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    This is an opinion post. Don't use what I say as legitimate information. I'm not a staff member. Yeah, it is. A lot of time and effort is put into building, and like turbo said, making a building appear in one click ruins the point of building. Is it really even building if youre not actually building? Not quite. You see, everybody has instant access to those. No external files are required. A lot of SMP is seeing the time and effort spent into creating stuff. You can't display the amount of time spent playing on here by showing the goodies you found by exploring. It's all luck. The great thing about building is that it takes time, creativity, and it really shows off what kind of builder you are. How committed you are, and how willing you are to put the time and effort into a big build. My opinion on this is that the printer completely destroys this amazing construct. The second you add a printer, you no longer see how good a person is at building, but rather how good they are at potentially copying other people. I would be quite disappointed knowing that all the builds I look up to aren't even built by who they claim to be built by. Yeah, once again, everybody can easily do this. No external files are required. Just hop into your minecraft options file. No, you're totally right. But thats not how we work. We have plugins, we allow certain mods. If you want a completely vanilla server, I recommend looking elsewhere. The printer feature won't ever get unbanned, so if that's really what you want, I suggest looking elsewhere as Mouse said. TL;DR Minecrafters show off their creativity and commitment through building. That's the main feature of the game. The printer would make me question everything.
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