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    Hey everyone, been a while! Diversity has been getting a little quiet lately. We're aware of this and have some plans to help get things back in order. A few staff members have resigned in the last few months, so we're looking to expand our team once again. As of today, we are now accepting new Helper applications. What is a Helper? We don't often talk about what "Helpers" do on Diversity and I'd like to explain their role. Helpers are our first line of support for all players. They have a few basic tools at hand to help with many situations, like checking logs to see who has taken something out of a chest, or temporarily removing a troublesome player from the server. Helpers not only help the players, they help the Moderators and Admins as well. By taking care of certain tasks, the Helpers allow the higher levelled staff to do their jobs easier. What is required of a Helper? It's not just a fancy green tag next to your name, as a helper you will be required to: Encourage good behaviour in game and follow all the rules - lead by example. Be the first line of response to players needing assistance in chat. Perform routine checks of our various public farms, communicating with other staff as you do so. Use the staff communication platform Slack to notify other staff of certain events online. Take part in regular monthly staff meetings on Slack. Help the moderators/admins as needed. We tend to be quite strict with staff responsibilities, so if we find you are not pulling your weight, demotion is possible. If you think you're up to the tasks involved, please apply. Who can apply for Helper? We encourage everyone to apply, however we can't accept applications from all of you. Please be aware of the following: You must be at least 13 years old. We use tools such as Google Drive and Slack which restrict usage to people over the age of 13. Having multiple warnings, kicks or bans can negatively affect your application. If you've had a history of breaking our rules then you're unlikely to make it as a Helper. If you're unsure, apply anyway. There is no SMP level requirement but having more time played on Diversity will certainly give you an advantage over others. Please don't apply if your only reasoning for being a Helper is that it's "cool". We want people who genuinely want to help the players and staff, and to help the network evolve. If you've read and understood the above and still want to give a shot at becoming a Helper - apply now. Applications close Sunday 19th November. But don't leave quite yet! We are also looking to better our Vanilla server and build up a dedicated player base. In order to do that, we will need to take on a few players who will specifically look over and moderate the Vanilla server. What is a Vanilla Mod? The Vanilla Mod position is a new role to Diversity. We've decided to create it to give the Vanilla server some love that it deserves. Vanilla Mods will help run the server and be in charge of organizing community events, design a set of rules, and moderate the server. These Moderators will be in charge of checking logs and banning players when issues arise on the server. They will be able to fly and use creative mode, although this should be used at the bare minimum as the whole idea for a vanilla server is to keep it vanilla. They will not have staff powers on the SMP server, but will have access to tools we all use such as Slack and our Google Drive. If they need help or have any questions, the admins will be able to help there too. The requirements to become a Vanilla Moderator are the same as those to become a Helper on SMP. If you have any further questions or concerns, please ask them. This is a brand new role and we are still working out the kinks. Now if you've read and understood the following and are interested in becoming a Vanilla Mod, click here to apply - apply now. Applications close Sunday 19th November.
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    Hello, so basically I wanted to tell everyone of this server that I am sorry for a few things.. First of all, being rude; I realize that I am/I was often rude to people and I am really sorry! Secondly, being a noob; I know it can be frustrating when someone asks really dumb questions that they should have known by now but you guys are very helpful and I really do appreciate it.. And thirdly, getting banned in the past; it has been lying on my heart the way I handled the ban and I would like to think I have matured a bit more since then, I am sorry that you had to ban me for the reason you did, I should have known better.. Even though this was a bit ago it still bothers me the way I handled the salutation that I shouldn't have even been in. I really do appreciate the things the staff do to keep the server safe. I want to keep this Diversity journey without any more bans; I realize that it will forever be on my record but I can hopefully make sure it won't happen again.. I also want to make some changes for myself and everyone that plays on the Diversity server.. "What changes?" you may ask, well I want to stop being provocative in chat//in my builds, I want to be nicer to players, and just enjoy my time.. I really do enjoy the server and if anyone needs help I will always try my best.. I hope you enjoy seeing my chats in the future; much love..
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    We'd like to thank all of you for your patience as we've undergone the process of downsizing the Shop District. There were a couple of reasons why we did this: the current warp had become so big that it was becoming very difficult to navigate and find what you were looking for the number of shops and entities was causing a lot of client side lag for some players Our solution to fixing this problem is two-fold. First, we simply had to reduce the overall size of the Shop District. That process is still ongoing as we move shops from the outer edges of the warp closer to the center, and we will be removing a few more plots from the warp once that's done. We will also be instituting some new changes to the shop warp, which I'll list further below. The second part of the solution is to open up a second new shopping area, away from the current warp. We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the Quartz Island Mall. You will be able to warp to it from the Shop District, Shop Sub-hub at spawn, or Warp Hub (the sign is under the current /warp shops sign). Quartz Island Mall Gallery of mall images with more details: https://imgur.com/a/352Hs The mall features over 40 potential shops, with ample room for design and storage. It also is easier to navigate (only four directions to choose from!), and will be easier to find what you're looking for using centrally located signs to advertise shop wares. Shops can be altered by their owner, and you can design your interior and storefront to attract customers and show off your building skills. Shop spaces are 13x13 square, with an upper level and lower level that together are 24 blocks tall. You are free to put as many floors within this space as you can comfortably fit. You will not be able to build outside of your own personal shop space, however. Starting Sunday, Oct 29, Mall shops will be available to players Level 5 and up, and will cost a one time fee of 5 diamond blocks. If you currently are a shop owner at the Shop District and would prefer to move to the mall, you may do so free of charge starting TODAY! From Oct. 22-28 we will be offering first pick of locations to current shop owners who are interested in moving. Due to the smaller size of mall shops, and the fact that they are interior spaces, we will not be able to world edit an existing shop into the mall space. You will need to design and build your new shop and remove your old shop before we will give you new shopkeepers. If you would like to move to the mall, please contact a moderator so we can assist you with setting up your new mall shop. (Note: you may not have BOTH a mall shop and a shop district shop, except during this interim transition period. We will delete the shopkeepers at your old shop before giving you new ones at the mall.) There is no penalty if you choose to stay at Shop District. At this time, if you would like to move plot numbers within shop warp to an empty one that's closer to center, you can request that as well. Changes to current Shop District We know that some of you would prefer more space, and more freedom of design than the mall will allow. For these players, shops will still be available at the Shop District, but to reflect the larger space and design freedom, we will be raising the price and level requirements for a plot accordingly. Starting Sunday, Oct 29, shop plots will be available for Level 7 and up players at a price of 10 diamond blocks. There will be NO extra charge for current shop owners who prefer to stay where they are, even if they are under the level requirement. Stalls will remain available at the Shop District Shopping Center for lower level players. Quick Reference: Stalls vs Mall shops vs Shop Warp Stall Level 1+ Cost: 9 Diamonds (Does not need mod assistance to purchase) 1 Shop Sign and 1 chest No customization available Located in shopping center building at Shop District Mall Level 5+ Cost: 5 Diamond Blocks (requires mod assistance to purchase and set up shopkeepers) 13x13 horizontal space, 24 block high vertical space. Shop interior and shop front fully customizable within the build space. Two shopkeepers of your choice. Shop Sign at center of mall may list some items available at your shop for advertising purposes. Limit to one sign per shop, must be mod placed. Located off shore at Quartz Island, reachable via /Warp Hub and the Shop Sub hub at /Spawn Shop District Level 7+ Cost: 10 Diamond Blocks (requires mod assistance to purchase and set up shopkeepers) 17x17 horizontal space. Above ground may build to 30 block height limit. Below ground to bedrock layer. Shop interior and exterior fully customizable within the build space. Two shopkeepers of your choice. Reachable via /Warp Hub and Shop sub hub at /Spawn Some rules will remain in effect regardless of what kind of shop you have: No beacons allowed at Shop District, or in mall shops (other than the ones already provided). Players must keep their shops well stocked. Players who do not will receive emails periodically to remind them to restock their shops or face eviction. Players who are inactive for more than 30 days will be evicted. Your shop or stall will be removed to a safe space and the plot will be opened up for another player to purchase. If you return after that and would like to reopen your shop you must remain an active player for at least a week. After that we will move your shop back to the mall or shop warp (depending on where it came from) at no charge, into whatever space is available at that time. We cannot guarantee the same shop location as before. Shops may not be kept "under construction" indefinitely. You will have at least a week to design and build your shop, and ask for shopkeepers. If you do not complete your build or renovation within a week, we may evict your shop. (Though we'll do our best to remind you to finish first.) Please note: If there comes a time when we reach capacity for both the Mall and the Shop Warp, we will consider opening up either another mall, or another shop warp in a different location. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here!
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    Kinda sounds like you answered your own question. You are busy with school. And Minecraft is a game. Do school.
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    It's that time of year again when all hell breaks loose! It's Halloween season and we have some scary events lined up for you. Events schedule: Lou's Haunted Tower and maze Oct. 27-28 This is a fun area to walk through and trying to beat the maze below is nothing less than an adventure. Swampy Hollow Treasure Hunt Located at the Halloween town, built for the 2016 season, we have set up multiple dispensers around town filled with individual pumpkin heads with letters on them. There are nine heads spelling out HALLOWEEN. This will start now and continue through Halloween. Once you find all the letters, make sure to /mail Bucky3 to be counted. There will be prizes for the fastest players. Costume Contest Tuesday the 31st (Halloween) we will be holding an official costume contest hosted by Knightman. If you have any questions, let us know. Have a spooktacular Halloween! Thanks, Bucky
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    So I've created this cinematic, somewhat "professional" video to inform new players with the usual questions they might have when they first join. I hope you guys like it! and I probably over-edited it, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Has a PE server ever been considered? That version is desperately in need of servers that work...
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    When will the new staff be announced? This question often pops up. Usually what happens is we wait until the close date (Nov 19) before we begin making any decisions. After applications close, staff will each decide on who they think should be our next lot of Helpers. This process can take a while, days, weeks, it depends how proactive everyone is about it all. Once a decent amount of staff have made their decision, we compare all the staff results and see who makes it out on top, from there we make informed decisions on who would be best for the role and we also decide how many new staff members we will recruit. Again, this process can take a while due to most of us being in different time zones. We try our best to make a choice as quickly as possible, but we also want to make sure we're making the right choice . Please try not to repeatedly ask us when the Helpers will be chosen, it can make you come across as pushy and may possibly affect your application.
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    Good luck to everyone applying! It's your time to shine! Enjoy your day folks!
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    Hey, My name is Inferno. Some of you may know me but some may not. I am 15 and I live in the USA. Just a fair warning people may think I am annoying and I would like to apologize in advance. I look forward to playing on this server actively.
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    UPDATE: The server is back online. Hi everyone. Unfortunately the server that hosts our Minecraft servers has unexpectedly gone down. We've submitted a support ticket with our hosting provider OVH to try and fix this. Apologies to everyone affected. I will update this post when it comes back online.
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    Hello Diversity People its been a while. I believe last we spoke was about May, when i got banned you probably remember that i took a long break from MineCraft and Video Games in general. i was working on some mechanic related stuff. but im here to say i would like to re-become a member of the diversity server. i know my mistakes in the past have been harsh (and many). However i miss the closely bound community that Diversity can give to the play after my long search for a server to fill this void in my MineCraft heart i would like to rejoin the community. But first i need to apologize, and there are some certain people in general that deserve my words... LUCI- You are a very good person and even better admin you keep Diversity clean of baddies. i formally apologize for my harsh words against you in the past. and i would like to say i'm sorry. <3 ACE- I was just a dick in general and i don't know what i had against you, but you are a very smart athletic amazing person and i need to say sorry, so sorry <3 MUTTLEY- I was a HUGE asshole but i apologize for all my words against you EVERYONE- I'm sorry. For Those that knew me --- I hope you are glad to hear that i am a lot happy i have started my own car business, stopped the whole selfharm thing and i haven't smoked a cigarette in 3 months I have moved away from my father which has been good for me. my family is alot happier and i'm doing good Ps. i know this is kind of a shitty appeal but i dont have that much time but i hope it will do. My Current Ingame name is Tengy I was banned for a lot of things becuase i truly have changed and i miss the server. -Robin 17/11/09
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    I need to add a third point to the list here also for completeness. Third. Just a few days ago someone claiming to be a friend of Draqon_ joined and tried to 'scam' an unban for the Draqon_ account, with a story about the account being stolen. So either a) Draqon_ lied to a friend about why they were banned or b) lied to me using yet another account. Neither of which paint a positive picture.
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    Found a Diamond Sword at spawn called Jibing, if this is your's please let a admin know, it is in my ender chest..
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    Highly unlikely, but a cool idea I guess. Frankly, I don't even think the 5 year olds that play on PE would be interested in a server where the focus isn't on mining in a straight line or killing each other. Maybe that's harsh; I realize there are a few older, innovative players on PE, but they are so outweighed by the players who are perfectly content to... punch trees and breed pigs and stuff. I wouldn't mind this suggestion being accepted at all. It's a great idea - I just don't see it happening.
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    I think the camera effects are the only real downside. The lensing and spinning is hard on the eyes. The typography was very clean and smooth!
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    You know the Mods can look through records to see whose it is, right?
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    Welcome, fellow travelers and gather around, for a sad day has come upon us. Earlier today, I received a blue birb from SailWizzard, after completing his parkour a second time. I gladly brought him home, and i walked him around my house to give him a feel of his new home. When I left him upstairs to get familiar with my bedroom, I didn't realize the danger he would put himself in. I only had left the room for a moment to do my daily... uh... you know what that doesn't matter. After returning to the room, I was horrified to find him drowned in one of my fountains. Sadly enough, Sail did not realize that this birb lost his will to live a long time ago, and that he was waiting for the next chance to end his miserable birb life. Due to my PTSD after completing Sail's parkour (TWICE), I was repeatedly jumping around and flipping my shit, so I accidentally threw the blue birb's dead carcass through the window and into the vast ocean. While I could not retrieve blue birb's beautiful body, I still made this memorial to commemorate his time spent with us. May he be always with us, in our hearts. Amen. =-----------------------------=
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    On the server, my player head collection.
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    My family :v PS: wow 5 dragon eggs. Impressive.
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    The Jazzkovsky Black Hole Research Institute is very close to publishing it's latest work, titled "WB-Relations and their inpact on a modern society". According to the leading scientists the full article is going to be be available within 3 weeks. We managed to get a sneak-peek for you!
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    Thank you for organizing all this stuff. It is greatly appreciated.
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    Necro-post It's about afk farms.......
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    My warp request is for a place! The co-ordinates for the place where I'd like the warp landing spot are X96316 Y63 Z-97841 (preferably facing north and ever so slightly up) My build is 100% finsihed! I have read and understood the guideline & requirements thread: YUP (mostly) BORING LEGAL STUFF: * With this application I confirm that my build is SAFE and no mobs can spawn there. It is 100% claimed by me, with subclaims for appropriate areas. I have spent time and effort making it look nice, and I have placed signs to guide and inform visitors. * I promise to not pester staff in-game or here on the forums about this application. Instead I will be patient and wait for replies, and answer any questions asked. If any changes to my build are requested, I will work with staff to make them happen. * If my application is rejected, I won't complain or whine. Instead I will go back to working on my build and improve it so that it can be approved in the future, when it meets the requirements. * If my application is approved, I won't rest on my laurels but will continue to uphold the standard of my build and maintain the location. If it is a town, I will assist with any concerns the citizens raise and evict inactive or banned players. I may expand as need be, and I will design my spot in the warp hub to match my build. Here's a pic! I call it The SS Ship of Doom! Isn't just fantastic?! Oh yeah yeah yeah, there's other stuff. Its not that important but there is a nice little volcano island nearby. But that's not important, I mean this boat is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BONUS FEATURES: The boat is 100% spawnproof. However, if the player decides to explore the island, he/she will be in danger of mobs, as the area is NOT lit up. (I don't see why anyone would ever leave the boat though) There is a sign on the boat saying, "Warning, the island is NOT spawnproof. Noobs beware." The interior of the volcano lair is also lit up fairly well, I've rarely seen mobs in there. (Who cares anyway the boat is soooo awesome) The player will, and yes I've counted, spend 16 seconds, assuming they walk, NOT sprint, of time in between the boat and the volcano lair where skeletons can pick him/her off. I doubt this will be an issue, given this time is short and the boat is just GORGEOUS. And yes, the island is very ugly I know, so if you like, I'll mine it so the boat has more room. Sincerely, Narwhal.. well hopefully CAPTAIN Narwhal soon!
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    @AdventureNarwhal I an happy to say that your warp request has been accepted ! . Please talk to an available mod or admin to get it set up. Congrats captain Narwhal
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    I downloaded a .midi version of the song (https://freemidi.org/download-8109-american-idiot-green-day), made it compatible with Minecraft (the tempo was too fast), converted it to .nbs and then uploaded it to Mediafire. http://www.mediafire.com/file/mn6luwg8aeyvukw/American+Idiot.nbs
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    Hey! I was wondering if Invertory tweaks is an allowed mod for the SMP server...
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    One thing that does suck about this plugin. (I have used it in the past before), is sometimes the items will *disappear* out of your inventory, but they are not really gone and others can see them. Also it does not have all the features that the supporter plus option does
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    First off -- thank you for asking about this! We always appreciate it when people ask questions about the server Staff have had a conversation about the plugin and we're OK with it - so please go ahead if you wish. If you would prefer to do this without introducing a client-side mod you could take out a plus subscription and get access to the auto-inventory plugin which does the same things but we understand that this isn't an option for everyone. The auto-inventory plug-in is kept updated by the admins and means you could use the inventory features on any computer.
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    A great song. Now objections here.
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    Good point. I am an American myself and was not offended, and now that I understand the context, I actually quite agree with the message. Anyway, before I get banned for talking politics, the tune of the song is quite nice and catchy, so I wouldn't mind seeing this suggestion accepted at all. Good luck.
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    I don't think it will offend any US players since the band members are Americans themselves and the song was a hit back then on the US. The song is talking about President Bush and The Vietnam War, but I don't think that matters, since there will be NO lyrics on the Minecraft version of the song.
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    You've got a few options, since you fall into one of the weird gray areas: If you want to reopen your shop in the shop district, we can return it to you there and you can stay (we're not kicking out any current level 5's). HOWEVER, we have a lot of people who say they want to reopen their shop and then after we return it they disappear again for another month. So to prevent that, we're asking that you play reasonably regularly for a week before we'll put your shop back in the shop district. It doesn't have to be every day, but at least several days this week, and gain a few hours of AR time. If you want to open a mall shop, we will move your old shop near your base and you can demolish it now, and set up your mall shop after you've been around for a week. If you don't want to run a shop anymore, we'll move your shop near your base and you can demolish it and get your materials back.
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    This is amazing. Great Job!
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    My warp request is for a TOWN The X and Z co-ordinates for the place where I'd like the warp landing spot are: X = 15516, Y = 71, Z = -4915 My build is FINISHED - Note that while the core build is finished, I have plans to eventually expand and add more. I have read and understood the guideline & requirements thread: YES / NO * With this application I confirm that my build is SAFE and no mobs can spawn there. It is 100% claimed by me, with subclaims for appropriate areas. I have spent time and effort making it look nice, and I have placed signs to guide and inform visitors. * I promise to not pester staff in-game or here on the forums about this application. Instead I will be patient and wait for replies, and answer any questions asked. If any changes to my build are requested, I will work with staff to make them happen. * If my application is rejected, I won't complain or whine. Instead I will go back to working on my build and improve it so that it can be approved in the future, when it meets the requirements. * If my application is approved, I won't rest on my laurels but will continue to uphold the standard of my build and maintain the location. If it is a town, I will assist with any concerns the citizens raise and evict inactive or banned players. I may expand as need be, and I will design my spot in the warp hub to match my build. Castle Lychgate is a picturesque medieval Gothic castle situated in the middle of a lovely spruce forest. Surrounding the main castle, visitors and residents may enjoy: A large, open cathedral where anyone may celebrate anything, no matter what they identify with Custom trees Free-to-use stables and hay for trustworthy steeds (access provided upon request) Imposing watchtowers Well-trimmed gardens and grounds A mine system Well-detailed pathways and excellent street lighting Open halls for public use Ponds for fishing in the summertime and skating in the wintertime Excellent guidance from a series of signs, instruction booklets, and maps But, most importantly, 7 well-built, sturdy houses waiting for guests to move in. The purpose of this warp request is to bring attention and new visitors to Lychgate so that they may use what I have spent a considerable amount of time working on. Pictures are compiled into two Imgur albums: one with resource packs, shaders, and the like, and one in plain vanilla Minecraft. The one with all of the effects is available here and the one in plain vanilla is available here. The spoiler contains a copy of the town rules, including my eviction policy. That's all I have for now. If anyone has any comments or suggestions for things I should improve, please, do not hesitate to let me know and I will see about incorporating them into the build as soon as possible. Thanks, ~Waves
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    @USCWaves I am happy to say that your warp request has been accepted. After talking with staff, it has been decided that this is a cool build, and it should be featured in warp hub! Please talk to an online staff member when you are online to get your warp setup. Congrats!
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    Also please remember when you do appeal again in 6months time to use the correct format. Thanks
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    WELL I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW... I built my own boat with only five wooden planks. And get this: it's fully functional, too!
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    Hey Guys its Jupiter And ima go on a little rant here. You know who you are and im a bit disgusted with you you. I am younger then most on Diversity. Most know that And my voice is on the higher side. Im VERY self conscious about that. Ive been bullied a lot because of that and you(you know who you are)Made me feel even worse about it. So please stay away from me Thanks! Love lodes Jup~
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    Pics?, and can you give some info about the place?
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    Hello everyone! I hope you're having a good time because it's about to get better! I am very excited to present new kits to you all Zoredache, myself and a few other staff have been working hard on this project. To give credit where credit is due: a lot of the new kits have been based on mutleymuffin's thread posted a while ago here. So without any further to say, here are the new, AMAZING, updated kits: Starter Unlocked at: Level 1 Cooldown: One use only Contents: 1x Golden Shovel 2x Chest 64x Torch 64x Baked Potato 1x Iron Sword 1x Iron Pickaxe 24x Leather 16x Apple 1x Saddle 1x Nametag Farmer Unlocked at: Level 2 Cooldown: 2 days Contents: 1x Iron Hoe 1x Water Bucket 32x Seeds 16x Potato 16x Carrots 8x Pumpkin Seeds 8x Melon Seeds 2x Lead 8x Sugar Canes 32x Bone Meal 8x Cocoa Beans 16x Beetroot Seeds Farmer Pro Unlocked at: Level 13 Cooldown: 1 week Contents: 1x Diamond Hoe - Unbreaking III 2x Water Bucket 64x Seeds 32x Potato 32x Carrots 16x Pumpkin Seeds 16x Melon Seeds 8x Hay Bale 4x Lead 32x Beetroot Seeds 16x Sugar Canes 16x Cocoa Beans 64x Bone Meal 32x Glowstone 16x Pistons 16x Sticky Pistons 32x Redstone Torches 32x Redstone Dust Miner Unlocked at: Level 3 Cooldown: 2 days Contents: 2x Iron Pickaxes 1x Diamond Pickaxe 64x Torch 1x Water Bucket 8x Oak Log 32x Cooked Steak Miner Pro Unlocked at: Level 14 Cooldown: 1 week Contents: 1x Diamond Pickaxe - Unbreaking III - Efficiency V - Silk Touch I 1x Diamond Pickaxe - Unbreaking III - Efficiency V - Fortune III 128x Torch 1x Water Bucket 16x Oak Log 64x Cooked Steak Explorer Unlocked at: Level 4 Cooldown: 3 days Contents: 1x Compass 1x Clock 1x Bed 16x Ender Pearls 32x Golden Carrots 1x Saddle 1x Book and Quill 1x Iron Horse Armor 64x Torches 1x Boat Explorer pro Unlocked at: Level 15 Cooldown: 1 week Contents: 1x Compass 1x Clock 1x Bed 32x Ender Pearls 64x Golden Carrots 1x Saddle 1x Book and Quill 1x Diamond Horse Armor 128x Torches 1x Boat Fisherman (you're welcome Magus) Unlocked at: Level 5 Cooldown: 4 days Contents: 1x Fishing Rod - Unbreaking III 16x Raw Fish 8x Cooked Fish 16x Raw Salmon 8x Cooked Salmon 16x Clownfish 16x Pufferfish Fishermanpro Unlocked at: Level 16 Cooldown: 1 week Contents: 1x Fishing Rod - Unbreaking III - Lure III - Luck Of The Sea III 64x Raw Fish 32x Cooked Fish 64x Raw Salmon 32x Cooked Salmon 32x Clownfish 32x String 32x Pufferfish Builder Unlocked at: Level 6 Cooldown: 4 days Contents: 64x Stone 32x Quartz Block 32x Brick 32x Glass Block 32x Clay Block 32x Hardened Clay 32x Purpur Blocks 32x Sandstone 32x Red Sandstone 64x End Stone 32x Granite 32x Diorite 32x Andesite 32x Prismarine 32x Prismarine Bricks 32x Dark Prismarine 16x Bone Blocks Builderpro Unlocked at: Level 17 Cooldown: 1 week Contents: 128x Stone 128x Quartz Block 128x Brick 128x Glass Block 128x Clay Block 64x Hardened Clay 64x Purpur Blocks 64x Sandstone 64x Red Sandstone 128x End Stone 64x Granite 64x Diorite 64x Andesite 32x Obsidian 32x Mossy Stone Bricks 32x Cracked Stone Bricks 32x Chiseled Stone Bricks 64x Prismarine 64x Prismarine Bricks 64x Dark Prismarine 32x Bone Blocks 64x Nether Bricks 64x Red Nether Bricks 32x Netherwart Blocks 32x Magma Blocks Redstoner Unlocked at: Level 7 Cooldown: 4 days Contents: 16x Redstone Repeaters 64x Redstone Dust 8x Redstone Comparators 16x Pistons 16x Sticky Pistons 16x Dispensers 16x Droppers 16x Hoppers 16x Levers 16x Redstone Blocks 16x Redstone Lamps 16x Tripwire Hooks 32x String Redstoner pro Unlocked at: Level 18 Cooldown: 1 week Contents: 32x Redstone Repeaters 128x Redstone Dust 16 Redstone Comparators 32x Pistons 32x Sticky Pistons 32x Dispensers 32x Droppers 32x Hoppers 32x Levers 32x Redstone Blocks 32x Redstone Lamps 16x Daylight Sensor 16x Iron Trapdoors 32x Tripwire Hooks 64x String Attacker Unlocked at: Level 8 Cooldown: 4 days Contents: 1x Diamond Sword 1x Diamond Axe 1x Bow 32x Arrows 1x Diamond Helmet 1x Diamond Chestplate 1x Diamond Leggings 1x Diamond Boots 1x Iron Horse Armor 1x Shield 5x Golden Apples 32x Spectral Arrows Attacker pro Unlocked at: Level 19 Cooldown: 4 weeks (28 days) Contents: 1x Diamond Sword - Sharpness V - Unbreaking III - Knockback II - Fire Aspect II - Looting III 1x Diamond Axe - Efficiency V - Unbreaking III 1x Bow - Power V - Punch II - Unbreaking III 32x Arrows 1x Diamond Helmet - Protection IV - Unbreaking III - Respiration III - Thorns III 1x Diamond Chestplate - Protection IV - Unbreaking III - Thorns III 1x Diamond Leggings - Protection IV - Unbreaking III - Thorns III 1x Diamond Boots - Protection IV - Unbreaking III - Thorns III - Depth Strider III 1x Diamond Horse Armor 1x Shield 32 Golden Apples 64x Spectral Arrows Enchanter Unlocked at: Level 9 Cooldown: 4 days Contents: 1x Anvil 16x Bookshelf 1x Enchant Table 8x Book 32x Lapis Lazuli 64x Bottle Of Enchanting 8x Emeralds Enchanterpro Unlocked at: Level 20 Cooldown: 2 weeks Contents: 2x Anvil 32x Bookshelf 1x Enchant Table 64x Book 64x Lapis Lazuli 128x Bottle Of Enchanting 64x Emeralds 2x Unbreaking III 2x Efficiency V 2x Fortune III 2x Silk Touch 2x Protection IV 2x Looting III 2x Mending Brewer Unlocked at: Level 10 Cooldown: 4 days Contents: 1x Brewing Stand 1x Cauldron 16x Glass Bottle 16x Nether Wart 16x Glowstone 16x Redstone 16x Fermented Spider Eye 16x Gunpowder 16x Magma Cream 16x Sugar 16x Glistering Melon 16x Ghast Tears 16x Blaze Powder 16x Golden Carrot 16x Puffer Fish 16x Mushroom 16x Rabbit's Foot Brewerpro Unlocked at: Level 21 Cooldown: 2 weeks Contents: 4x Brewing Stand 4x Cauldron 64x Glass Bottle 64x Nether Wart 64x Glowstone 64x Redstone 64x Fermented Spider Eye 64x Gunpowder 32x Magma Cream 32x Sugar 32x Glistering Melon 32x Ghast Tears 32x Blaze Powder 32x Golden Carrot 32x Puffer Fish 32x Musroom 32x Rabbit Foot Cookielord Unlocked at: Level 11 Cooldown: 1 week Contents: 256x Cookies 3x Cakes 1x Notch Apple 3x Golden Apples 4x Name Tags 1x Beacon 8x Gold Blocks 1x Diamond Block 32x Iron Blocks 8x Emerald Blocks Cookielordpro Unlocked at: Level 22 Cooldown: 2 weeks Contents: 384x Cookies 6x Cakes 3x Notch Apple 32x Golden Apples 8x Name Tags 2x Beacon 16 Gold Blocks 2x Diamond Block 64x Iron Blocks 16x Emerald Blocks Musician Unlocked at: Level 12 Cooldown: 10 days Contents: 1x JukeBox 32x Noteblocks 1x C418 - 13 1x C418 - Cat 1x C418 - blocks Musicianpro Unlocked at: Level 23 Cooldown: 30 days Contents: 4x Juke Box 64x Noteblocks 1x C418 - 13 1x C418 - Cat 1x C418 - blocks 1x C418 - chirp 1x C418 - far 1x C418 - mall 1x C418 - mellohi 1x C418 - stal 1x C418 - strad 1x C418 - ward 1x C418 - 11 1x C418 - wait Kits in Rank order Level 1 Starter Level 2 Farmer Level 3 Miner Level 4 Explorer Level 5 Fisherman Level 6 Builder Level 7 Redstoner Level 8 Attacker Level 9 Enchanter Level 10 Brewer Level 11 Cookielord Level 12 Musician Level 13 Farmer Pro Level 14 Miner Pro Level 15 Explorer pro Level 16 Fishermanpro Level 17 Builderpro Level 18 Redstoner pro Level 19 Attacker pro Level 20 Enchanterpro Level 21 Brewerpro Level 22 Cookielordpro Level 23 Musicianpro
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