the Change Appearance button you can change your villager type or switch between Skeletons and Wither Skeletons (need high ceilings). Changes you make to your wolf or ocelot will reset.You will need to put the items you want the Shopkeeper to sell into the chest but keep one of each item you are selling in your personal inventory. Once you have done that, the items you are selling will appear in the Shopkeeper Editor. If you want to sell more than one of an item, while you are in the Shopkeeper Editor you left-click on the item in the Shopkeeper Editor. Do not click and drag. If you place too many into your Shopkeeper Editor you can right-click on the stack to remove them, one by one.Decide what you want to sell your items for. You must have at least one of each of the items you would like to receive in your inventory.In this example I am using diamonds only, but you can use any item except emeralds. The cost of each item is placed in the row under the item for sale. Left-click the items in your Inventory and then the boxes in the Shopkeeper Editor.If you also want to charge emeralds, that cost is placed in the row under the other cost.Trading with your ShopkeeperYou cannot trade with your Shopkeeper, but others can. If you set up your Shopkeeper Editor to look just the way the example does, these are some of the trades you'd be offering: Important Notes- Never delete your Shopkeeper- Always leave room in your Shopkeeper's chest for payment to be collected- If you run out of an item for sale in your chest, the Shopkeeper will no longer display it. If you add more of that item, the Shopkeeper will sell it again. This is not the case for unique items such as enchanted equipment or books. You will need to set up the trade for each new item.
  30. 5 points
    Awww yes! Congrats to all new mods and I am so so so so excited to see more helpers, best of luck to everyone applying! :-)
  31. 5 points
    Be careful, the largest number of deaths in the home happen in the bathroom.. The next most dangerous room is the kitchen.
  32. 5 points
    For DiversitySMP’s birthday we are flinging open our doors and inviting you to come and explore. 16 players have signed up to allow the community to visit their homes and farms and now you can. Warps to each home are set up at the Event Museum. Notes for during the event: 1. Any player who is caught griefing or stealing during this event will be permanently banned from DiversitySMP. There will be no appeals. We are opening our homes and trusting you and if that trust is abused you clearly are not interested in being part of the community. 2. Please respect player’s spaces and go home when you are done. If you are looking for a new place to build use the Wilds warp and do not set out from someone else’s home. *New - April 27* Any builds found will be permanently deleted. No backups of the build or chests will be made and no further warning will be given. 3. Staff understands that due to the nature of this event there will inevitably be issues that arise. We ask that you submit any problems through the forums by group message to Merga and Bucky so that they can investigate and determine the best course of action to resolve the situation. We ask for your patience as this event is being managed by only the Events Team and not every staff member.
  33. 5 points
    Terrorist group. Maybe they will become Minecraft addicts and won't have time to blow things up
  34. 5 points
    Walrus Fact: Walrus tusks can grow up to 3 feet (1 m). Look at them!
  35. 5 points
    Any. Thing. Edible.
  36. 4 points
    You should never be scared to say a pun. Never. Here's a great one I heard today: Why does the Norwegian navy have barcodes on the side of their ships? So when they arrive back in port, they can Scandinavian.
  37. 4 points
    I remember my first day on the server. I'd logged on Rosetown but it had been reset and everything was gone. Someone had left a sign with the IP for Diversity right in front of the spawn point. I was feeling pretty meh over losing my builds and wasn't planning on playing again for a while, but then QueenElsa came on and pestered convinced me to give it a go. So we switched over to the new server and Elsa talked to the others, which got me 'Trusted' rank right out of the initial rules section in the tree on Quartz Isle. I spent some time perusing the dynmap, picked a nice looking area, and set off. I tend to go for places a good distance from spawn and also - preferably - across a large ocean. It just makes it way less likely for other people to go for the same location and you'll be neighbor-less I built my traditional first HQ: a log cabin. There were some horses nearby, an interesting mountain, and lots of flowers. Once I was established with a lit up area, basic everything, and a food supply, I began to build Stone Town. I've been building since.
  38. 4 points
    Ahhh alright, I assume it's my turn to address this case. So for starters, I am a female, surprise surprise. Now, my joke. When I said, "Bread I'm going to have to ask you to change your color cause im purple, k thx.", I didn't mean "change your color because I want to be the only one on the server with a pink name." I'm more than fully aware that there are tons of others who regularly join the server whom also have a magenta colored name. I, myself, was simply just trying to joke around; I saw someone else also had one, and that's when I added the whole "because i'm purple NO YOU TOO" and playfully, mind you, told her to as well. This whole time, you seem to be the only one who took it far more than just a harmless joke. The same someone else, who I won't name out of the sake of privacy, even said, and I quote, "But... I like this magenta color... It matches my hair ribbon. <3" and then also proceeded to tell you not to be mean after your "joke". Now, addressing your "joke". It kind of confuses me as to how someone could forget the biggest rule on our server; No disrespecting others players/staff. "How about you stop being a lil'bitch and get over it eh?" Honestly, who would've took that as a joke? Not anyone that i've ever met, that's for sure. I'm going to use 412's words as i say that our rule of "No disrespecting other players/staff" doesn't mean you can call someone a rude name and "jk" after you say it or simply say it was just a joke, because it isn't one. We take our respect here seriously, whether it's a "joke" or not, and that, for sure, wasn't one in my eyes.
  39. 4 points
    I remember forgetting to replant the tree farm.
  40. 4 points
    'TIS THE SEASON! It is officially December and that means Christmas is just around the corner. With that being said, we have a great line-up of events for the month of December leading up to Christmas. Once again, we have a gingerbread butt kicking Christmas town for you all to enjoy! This town will be opening tomorrow, so make sure to go check that out when it opens. As of now, the town has no name so that's where you come in. Once you've seen this year's town, give us your BEST name ideas you have down below. Then, I will compile your ideas into a poll and we will have a vote to pick the new town name! A schedule for the month's events is soon to come. Stick around for that important information.
  41. 4 points
    I just love reading @Lucifer's responses to ban appeals
  42. 4 points
  43. 4 points
    I've been the devil for a long, long time. I was only able to change my name to LordLucifer once Mojang opened up for paid namechanges tho. I had my heart set on just Lucifer, but some asshole wannabe created a new account using that name 20mins before namechanges went live. I was sad. I cried. But LordLucifer is almost as good! Before that I was its99pm. It's the name of an album by one of my fave (now defunct) bands, The Boston Post. "It's 99PM". It's got some really good songs on it.
  44. 4 points
    Okay. This is an interesting story. AGES AGO, when I was just the age of 7, I wanted to play Poptropica. I was absolutely obsessed with Sonic Unleashed at the time, so I chose the name "Gaia". But Gaia was taken, so I threw 277 after it because REASONS. I had that name for YEARS. All the way up until I was like 12. I realized that I need an original name. So I scrapped Gaia277 completely and threw together my favorite letters. The end result was the name "Ailksis74". I kept that for about three months. But I really did not like the name Ailksis74. It was hard to read and pronounce. I changed up the letters a bit, trying to make it sound more and more smooth. Thus was born the name "Alkesta74". I liked Alkesta74. In fact, my email address still contains the "74" in it. I was Alkesta74 for absolutely AGES. Up until like July 2015. I realized "Hey! Having a number after an essentially random string of letters is fucking stupid!". So I dropped the 74, making my name Alkesta. It's nice to be able to tell this, because I think the story was rather interesting.
  45. 4 points
    That's not something we've discussed/determined yet. I'll bring it to the table and see what people think!
  46. 4 points
    This is why we tell you NOT to prank, kids.... someone always gets banned. Just don't do it.
  47. 4 points
    Heya all, from now on, anything that we post on our instagram and facebook - will be posted here too. Enjoy (Don't forget to like us on facebook and follow us on instagram. Ty :3) "Summer is about to end, another reminder for you guys, thank us later. It's not all that bad though, is it? It means that it's time to work hard again and that's what we (DiversitySMP Staff) intend to do (not like we weren't working during summer :D). We have all sorts of plans in our minds, new events, projects and changes. We try to do our best to make players happy. This right here, is Bucky's 'Inferno'. It's a PvP Arena on a grand scale, pictures can only show so much. Go check it out for yourself "
  48. 4 points
    Glad to be on the team and congrats to all the newest helpers Looking forward to work with y'all!
  49. 4 points
    #10-Joke of the day School is cool? 1. Q: What is Grammar? A: The difference between knowing your shit, and knowing you're shit. 2. Boy: Can I go to the bathroom? Teacher: Only if you can say the alphabet Boy: OK abcdefghijklmnoqrstuvwxyz Teacher: Where's the p? Boy: "Half way down my leg."
  50. 4 points
    I'd say no, it would be too easy to abuse and it's nice to be able to use all sorts of afk farms, including fish farms.
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