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    Hi there, Here is my two cents about kits, with ranking up too, all bundled into one post. I'm also going to be covering a lot of other points too, so please read through my post thoroughly. I also want to say this right off the bat also, when Diversity's Staff is debating any major change, i.e the removal of Dynamap, or entrance of a new feature, let the server debate about it, too. Have a poll, either straw polls, or a simple Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down reaction on a post in Discord, under a channel #PossibleFeatures. (Read only for players, though.) In general, let the server have a bigger say than it does right now. This is MUCH needed in Diversity, and players enjoy being apart of the community in any way they can. Anyways, on with the post. As of now, ranking up is very boring. And I mean that in all seriousness. All we really get when we rank up, is one extra set home, and bonus claim blocks that differentiate with each level. So, I want to put this into perspective from a new players point of view. They're probably from a different server, where when they rank up, they (may) receive some money, claim blocks, and items..Etc. When a new player joins, and plays long enough to graduate from Level 1, onto level 2, they may be a bit discouraged, and disappointed. Now, some players don't really mind, and just like to play on here strictly for the community we here at Diversity have, along with how the Server itself is setup. (Non-Resetting) But for the players who look forward to leveling up, and work towards it, it can be very off putting. Trying to find new ideas for receiving items when leveling up, without an actual economy can seem fairly daunting. Don't get me wrong, it truly is, considering you're very limited on what you can, and cannot do/give. Truly, I mean this in a very positive way, in hopes to help pave a new future for Diversity. I've been keeping my eye on Diversity, while on, and while on a Minecraft break as a whole. And, in my opinion, Diversity is starting to slip downhill in some aspects, which is giving potential players new players, a reason to question if joining is worth their while. Respectively, we do have one feature that nearly nobody else in the Minecraft server world has. That's a Non Resetting, LGBTQ+, Survival Minecraft Server. Most non-resetting servers are strictly anarchy..Where rules do not apply, hacking is allowed, you get the idea. Our feature alone, attracts 85% of our players, because players like myself, enjoy building, knowing it will not be either randomly reset, or annually reset. I'm not sure what Diversity was like upon release in 2014, so I cannot speak on that times behalf. Whether Diversity was better, or worse, it's in the past and I won't know. I do know, however, we can use previous years to reflect on. Reflect on what we changed, and how players adapted, and if they agreed with new features, or the removal of features. (I tried accessing the old forums to do research, but to no avail.) Anyways, lets get to the main part of this post, and focus on Kit suggestions and Leveling up. I'll be moving from Kits, to leveling up, on to Supporter ranks. I feel like ranks 1-5 are more of the "Starter" ranks. (I forget what the actual kits yield, so my suggestions may actually be worse than what they already are. If anything, some of my suggestions can be added to the existing kits.) They're still fresh to the server, so some items that could be suggested as kits are: Kit Level [1] (Starter) Two stacks of food, Basic stone tools, golden shovel & stick, multicolored leather armor, and the book aiding players who are familiar with Grief Prevention. (Mostly un-changed) Kit Level [2] This kit can be the Brother of Kit Starter, but with a different name, and the removal of basic stone tools, with the replacement being an enchanted bow, with 2 stacks of arrows. Kit Level [3] With players reaching Level 3, I feel not alot of players use kits anymore. But when the feature is there, it's nice to have. Some items may include: A golden sword, 32 non-enchanted golden apples (not sure what their worth is, so take G apples with a grain of salt), a stack of Coal, and 64 torches. Kit Level [4] The same as Kit Level 3, but the removal of the Golden Sword, and G Apples. Their replacement could be Iron Armour, A clock and a compass. Kit Level [5] The same as 5. After level 5, I feel that should be the cut-off point for Kits in general. As I feel the players have been on long enough, that they're well established enough to no-longer need unnecessary kits.If you don't agree with me, please say so! As far as Leveling Up goes and receiving items, not including the ranks, I feel like players need to be rewarded better for their time spent on the server. Possible set a static amount of items per level-up, until you get past level 5-7. From that point on, players have been on our server for a minimum combined 48 hours, or a maximum of 144 hours. Some items may include: Food, Dye, Obsidian, a few diamonds, (ores in general) tools, or some items that are a favorite among players. At this point in time, I'm running out of steam, and running out of ideas to write out. But, my original words still hold true. Players need to be rewarded better for leveling up, so they have more the reason to play more, and work towards that next level! Last, but certainly not least, I think Supporter ranks need tweaking. I do agree that all the perks Supporter, and Supporter+ come with (Mainly the commands), should stay. As far as the other perks, need re-working. Personally being a Supporter+, I'm glad I'm able to support the server, but I just feel like I'm missing something. I can't put my finger on it. It's a true shame the Autosort plugin is no longer 1.13.2 compatible, but there is light. A plugin has taken it's spot, and changed how the original worked. See Link: ( https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/chestcleaner-sorting-plugin-api.40313/ ). I forget the other plugins that Supporters had, that no longer work, but that's alright. As far as ranking up goes, while being a Supporter, I feel the claim blocks you receive when you rank up, could be doubled. This is all I really see necessary in that aspect. When it comes to Supporter+, I think it would interesting to see a unique kit, only available monthly (How long Supporter ranks last), or twice a month. The items included would be given in a single shulkerbox, with very nice goodies inside. Yet another way to tell the players; Thank you for supporting Diversity. That's all I have to say for now, I apologize for the long post, but I felt it was necessary. If you have any criticism, or want to talk to me about other details, feel free to DM me on Discord. Mike.
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