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    Post Office The Diversity Post Office is officially open! You can get to the Post Office by typing /warp hub then going to places 2nd row and you should find this... Right click on the sign and you'll be warped here... Then you just read the instructions and you can get a mail box! Secret Santa The Diversity Post Office will also be used for Secret Santa. In order to enter the Secret Santa event you must have a mail box at the Diversity Post Office(see how to obtain above). Then you must comment on this post with your Minecraft username, and optionally your email address, and discord username(to contact you about who you're Secret Santa-ing for) How to play Secret Santa is quite simple. You are given a name and you anonymously give that person a gift via the post office, and someone else will do this for you as well if you participate. You will receive a name for who you are Secret Santa-ing for December 1st, and you should put the gift in the post office December 20th-25th. Deadline for signing up is December 1st. That's it! I hope you have fun with the new Diversity Post Office and the Secret Santa event! Edit: Also please list some things you might want in your comment. Thank you!
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    IGN: mike88898 Discord: 𝓜𝓲𝓴𝓮#7840 I can't wait!
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    Ign: SnowBaller94 Discord: Snow2#3791 Not in need of anything tangible. I will take anything. Maybe a build? Maybe a nice book? I don't know, but please, nothing too valuable
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    IGN~jupiterrrrr Discord~JupitersSolarSystem#8585 Im not really looking for dias, emeralds, or anything valuble like that, i like builds, or maybe a cute signed thing?
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    IGN: Kuritas_ Discord: Kuritas#3285
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    _SaltyMuffin_~ Discord ~ OneSaltyMuffin#6875
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    FiveNightsAtJeff -Email- Fivenightsatjefftk2350@gmail.com -Discord- Kawaii_Deppression#0235
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    My ign is AdventureNarwhal DM me all the info at AdventureNarwhal#5589 Thanks for hosting this event
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    IGN: LonelyCreap Edit: I will join the Diversity Discord like next week maybe but you will see me if I join, if I do then DM me Edit #2: Discord: LonelyCreap#3823
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