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    I'd appreciate draconic evolution and archimedes ships (because that's a fun mod)
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    This will not effect most of the people on the server. But for the players who play modded, this will be important to you. As some people know there is a modded server, and recently it has been having some issues. So sometime within the next couple days , the modded server will be shutting down as it is being redone. And some of you will be wondering "what will happen to my base?" the truth is, I do not know for sure, The plan is to move over to a custom modpack for the reason that it lets us have more control of what mods are used and to what extents they are used to. If you have some questions, feel free to contact me over discord. And if the map does end up being reset, I will Try to provide a world download for your single player worlds of the server map, but this is not promised, or there may not even be a reset to start with. Also. Feel free to comment on this post with some 1.7.10 mods that you would like to see featured. No promises that they will be implemented into the pack though. And those asking about modded stuff on smp constantly will be punished if need be
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    thaumcraft additions also, like forbidden magic and thaumic tinkerer, blood magic botania and some of the tech mods like ic2 and buildcraft iguanas tweaks?
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    So as Scott said there should be some mods that need to be in said pack. PS:Please 1.7.10 or 1.8 AE2 And AE2 Stuff also Extra Cells (Bigger storage cells) Big reactors Extra Utilities Tinkers Construct Iron Chest Thermal Foundation/Thermal Expansion/Thermal Dynamics/MineFactory Reloaded/Nether Ores All from TeamCofh https://teamcofh.com/permissions/ Ender IO NEI/JEI Chisel Warp Book Open Blocks Mekanism Fastcraft (Better FPS) Ender Storage (Better Enderchests) Baubles Aroma Mining World Blood Magic Voxel Map That is a list of mods that should be in the pack but here are some that should not be. Mystcraft Galacticraft More Planets Twilight Forest Backpacks(Also Extra Utilt has golden bags of holding same as max backpack) Also a reset would not be the worst and would give time to try new mods.
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    Feel free to add to this list we must maintain the modded server! You can do it Knight \m/ Bold = Pleaseeeeee Witchery DecoCraft Vampirism AE2 Magic crops Extra Utilities Backpack Big Reactors Biomes O Plenty Doge Open Blocks Ender IO > Includes Ender Tech everything really Flans Hats are essential! Forestry Bees Rail Craft Mekanism Iron Chest Magic Bees NEI Pam's harvest craft Redstone Arsenal Tinkers construct Simply Jetpacks Thaumcraft Carpenters Thermal Expansion WAILA TreeAssist If We Get More Ram and can handle it then Twilight Forest Enchanting Plus Chisel
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