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    It’s Summer everyone! The time of the year when people go out and have fun! Now that a lot of are out of school we’re all more active. For this month diversity’s hard working newspaper staff has brought a recap a lot of the wonderful things that happened recently this month on diversity. Our great admin Zore has been working really hard and added some mini-games to our server hub that another one of lovely admins Mouse made! Zore also has updated our vanilla server to 1.12 our smp server to the new world of color! We now get to use all the concrete we’ve all been eagerly waiting for. Some people have already been hoarding gravel and sand to fulfill all their concrete needs. We also have a new mob that we can all have as a pet; the parrot! Summer fun has just begun! With school being out and everyone playing, the server is crazy busy and the server gets laggy. Everyone is also going on vacation which leads to some absence from the server. Most players go to the beach to relax and have fun. However, the beach is not the only place people go. We hear people going to the Philippines, Paris, and many other places also! Some of our older players wanted to earn extra money, so they got a summer job. Take time off this summer to enjoy the environment in the world around you and pop on to say “Hi!” to some of your friends time to time! Staff are even starting up a new competition this summer; the Sand Building Event! Make sure to stay tuned in dates and all on the forum and in-game! (Photo credits to Knightman) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DRAMA! HERE’S THE SCOOP! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zore Has Been Captured!?!? Recently on Diversity our wonderful Admin, Zoredache, was captured and encased in obsidian whilst AFK! The captors were Eye (Eyeopening), Bec (BecLabradoodle) and Violet (Violet_6)! How could they do such a horrible thing?! With Diversity’s wonderful staff on the case, all three criminals have been captured and dealt with. We all doubt they would try such to commit such a horrible crime ever again... His captors underestimated him very much and with his super admin hack powers, he broke through the casing with no problems! Zore is free and everyone is safe! For now… Mwuahaha! Too Many Villagers!!!! Violet (Violet_6) has recently got herself a nice efficient villager breeder, but of course not made by herself, but by the man himself, Knight (Knightman). The breeder is great and Violet now has a steady supply of villagers and has some nice librarians with some sweet trades. (Get some nice enchanted books at Plot 1209) Violet is pretty much set and doesn’t need anymore villagers but Knight is obsessed! He is constantly sneaking behind the scenes and constantly feeding Violet’s villagers causing a villager OVERFLOW. (As you can see in the picture above.) Creepy Yellow Statue????? Biggs (OverlordBigZ) is a great guy but he can be a little...creepy at times. He dropped by at Violet’s (Violet_6)base and decided to model for her??? He starts following Violet round her base with a clock dressed in all yellow! He brought all the everything he had that was yellow including: two yellow shields, full gold armor and Vryx’s head. Quoting the man himself, “Creepy yellow statue, with Vryx’s head follows me.” He describe his own creepy actions perfectly! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTERVIEWING OUR STAFF! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The News team set aside some time to interview our lovely staff; 1 member from each staff ranking (Admin, Moderator, Helper)! We voted on choosing and we have interviewed… OverlordBigZ! (Helper) Zoredache! (Admin) and OnMy412Ish! (Moderator) Here’s what they said! OVERLORDBIGZ OverlordBigZ, known as “Biggs”, joined June 19th of 2015, from a quick google of survival servers, and is level 21 on the SMP server. He’s a helper on the server who enjoys being on on the staff team because it doesn’t need to check thousands of players compared to others and keeps him busy and calm at times. He applied on the last helper application, after applying 3 other times, and was accepted. He applied because he always liked to help people by answering their questions and keeping the server “fit”. He loves Diversity because it’s friendly, not too hard to survive and get resources, and it’s not that frustrating- most of the time. He says his experience has been pleasant so far and he loves the fact it’s nice to play on and there’s many projects to do. He’s taken 2 breaks from the server in the past; one that lasted a week and another that for a month due to an obsession over Hypixel Skywars. He says he has too many friends! Apart from SMP, his favorite server is the Vanilla server. Biggs’s favorite shop plots are 1002, 1004, and 909. His most embarrassing moment on Diversity is the time that he was going for lvl16, and there 5 minutes left for the level up, he got Redst0ned and posed for 5 mins, to find out he still had 1 day until the level up! Poor Biggs! ZOREDACHE Zoredache, commonly known as Zore, is an Admin on the server and joined Diversity due to an old reddit server that Turbo posted onto. He enjoys Diversity due to the niceness of people, and loves SMP and skyblock, including the fact that they don’t reset. He doesn’t dislike anything about the server and claims if he did, then he’d talk with the other staff to change it, however, if he were Microsoft, he’d kick Mojang into gear and have them make an official plugin API instead of hackly crap they have now! He joined on August 13th of 2014 and says his experience so far has been fine. He stayed on Diversity since because being part of the staff gave him a “job” so he felt obligated to play to a certain degree, but also enjoys the people and game itself. He can get bored or run out of ideas but since he enjoys skyblock so much, he builds a new island every now and then to keep him busy. He’s never taken a break or been punished from Diversity. Zore’s had fun on Diversity and has met nice people that adds onto his enjoyment for building freely. He enjoys being staff but being a level 27 player, and like most other staff, he doesn’t enjoy when there are trolls or player conflicts. He became staff because he thought he could be helpful and wanted to help keep the server online so it would stay up for a long time. His favorite server is skyblock, and the only thing he thinks the server should improve is upgrading it so it can handle more players before it lags. He has an embarrassing story which he calls “The Great Trench” but we have no further details on it…Time to spill, Zore! ONMY412ISH OnMy412Ish, known as 412, is a level 30 player on the server who joined on July 17th of 2015 due to looking for a server where he knew his stuff would be kept safe! His favorite thing about Diversity is the friendships he’s made over the years. 412 applied for staff in the beginning of 2016- he felt that he had enough experience on the server to fulfil the helper role. He loves being apart of the staff team and just dislikes the occasional troll. He says the community seemed to be along the lines of what he was looking after and he found himself having a good time! He didn’t really take any breaks, but has gotten to know a few people whom he could consider to be good friends. His favorite server other than SMP would be Vanilla; he likes to get the real Minecraft feel every once in awhile with no /back or tp’ing. He says he loves that the server offers what he looks for in the game and he can’t think of any changes to make the experience better! We love you 412!!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHOUTOUTS/ADS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shoutout to my instagram @potatobox900 TheOnlyPowerGuy is making redstone contraptions for people. Price negotiable. I make anything at all that uses redstone. MHF_Sxxtt- If You Are Looking For Cheap AF Valuables And Books Come To 1308! Knightman- Check out the Knight’s Island Amusement Park! Located in “Places” after /warp hub! Pass2144- Come buy redstone and etc. from Pass’s shop at 612! PaoloArcuri- Plot 411; I sell obsidian, hardened clay, purpur, and stone for cheap prices. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADVICE! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As this is the first edition of Diversity Chronicles, we, the news team thought it would be a better idea this month to give you some generalised advice as you are probably unsure of what kinds of advice you could ask. To answer this question, feel free next month to ask anything, whether it is personal, related to DiversityMC, or just Minecraft. This month we thought we could give some advice on good YouTuber’s and some links to tutorials that are tried and tested on Diversity. Auto Cow Farm The first worth mentioning is Tango Tek: he does a tutorial on a handy auto cow farm, it helps to make breeding quicker and has killing and cooking automated, (once the babies are grown). However the auto killing feature can be turned off, meaning with a Looting III sword you can kill and get loads of steak and leather easily. Compact Villager Breeder This is something we always get asked about on Diversity and I have not only built this myself several times but have also recommended and built for others. The tutorial is by Unarybit, he explains the dynamics of breeding extensively and offers a world download that can run you through it. The Breeder itself is so easy to make and as long as you keep the villagers well fed you will have an endless supply of babies. Auto Super-Fast Crop Farm This is built by ImpulseSV and is classed as a nano-farm, it utilises a tonne of bonemeal to give you stacks of vegetables in very little time. It is also really easy to build and requires little redstone experience and equipment. The only down side is the bonemeal needed to get a lot produced. However if you need stuff fast this is the one for you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THANK YOU!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading Diversity’s first issue for the news! Stay tuned to next month to see birthdays, new players, and some cool art! Have any recommendations? Post a comment! Also, help us out by taking this BIRTHDAY POLL! https://goo.gl/forms/Yg2DEy3vE38G9RbH2 -Diversity News Staff
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    Corsica had 5 kittens! All healthy and doing great. I was up til 6 am cause some things are important. All right, back on topic: You had several minor infractions during your time on Diversity. You broke the farm rules repeatedly, mostly by neglecting to replant at the treefarm or killing too many animals without breeding (even after we lectured you about it). We had to tell you to knock it off a few times when you were rude or crossed the line with "jokes" like saying well-known Arabic expressions for no good reason other than provoking people. Another thing you were told not to do was to waste staff's time. You had a phase in which you thought it was hilarious to ask staff to TP to you (or sending TPA requests to us) only to discover when we arrived that you didn't actually need any help. You just wanted to mess with us because you thought it was funny. In general: your behavior left much to be desired, and we all thought you were an annoying little shit. Finally, on November 14th, 2016, it came to a head. This is what happened, in the correct order, to the best of my recollection + logs: You chatted in-game about how you always get rejected when you apply for staff, and asked both me, Turbo and the players who were online at the time how you could improve yourself. We gave you some general advice. Within minutes you went to complain on the forums and whine about the fact you never got chosen as staff (on any server). Again you wanted people to tell you how to improve, rather than take the advice you'd already been given. When your thread was locked you made a new post in which you said: "Look TurboTailz... im sorry I got off to the wrong start with you... I see your bio 'meanest admin ever' is true aye. Don't take shit out on me okay? I would love for oyu to leave me the FUCK alone. kthxbai" - I'm still not sure who you were addressing as you named Turbo but referred to my signature. Either way, we were both unimpressed. Apologizing doesn't have much of an effect when you combine it with cussing at the same people you're saying sorry to. You went on to make a joke in-game about suicide and drinking bleach. ...On the same day that you ask how you could improve yourself. Brilliant! I tempbanned you for 24 hours (in retrospect it should've been much longer) to let you cool down and realize you'd crossed the line. Another new post on the forum, this time you wrote: "Unban me for fuck sakes, I got secret alts, VPNs, etc. you name it (trolled) Im jk im sorry wished to be unbanned will not do it again." And I should note that you posted this - once again - in the Off-topic forum. I replied and asked that you use the Ban Appeal forum and follow our guideline there if you were serious about appealing. It seems you weren't, because you never did. The next day, once your ban was over, you logged in and started complaining. You kept talking about quitting Diversity, probably because you were unhappy that we didn't all laugh at your marvelous sense of humor and took none of your shit. I don't know the details as I didn't bother getting Zore to dig out the chatlogs from our backup. What matters is that we'd had enough. You wanted to leave the server so we helped you out: Mouse permanently banned you with the reason "You said you were leaving. I'm helping." That's when you went apeshit. You took to the forums yet again and posted a topic titled "kys" - which is trendy slang for Kill YourSelf, for those who do not know - in the Off-topic forum. In this post you wrote nothing but "kys" over and over and over again. In fact, you did it so many times that two different word-counter programs I've tried to use have frozen and stopped working. In Open Office it covers 35 pages. The only one who responded was Dan, who told you that you were being rude. Your reaction was to copy & paste that same wall of "kys" over again. You're one classy motherfucker. We (naturally) banned you from posting on the forum altogether and IP banned you from the server. You had to create a new account (the one you are using now, Tenahhh with 3 h's instead of 2) in order to properly appeal your ban. Your first appeal was rejected (the one in which you insisted all of us missed you and wanted you back), and I am rejecting this one, too. Not a single staff member has advocated for you being given a 2nd chance. None of us believe you have truly changed, since you demonstrated so thoroughly, and over a long period of time, how shitty a person you were. Your first appeal also showed the same attitude you've always had. Appeal denied.
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    What better way to spend a hot Summer's day than at the beach, with your toes in the sand and the waves lapping at the shore? Inside! Away from the burning sun, biting flies, and sand in your shorts, playing computer games with your friends! For this challenge, you'll be building with sand. Sand castles, sand houses, sand sculptures, sand creatures, sand whatevers - if you can build it with the materials provided, we will judge it. When First build day: Friday, June 30, 2017 at roughly 7:00pm EST Final build day: Sunday, July 16, 2017 You may join in at any time through the competition, up to and including Sunday, July 9. Where /server event - location to be 'unlocked' on Friday evening (Merga's time) Rules You may build whatever you like (so long as it falls within the server's rules) with the materials provided in the chests You may not build in teams No additional resources will be provided (other than shovels/picks which are freely available) Please use the sign to put your name on your build Judging 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will be awarded in the following categories: - Most traditional builds - Most creative builds - Most inventive uses of materials - Judge's picks - Player's picks (done by poll) As always, participation prizes will be given to everyone who enters a completed build. Winners will be announced around Sunday, July 23 - possibly longer for the "Player's Pick" awards. FAQ Q: How do I join? A: Choose a plot and ask a mod to give you trust in it. If mods are busy with other contestants, please be patient. Q: What do I do if my pick or shovel breaks? Or if I need more chests or water? A: There are signs at the center that say "shovel," "pick," "chest," or "water" on them. Hit those. Q: Is it OK if I use this thing from the last competition I competed in? A: No. Please use the INVENTORY CLEAR sign on the red arch at the center. Q: Can I use the chests in my build? A: No, the chests are for storage not building blocks for this challenge. Q: Can I have a plot for my alt? A: No, 1 plot per person. Q: Can you rest my plot? A: Nope, you have 2 weeks - more than enough time to tear down mistakes. Please ask all questions about this event here and not on the server. This post will be updated with all answers.
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    Today, July 3rd, is my three year anniversary on Diversity
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    Kinda hard to show my desktop when my stuff is all packed up at the moment, but here's a photo I took a month or so ago: I don't usually have any icons on my desktop aside from the recycle bin but I get lazy sometimes.
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    The SMP server has been updated to 1.12 I will probably be upgrading event/creativepro tomorrow evening. Skyblock probably won't be upgraded for a while. The uSkyblock devs seem to have taken a break from that project.
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    For supporter perks you're really looking at cosmetic stuff only. Things like particle effects, being able to use colors in chat, player heads. That sort of thing. Maybe access to normally unobtainable mob heads? Mobs like iron golems, guardians, endermen, blazes, etc. As for how..... I guess things like loot tables specific to supporters or a random head once per day/week or something.
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    are you saying that because Zore removed your supporter after not paying monthly? The whole purpose of adding perks is to help convince MORE people to help the server out with payment.
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    Thanks for the suggestions! Will definitely have a look at them and think of a way to implement them if possible.
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    You may not want to hear this but this is only supported for the next 2.5 years (until Jan 14th 2020) honestly if you're redoing your PC now it's time to move on. Fully agree ads are annoying and if you're not lucky enough to be running Win 10 Enterprise you do have to adjust loads of things to turn them off but you can do it, I found this: https://www.howtogeek.com/269331/how-to-disable-all-of-windows-10s-built-in-advertising/ The MSI B250M-Mortar is well regarded. Have to agree with Turbo on the SSD, it's a huge difference. Like was said over when Luci was picking that new PC you can squeeze by with a 120GB SSD but honestly recommend an ~250GB drive. Keep your existing HDD for media and installing programs that you can live without the SSD boost. Excellent performance without totally breaking the piggy bank maybe look for the Samsung PM961 (uses the M.2 slot so it's really neat and tidy), you get an more traditional SSD, for example a WD Green, for ~80% of the price. One thing to say about the motherboard - it doesn't allow dual nvidia graphics cards, it does allow dual AMD - not a problem for most people but worth knowing just in case. The 1060 is a solid card, it's good for gaming at 1080p with gaming on one (of two connected) monitors you should be good. If you're going to a higher res monitor for gaming you might need to turn down some of the pretties a bit. You don't honestly need 600W (nvidia say 400W for a system with a 1060) and you can, for pretty much the same money, get a 450W modular version. Corsair 450 Watt CX450M is semi-modular which means that the main ATX power cable is hard-wired but the other power cables (for sata/graphics) can be plugged in or unplugged separately, this can sometimes make for a lot neater cabling inside the case. Or save a few dollars and pickup a CX500 if you like Corsair. Last is memory...the motherboard supports 2400MHz RAM. The price difference between 2133 and 2400 can be literally zero - on crucial.com they are both listed at the same price. The 2133 is CL15, the 2400 is CL17. Which is 'better' depends upon your specific tasks but I would say consensus favours clock rate for most home uses. http://www.crucial.com/usa/en/compatible-upgrade-for/MSI(MicroStar)/b250m-mortar
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    I get that. And i even got a message from Whatevahhh along those same lines. But i'll tell you what i told her. I genuinely enjoyed it. I laughed at alot of it(in a good way), and i read it again. If they can keep it up, i'll keep reading it. Something i have always been a big fan of is community. And anything that Mods/Helpers/Players can do to make the community better while also having a little fun(and maybe a little fun at themselves) is great by my standards. I look forward to the next one, and might even have a few suggestions to add in the future. I know i can be snarky but if someone make something cool i'll give it a shot.
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    Fantastic work diversity news crew! I look forward to putting some stories of my own on here eventually. The community on here really is amazing.
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    Hey there I'm abijuice, also known as Abi. Diversity is my first SMP and I enjoy gardening, farming, and building in game. If you need help with flowers, trees, vines, seeds, etc. I'll do my best to get what you need!
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    On June 7th, 2015, you received a 2 day tempban for "having a temper tantrum against staff". On December 15th, 2015, you were warned to not be rude and then given a 10 minute mute when you didn't stop. On December 28th, 2015, you received a permanent ban for "being disrespectful to other players". A year later, you appealed and was given a second chance in February this year. On April 17th this year, you were caught x-raying and given a 5 day tempban. You tried to appeal, but you chose to take the piss and troll along with your friend Kazani. You posted the lyrics to the rick roll song, demanded proof of the x-raying, and when we provided both witness statements and a screenshot you insisted it wasn't "good enough" proof. You later admitted you had indeed used an x-ray hack, so your demand for proof was just an attempt to waste our time. We refused to shorten your tempban and I left you with this word of advice: Since we're here, again, you obviously did not heed that advice. You came back from your ban on April 22nd, but you hadn't left your attitude behind. You immediately began to cross the line and kept arguing with staff. You also said in chat "I'm getting banned, so watch this" (but I muted you before you could do anything). It had been less than two hours before were permanently banned, again. This time the reason provided was "We don't want players like you on this server. Goodbye." This has not changed. We also received screenshots from a different server, where you had bragged that you were going to be unbanned on Diversity along with insulting the players there and using racist language purely for the sake of upsetting people. So edgy. We do not want to play with people like you, Crunchy. We gave you a 2nd chance and you proved what kind of person you are when you decided to hack and then be a jerk. No, you will not be unbanned.
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    I appreciate every Bad Lip Reading video.
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    That kinda negates the purpose of it.
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    Quite messy even though I try to keep it neat.
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    Hello! I have a few suggestions for perks that we could add to the server for supporters that don't (I think) violates the whole EULA thing. 1. Being able to customize armor stands : Armor Stands Plugin 2. GadgetsMenu (Particles, Hats/emotes, PETS, Morphs, gadgets that do no damage and have cooldowns, and more) here's a video -- 3. QuarkMod Not sure if its possible to add mods to a server or if there is a similar plugin to it.. but being able to wave, facepalm, headbang, etc. would be fun. 4. ChatsFeelings and this is just something extra.. I see lots of people with asterisks and such *place action here* (this kinda relates to the suggestion above) and I thought it would be fun. I think adding more perks will convince more people to buy or keep on supporting the server
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    Hey guys jupiterrrrr here! I just made this cool picture!!! Hope you enjoy!!!
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    And here I am, still waiting for my pet squid :C
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    I like the idea of Supporters getting more bang for their buck - it's a great way to keep donations up. Something else I might suggest is a bigger dividing line between Supporters and Supporters+ regarding perks. Because right now, it doesn't seem like there's a huge difference between what you get as Supporter vs. Supporter+. Supporters+ should have more of their own unique perks (e.g., the option to use boldface or italicized lettering). Then more people would prefer having a premium subscription, making the $300/month goal more attainable.
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    Oh trust me, you need it
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    do you really need a 600W power supply? i would go a lower one, and use the spare money on more ram or an ssd.
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    @Loubee1000 @SteelyEyed and I after the last event comes to my mind when I read this..
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    Just to be clear, the email address associated with your account has been changed? Surely Mojang should have a record of this and will be able to confirm that you are indeed the account owner. @Tournite // Jake if you don't mind, I'd like to help you out here. Forward any emails you've received from Mojang to me and I'll see what we can do to get your account back - turbotailz@diversitysmp.com
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    Amazingly well put together. Fun to read. Keep it up ppl. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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    3rd! Next to Impling & Dan "How Did We Get Here" Advancement
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    I'd actually like to resurrect this one, here's how my desktop looks atm: I hope I get to see some new sexy desktop screenshots!
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    You have a Seagate Baracuda on your specs. You might want to swap that out for a Seagate FireCuda instead. In USD there there it $69, vs $49 for the Baracuda. SSHD drives are a hybrid drive that combines the large cheap storage you get from spinning rust, with a small read/write cache on a small bit of fast solid state storage. It isn't as huge of a performance increase that you would get from a pure SSD, but there is still a noticeable improvement (25-50% in some cases) over a traditional spinning rust drive at the marginal increase in price.
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    https://pcpartpicker.com This is the site that i like to use for my builds
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    So you collect organic materials you said? Cuz I could really use some. I'll pay you of course Have any jungle leaves?
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    Two computers, four monitors... I thought I was top with two monitors
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    omg that's a lot of freaking monitors...
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    This has been my desktop for quite some time. But before it was this. One of my favorites.
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    I keep my desktop very neat and clean EDIT: Cleaned things up a bit. I do have a second monitor, but there is nothing interesting on it
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    In an effort to make sure that the warp hub is showcasing the best that DiversitySMP has to offer, we'll be instituting some new policies in regards to warps. If you have, or are interested in having, a warp to your build at the warp hub, please read the following guidelines and standards: - GUIDELINES AND REQUIREMENTS FOR A WARP - Farms Since we already have farms to most of the types of things that CAN be farmed, new community farm warps need to meet high standards: They should offer an item that is not currently available at one of the existing farms. OR They should be a vast improvement over an already existing farm in some way (efficiency, aesthetics, etc.) Other requirements: Must be fully protected within a claim with appropriate trust levels (container trust public). If a level restriction is requested, please mention it ahead of time! Must be approved by no less than three staff members before a warp is made public. Towns Towns must be more than a few buildings haphazardly slapped together. We want the warp hub to showcase the BEST that DiversitySMP has to offer. Not every town will qualify for a warp -- and that’s okay! Anyone is welcome to build a town and have multiple people live there. You don’t need a warp for that. To qualify for a warp, your town must meet the following guidelines. Your town should show some kind of city planning: There should be roads or some kind of paved paths between houses and buildings. It should be well lit, and some effort to protect it from mobs should be made (fences, walls, lots of lighting). The town roads, lighting, and major buildings should show some kind of aesthetic cohesiveness -- in other words, they should look good: lampposts should match, roads should be consistently made, town buildings should show some effort in design and functionality, etc. A safe landing place for newcomers should be established, with a list of town rules, who the mayor is, and anything else they need to know to become part of the town. Plots for new homes and buildings should be marked out in some way: grassy borders, fenced areas, hedges, signs, etc. Claims: A good town is a safe, protected space for people to live in. With the wrong claims set up, however, it can become a nightmare. We will be extremely strict on these points: Towns MUST be fully claimed; no exceptions. The main claim should NOT have public build trust, or be trusted to anyone other than the town mayor(s). **Note** If you do not have enough claim blocks to claim your town area, please ask a staff member for assistance. Appropriate subclaims must be made around all buildings, with appropriate trust levels. (For example: a community farm should have container trust, a house plot should only be trusted to the person living there.) Town mayors must be able to demonstrate that they know how to set up claims and subclaims without staff assistance. **Note:** You may want to claim a bit of extra area around your town, if you have plans for future expansion. If someone builds very near your town, but is not part of your town, you can still ask them to move. Staff can assist with removing builds that are too close. Good claim example: No one can build nearby. Everything is claimed by the town owner, including paths, decorations, and scenery. Town owner has access to all houses. Bad claim example: In this town any random person can start building nearby. Pathways and decorations are open to griefing. The town owner may not have access to all the individual house claims. Other requirements: Towns that seek to have a warp should look GOOD. Buildings should be well designed, and preferably meet some kind of theme. A messy, lazily put together town will not get a warp. Towns must be approved by no less than three staff members before a warp is made. Other Types of Builds Some builds are not towns or farms, but still deserve their own warp. Examples include: Mini-game locations Spectacular, large builds Useful builds that are not technically farms: i.e. The Netherrail, The Villager Temple, Shop Warp In these cases it may come down to staff discretion whether or not the place deserves its own warp. These types of places should meet certain criteria regardless: They should be aesthetically well built, with a cohesive design that works for whatever the build is. They should be fully protected with appropriate claims and subclaims. An appropriate “landing” location must be established. Signs indicating what the place is and what it should be used for are especially helpful, but may not be strictly needed. (In the case of mini-games, however, please try to explain how the game works!) No less than three staff members must approve the build before a warp is made. - HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR BUILD FOR A WARP - Please read the warp request form, fill it out, and post it in a new thread.
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    YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! I sexually identify as a kawaii potato Jk xDDD
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    Hi @__PaulGR__ sorry for the delay in responding to your appeal. I will poke the staff to see what our decision will be.
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    I own Office, so I guess that's why I haven't seen anything like that.
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    Name-tagging the parents would probably also help.
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    How will you prevent your sister from accessing your account in the future? Like, what are you going to do to make sure it doesn't happen again?
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    Thank you very much! About time to say "Called it!"