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    New Post Office! A new post office has been constructed and can be found at /warp hub > places > 2nd row... You can visit the one from last year, but click the sign on the right to visit the new one! Secret Santa! What it is: Secret santa is a fun game where you anonymously give your selected person a gift, and someone else does the same for you. How to Participate: If you would like to participate in the Diversity secret santa, reply to this threw with your ign or /mail SnowBaller94 in game. The deadline to sign up is December 7th, and you will be given your person on December 8th via /mail and discord (If you have it). You then have until the week of Christmas to create a gift for your person! All gifts should be placed in your person's mail box before/on Christmas day! As always, if you have any questions, please ask them in this thread, message me on discord, or mail me in game so I can clear things up. That's all for this fun event! Have a happy December and stay warm everyone!
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    Christmas Events The events start December 12, 5:00 PM EST and end December 27. Parkour Me and Snow have teamed up once again to create a parkour! There are six different sections in this stage. Just like last parkour, to prove that you completed a section, you'll have to name a piece of paper your full IGN and throw it into a hopper. You can claim your prizes for participating after the event ends on smp. Prizes: 2 sections: Cookie Head 4 sections: Present Head 6 sections: Snowman Head just don't fall Build Battle The theme for the build battle this year is "what the holidays mean to you". Build a Minecraft rendition of a family tradition, a special memory, or something else! Builds will be judged by me and Snow based on skill, heart, and originality. To sign up for the build battle, just message me or Snow in game, or reply to this forum thread. There will not be worldedit for this event, but you will have creative mode. Prizes: there will be prizes awarded to the top 5 plots, but what those prizes are is still to be decided. I'll update this thread once that gets fixed. Rules: All rules for smp apply on event worldedit is not used on the plots, but you are allowed to change the biome (msg Snow for help with that) I hope you enjoy both of these events. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!
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    User: TheSpaceWeirdo I believe I was muted for violating rule 9. Excessive use of memes is discouraged. Inappropriate memes (e.g. memes with subjects that are against our rules) will not be tolerated. Austin/Fizzlesmirk brought me over and right away this server seemed really nice. After I messed up and sprung a trap in a desert temple, I quoted the 'I dedicated my entire life to worshiping jesus' meme and was muted almost immediately. I realize now I should've read the rules more carefully. There wasn't any malice or hate involved, I was just trying to make a joke.
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    I have unmuted you please make sure to read up on rules.
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    I'd like to join this year IGN: OmegaEille
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    IGN : Fallen_AngelLCFR Loved last years secret santa
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    IGN: B0bBy1 Sounds like a lot of fun
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    IGN: devooo1 never done this, haven't been on since around may :)
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    You already know my IGN. Yes I will join!
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    IGN: Benokt (duh) Been looking forward to this since last SS!
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