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    Then why would anyone play on the anarchy server if they can lose progress to other people? Even if they are lvl 10+, you've stated that the purpose of an anarchy server is "survival minecraft but you can steal other peoples stuff, kill them, etc." Why would people, especially those who have already built up progress on SMP, go on this sort of server and spend hours of time under the threat of losing everything, when their builds can be protected in SMP and they don't have to worry about theft/griefing/PVP? To me at least, it doesn't seem fun. Can you explain how it could be seen as fun?
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    I feel like an anarchy server would need a decent sized player base, and our current PVP servers are struggling to have much activity as it is. Interesting to see what others think, though.
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    But Elytra and shulker boxes, would become increasingly more difficult for new players to find. Ores End allows for a theoretical infinate source of these resources. Shulker boxes and elytra are pretty much essential for modern day Minecraft.
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    Having ores reset daily on the same seed would make ores very easy, as players would learn the map and locations, we have already disabled water buckets and enderpearls to try to make ores more difficult. I do not think you can /sethome in ores currently. I get your point about the special blocks and think having more biomes would help prevent destruction of smp land and resources, but some of the joy of the random seeds is that you don't know what biomes it will have, besides, who doesn't like exploring?
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