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    Hi! My name is Alaura. I am 16 years old and live on the West coast (USA). I have been playing Minecraft for 5 years give or take but still suck lol! A little about me: I suffer from multiple chronic illnesses, some of which are disabling and cause me to use a wheelchair, cane, or crutches when I am out and about. I also have a service dog named Neslee who is a chocolate Labrador! I am SUPER shy but still love being apart of the MC community so I usually find myself a little island to settle down on. But I enjoy being apart of the community and helping out where I can on servers! I you want some company or are in need of hand let me know and I will be happy to help!!
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    It has come to my attention that Mojang has ruined squids, they've forgotten about to OG ocean dads. They're our friends or enemies -(our fathers)- , and most importantly, our only way to get ink sacs from a mob. Yes, you could argue that through hours of fishing, you could get the elusive ink sac, but this is in no way an efficient way of farming them(including making your own farm because the amount of fish and other things in the water ruin the spawn rates). The first thing I noticed about this server was the use of farms. You have an iron farm/gold farm(non-spawners(I think)), a skeleton spawner(spawners), a witch farm(non-spawners(I think)), a creeper farm(spawners), and so many more farms. My point being, I've talked to a staff member and from what I have heard, the idea for a squid farm was just that, an idea. I don't know if it was shot down, or just forgotten about, but I wanted to bring attention to it once more. What is so good about ink? It has many uses! From dying sheep, making banners, even crafting dark prismarine, it's a very useful item all around. Yes, the creeper farm makes sense for rockets so players can farm, but I don't understand why there isn't a squid farm for all the things ink can be used for. Most players don't use ink sacs for much and don't even bother farming squids because they don't find banners, and dye useful, but I for one do use it, a lot. I'd like to think of myself as a decent builder, and I tend to use a lot of dark prismarine for roofs and other things such as putting it underwater to make the water darker. I'm sure there are other players who use dark prismarine too. Yes, I am saying I'm quite lazy, but isn't everyone else? I'm pretty sure most of the player base has used the farms in the past, or even present, and will continue to use them in the future. Yes, this is a survival server so you're supposed to get materials yourself, so I ask the question why add the use of spawners for things such as sulfur and bones/bows and arrows? Why not add a farm for squids too? I would like to think that it's just because not everyone sees the beauty in dark prismarine as I, or that they don't see all the uses for black dye. So I guess I wrote all of this just so I could hear some feedback as to why there's not a squid farm for player use? Thanks for taking the time to read all of this I hope to read some of the player's opinions on the whole squid farm thing. PS: I'm not adding in a poll or anything because I'm not really rallying for support for squid farms. I mean, if that would help make a farm for them, sure, but this is mainly just to see everybody's opinions. Also, I would totally build a squid farm *wiNk woNK*
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    While I agree that using the Nether Roof should be allowed, I also think if this recommendation is not taken, and is denied, might we come to a mutual agreement? Here are some of my ideas. Such as: • Traveling along the Nether-Roof for the pure reason to travel long distances, would be strictly prohibited, and a more severe consequence could be implemented if caught doing so. ( This could be prevented with a WorldGuard region of a pre determined size above the roof (Expanding the region only as you see absolutely necessary) , and as soon as a player hits the regions boarder, they are teleported back to the Nethers spawn. • Here is an idea I quite like. Make the Nether roof, only accessible for player of a certain level. Either that be the same for the Vanilla Server, or the second Creative World. Maybe even have a server poll about which level seems the most appropriate! • Have the Nether roof only accessible via Supporters or Supporters+. Or, a mix both to ensure the rules will not be broken. ( With this staff would not need to supervise as closely, as the players that have access would be well known, and trusted.) Maybe have a server poll to help decide! • Per staff permission (Given permission via a Staff Member), and supervision, allow player(s) to build on top of the nether roof, strictly for the use of Gold Farms. I feel that this would be a huge benefit to the server, not only would it be freeing up valuable Buildworld land, it would take stress off the server as whole, and make the players experience on the server, a bit more lag free. Which, I think we can all agree upon, the less lag the better. Some limitation(s) could also be set in place, too. Such as: • Permit a pre-determined amount of nether portals, and size, capped at whichever percent is deemed acceptable. • Space restrictions: Players are only allowed to build within a pre-determined radius, running along either the X & Z axis, or the X, Y and Z axis. • A plot system setup nearly identical with Shops and Malls. (Some tweaking would have to be done to ensure plot permissions do not leak through to the main Nether level. • Last, but certainly not least! The area for gold farms would be using pre-generated chunks from previous players exploring the surrounding nether area. This way, we would not be loading anymore chunks than we really need to, hence saving on storage place. (Hey, penny pinching where it counts pays off in the long run! ) Including saving on storage space, we would also putting less of a load on the servers CPU while the server generates new chunks. I'm not saying every player that wants to build a farm is going to find un-explored chunks to build it in, but if offered the possibly to build on completely flat, with minor restrictions, I would easily take the Nether instead of scouting a good area, clearing it, fighting off mobs, etc. TL;DR, The possibilitys the Nether Roof yields for players to build upon is absolutely endless, and I could see this being yet another attractive feature of the server to bring more players in. Being allowed to build on the nether roof could completely revolutionize the way our players on Diversity show off their farm-building skills, and put their creativity to the test. A lot of players, like myself, enjoy building massive and crazy efficient farms, so whats a better place than the roof of the Nether? If allowed to build on the Nether Roof, I think it could change the history of Diversity as we know it, for the even even better. Thank you for taking the time for reading this post, I greatly hope my recommendation is taken into account and discussed among all members of Staff. Yours truly, Mike.
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    I'm lazy :(( and squid spawn rates are baD
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    I feel like a freeform build contest would be nice for once. Every build contest in the past has had a theme... maybe except the cube competition?...
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    Name – Kayla McTear Nickname – Queen Red Panda Age - 27 Birthday - 12/11/1991 Star sign – Scorpio Gender – Transgender Female Sexuality -Lesbian Location – Stourbridge, UK Hobbies – gaming, music, graphic design, the norm haha Love – red pandas Likes - girls, friends, family Dislikes – homophobic, transphobic Pronouns - She/Her Social Media Twitter: Kayla_McTear Instagram: Kayla_McTear Snapchat: KaylaMcTear Discord: KaylaMcTear#3037 Mixer: https://mixer.com/KaylaMcTear YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBWVY-ePMDGPpb11nRtRQiQ/
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    Another Brit!! Glad to have you here and don't worry we don't tolerate homophobia or transphobia, I'm sure everyone will welcome you warmly
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    I feel like if a certain group of people were allowed *only* to build a public gold farm would it be okay. That's all we need from the nether roof anyways, so once this group of people get it done, bam, we no longer need the roof. We can all be happy with a new, more efficient, less laggy gold farm, and the roof can go back to being banned (but people wont die on it, just make it kick you down or something idk)
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    I love them! I have 3 cats as well. 1 old lady that lives in the house and 2 outside boys who occasionally come in the house for snuggles.
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    I know quite a few people are in favour of loot crates, and I dont think i’ve ever seen somebody say that they didnt like it so far. if you think it isnt fair because it gives us items and takes away from the survival feel, kits were more powerful than voting will be, except voting will actually draw more players in than kits ever did. Once again, you say that a lot of players are against loot crates, so maybe a poll should be made. I havnt seen a single person say no to the idea so far. As turbo said, we will have voting goals just like supporter goals, so no, not everybody needs to vote, but it will give you benefits if you do. Also, having it as an individual thing is better than a collective thing because its easy to do, and helps support the server. Getting a random item for voting is also exciting.
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    Vote crates were something we had discussed many months back, and it's a shame it was never realized. I'm making this thread as an attempt to revive the idea and gather all ideas in one easy location. On a clean slate. I'll try to update the thread as we go, and as more ideas are added. Feel free to comment on any idea you have! Here's the current list of rewards, and possibly a tier system: Per vote reward (there are 5 vote links): 100 claim blocks (100% chance) 1 Island Key (25% chance) 1 vote ticket (100%) Crate 1 (requires 4 vote tickets): Decorative heads Materials - iron, gold, diamonds, emeralds (between 4 - 64) Blocks - stone, dirt, grass, etc (256 blocks maybe) Obsidian (64, 128) Tools - picks, swords, axes, etc. most likely enchanted Enchanted books - more sought after ones, mending/infinity especially Claim blocks Shulker shells/boxes - I don't think giving out filled shulker boxes is possible/I don't really want to go that deep into customizing these Enchanted items - non-tools, useless, basically cosmetic Totem of Undying Elytra Enchanted golden apple Golden carrots Crate 2 (requires 15 vote tickets): Dragon egg Player's head - can only give out your own head Brief supporter perks - 1 day, probably Beacons/nether stars/conduits Trident Crate 3 (requires 46 vote tickets): Custom enchants (beacon effects but on armour) To Be Accepted By Turbo: Crate 1 (4 tickets): Collector Set Tier I (Tools, armour, deco items, not given all at once 8 vote tickets Unrepairable multitool Tier I (Unbr I, eff I diamond pick, shovel, axe, (equivalent for sword)) Crate 2 (15 tickets): Cosmetics - (pentagram on floor, wings, swirls, etc) Collector Set Tier II (Tools, armour , deco items, not given all at once) Leather Rainbow Armour Sharp 6-7 sword with curse of vanishing Unrepairable multitool Tier II (unbr 2, eff 3 diamond pick, shovel, axe, (equivalent for sword)) Crate 3 (46 tickets): Supporter for 8 days Unrepairable multitool Tier III (unbr 3, eff 5 diamond pick, shovel, axe, (equivalent for sword)) Armoured Elytra Overall NOs: Flying AR time Spawners
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    lol @ButtCheex214 for fuck's sake, get a new hobby mate! Getting your sad ass banned on Minecraft servers and then pointlessly arguing against the ban to be all edgy on YouTube isn't impressing anyone. Go do something productive with your life.
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    how about slightly over-leveled gear, stuff you can't normally create? like feather falling V, Smite VII, or Fortune IV? Unique enchants could be cool to, such as one that grants the effect Health Boost. Would need to be carefully balanced tho. Also Totems would be nice. Alternatively, shulkers filled with chests that are inturn filled a with random material could be interesting.
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    Mob Spawners. I want mob spawners.
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