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    IGN: bspringer7 Discord: NoahDelano #2054 Email: bspringer7@gmail.com I will enjoy anything <3
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    Well, innital impressions is that it might be a problem with the graphics card. I'm hoping that's what it is so it gives me an excuse to buy the new card I'm looking at.
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    IGN: AyyItzBri Discord: AyyItsBrit#8907 Happy holidays
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    IGN: OliviaB2403 Discord: OliviaB2403#6786 Happy Holidays Everybody!!
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    My warp request is for a FARM / TOWN / PLACE (select one) The X and Z co-ordinates for the place where I'd like the warp landing spot are 62748.5 125 -81651.5 My build is FINISHED / IN PROGRESS (select one) I have read and understood the guideline & requirements thread: YES / NO (select one) * With this application I confirm that my build is SAFE and no mobs can spawn there. It is 100% claimed by me, with subclaims for appropriate areas. I have spent time and effort making it look nice, and I have placed signs to guide and inform visitors. (Well no, actually you cant have an ice farm without darkness because ice will melt. so mob spawning will have to be prevented I guess) * I promise to not pester staff in-game or here on the forums about this application. Instead I will be patient and wait for replies, and answer any questions asked. If any changes to my build are requested, I will work with staff to make them happen. * If my application is rejected, I won't complain or whine. Instead I will go back to working on my build and improve it so that it can be approved in the future, when it meets the requirements. * If my application is approved, I won't rest on my laurels but will continue to uphold the standard of my build and maintain the location. If it is a town, I will assist with any concerns the citizens raise and evict inactive or banned players. I may expand as need be, and I will design my spot in the warp hub to match my build. It's an ice farm. My last attempt was very easy to anti-afk, so I remade it with my stone farm design. Also instead of one cube of ice, there are 4, so it's much faster. It could be useful for easy water carrying, and making blue ice in 1.13. Here are some pics:
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    UPDATE: SMP is back up and running 1.13.2. Things seem to be going well but there may be some bugs that still need fixing. If you come across anything weird, please ask a staff member or report it to us, either here on the forums, on Discord or in a ticket in game. Have fun! Just a heads up the SMP server will not be accessible from 7AM UTC Nov 16. I can't say how long it will be down for but hopefully no longer than a few hours. In the meantime, you should be able to connect to the vanilla server which is a fresh install running 1.13.2. Sorry for the inconvenience! Connect directly to vanilla with vanilla.diversitymc.net
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    IGN: UZZY85 (my old ign was zMagnataPvP) Discord: zMagnata#9231 Regarding gift preferences I'm okay with anything but something with some thought to it is always nicer Happy Holidays!
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    IGN: jaketheflake Email jboushelle176@gmail.com
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    IGN: DDDY Discord:DDDY#8277 Happy Holidays!! (Gunpowder would be nice!)
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    IGN: i_vo Discord: ivo#4037 :) !
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    IGN: Whatevahhh discord: whatevahhh ♡#1296 i love love LOVE home made things! anything that you put a lot of thought and effort in is great :) i also love flowers
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    IGN: Ty_14 Discord: Ty_14#2262 I have no idea what constitutes a good gift, but here I am anyway.
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    IGN:Knightman Discord: Knight#9287 As far as gifts go, Anything is fine with me P.S Cubesmp+Dan ship is still a thing , it will never die.
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    Personally I think leveling it entirely would remove part of the fun of a city build, and possibly leave the leveling up to builders where necessary? Also, I can help grass it over if necessary, I just did so to my own mushroom island.
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    IGN: ChronoVII Discord: Chrono#7844 I have a gift in mind, and hope I get something good. I did a secret santa on another server, and I think I got like a load of gold or something, that was great, I was in need of powered rails, I think. No one cares though, I'm sure.
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    Hello, I'm Chrono, (IGN ChronoVII), and I thought I'd say hi, as I finally made a fourms account! I have been here for a year, though. I have a shop plot, 508, (we sell shulkers for 3 diamonds and a building service, for ANY STYLE![I'm not sorry for the advertisement]) so buy from it, I'm also working on a secret project that I'll share with people soon, but when it happens, I'll need players, so once there's some more progress expect a post on that, and I'm still trying to fill this paragraph, damnit. I'm a huge Nintendo fan, and I'm extremely excited for the new Detective Pikachu movie, and face it, you are too. I've been a life long Marvel fan, too, and my favorite hero is Spider-man, of course.
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    My Minecraft IGN: Anziety My Discord: Anziety#7978 Looking forward to it!
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    IGN: Benokt Discord: Benokt#7547
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    Zeke IGN: ZeppelinNyx Discord: ZeppelinNyx#2186
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    IGN: SailWizzard Discord: Chen Jiang#1797 It's Christmas already? (nice)
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    IGN: CubeSMPWannabe Discord: Sami_Same#2483
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    Darkolythe discord: Darkolythe#3568 thanks
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    My in-game name is wittywolf. My email is wittywolf2929@hotmail.com.
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    IGN: mike88898 Discord: 𝓜𝓲𝓴𝓮#7840 I can't wait!

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