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    Hello DiversityMC supporters, and players, You may have noticed or may notice in the next couple weeks that payments are failing for your supporter subscription, or that your supporter benefits have expired. There is a problem with our PayPal account, and some changes we were trying to make with it. Working with Paypal to get the account fixed is proving to be too difficult, and we believe we need to create a new PayPal account. Unfortunately, this means to continue supporting us we will request you to cancel out your old subscriptions, and re-subscribe through buycraft. You should cancel and wait until your current subscription benefits expire before renewing or else there can be issues with overlapping subscriptions. We appreciate your past and future support. Thank you for helping us pay to keep the DiversityMC servers running. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and hope you will update your subscription and continue supporting DiversityMC. If you have any questions please feel free to ask our staff, ask on the forum, or in the #supporter, and #help channels on Discord. We have included details about the old and new payment accounts, and screenshots for how to get to the page to cancel out subscriptions in Paypal below. DiversityMC Staff Buycraft: http://diversitysmp.buycraft.net/ New payment account details Seller info Email: diversitymcowner@gmail.com Seller info DiversityMC https://diversitymc.net/ Broken account PayPal details Seller info Email: turbotailz@diversitysmp.com Diversity Network https://diversitymc.net feedback@diversitysmp.com
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    We are having another exciting build competition. You are welcome to join as a team or solo. We want to see your favorite Fairy Tale or Story played out in Minecraft. This event will continue until September 6th 2019. The events server is currently running 1.14.4 so you'll need to adjust your game as needed. This will also give you a chance to show off what you can do with all the new blocks released in 1.14. please message a member of staff if you would like a plot.
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