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    Don't even think joking about that is funny, dude.
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    Updated to permaban and this thread is now locked. We're done with this now.
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    I've decided to give you a second chance. Although your signs were very disgusting, I'm permitting you back to a 3 day ban along with your friend, Arct1cYet1. Heedies, however, will not be joining this server again. Let me remind you that you will be closely watched from now on, and that you should give the rules a read through a few more times. This behavior isn't tolerated and we won't hesitate to get rid of you if this continues on. I don't need to hear about you and arctic's beliefs. This is your last chance to be mature. Hopefully you grow from this and we won't have to meet like this again. Also, i'm a female. Thanks x
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    Abuse? If anyone's abusive it's your shitty sense of humour. Joking about racism and HIV? Fuck off with that shit. You're lucky you're getting another chance TBH.
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    we are in the same discord server, also for the record I hadn't even placed those signs and I do have high functioning autism.
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