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    So I disabled import status updates from Twitter. Sorry LC but that shit was spammy AF.
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    April 2019 Build Contest "no theme" Contest has ended! Ends: Ended April 13th 11:59am (Pacific) PRIZES!: (Top 10!) ALL Participants receive a player-head! (your own). 1st: Supporter PLUS voucher, Dragon egg, x2 GameCube’, x2 Toaster and x2 PokeBall decorative head! 2nd: Supporter BASIC voucher, x2 GameCube’, x2 Toaster and x2 PokeBall decorative heads! 3rd: x2 GameCube’, x2 Toaster and x2 PokeBall decorative heads! 4th: x1 GameCube’, x1 Toaster and x1 PokeBall decorative heads! 5th: x1 Toaster and x1 PokeBall decorative heads! 6th: x1 PokeBall decorative heads 7th: 16 Diamond blocks AND 16 Emerald blocks 8th: 8 Diamond blocks, AND Emerald blocks 9th: 4 Diamond blocks AND Emerald blocks 10th: 2 Diamond blocks 2 Emerald blocks Don’t see any prizes you like this time? That sucks, but do not worry you can post below and let me know what you would like to see and not see in the future. Any feedback is appreciated! The Decorative heads: "Gamecube!" "PokeBall!" "Toaster" (Featured below). and more..... notes: Players will be able to vote via forum for decorative heads they would like to see in future contests. Keep an eye out! Image of current decorative heads available below! Building: Players are able to use creative-mode! No World-Edit this time around, but for future build-contests it is a possibility. Plots are 23x23 blocks this time around. (It may seem small, but show us what you can do!!) Feedback is also appreciated. Build height y=255 Player Q&A: RULES!: All DiversitySMP rules apply here. All Chat rules. All rules. Having fun is recommended, but not required. Be nice to eachother. No exceptions. Players Currently registered (all players welcome): Jordooo1 ZedF Apostasial Darkolythe LBurdick43 SnowBaller94 Frankee_9804 KatieBug555 LonelyCreap ByteIsGay devoo01 AdventureNarwhal jupiterrrrr Bill_the_dwarf DDDY Liavares AlexDNash Moooington DacotaDeathmask SailWizzard Coliolieo AceIsEves ChronoVII meowmix310 Alaura02 xia_xoa joFace321 dudebr0ham B0bBy1 lukecub Joyex42 Lightolythe Angus_Mchootch Aracmond Knight sxxtt_ Rnemes1s BlazeCube JetpackPiglet ItsJustKatt outlawpike FridayTdog ___Hibiki___ Merga Flame__Boy 45 players registered. I really hope you guys can make it! More events to come! Please post any feedback, suggestions or questions here! GOOD LUCK!! Bring yo game face!
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    Don't even think joking about that is funny, dude.
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    I should probably add one more thing; I spend a large amount of time on this server digging out the area for my custom biome and I constantly run into a ridiculous amount of coal ore. If you know anything about coal and how haste 2 and an efficiency 5 pickaxe interact with it, you should know it still takes a ridiculous amount of time to mine it. Implementing the vein miner plugin would save (I can't stress this enough) A LOT of time.
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    I like this idea, because: I feel like the economy is struggling and this might push help remedy that. More incentive to play. Mining wont be as dreadful for some Its not OP. Saves precious time. I feel like Ores getting nerfed favors those who already have stacks and stacks of Diamond Blocks. (The rich easily get richer). This can help players catch up to eachother.
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    It has come to my attention that Mojang has ruined squids, they've forgotten about to OG ocean dads. They're our friends or enemies -(our fathers)- , and most importantly, our only way to get ink sacs from a mob. Yes, you could argue that through hours of fishing, you could get the elusive ink sac, but this is in no way an efficient way of farming them(including making your own farm because the amount of fish and other things in the water ruin the spawn rates). The first thing I noticed about this server was the use of farms. You have an iron farm/gold farm(non-spawners(I think)), a skeleton spawner(spawners), a witch farm(non-spawners(I think)), a creeper farm(spawners), and so many more farms. My point being, I've talked to a staff member and from what I have heard, the idea for a squid farm was just that, an idea. I don't know if it was shot down, or just forgotten about, but I wanted to bring attention to it once more. What is so good about ink? It has many uses! From dying sheep, making banners, even crafting dark prismarine, it's a very useful item all around. Yes, the creeper farm makes sense for rockets so players can farm, but I don't understand why there isn't a squid farm for all the things ink can be used for. Most players don't use ink sacs for much and don't even bother farming squids because they don't find banners, and dye useful, but I for one do use it, a lot. I'd like to think of myself as a decent builder, and I tend to use a lot of dark prismarine for roofs and other things such as putting it underwater to make the water darker. I'm sure there are other players who use dark prismarine too. Yes, I am saying I'm quite lazy, but isn't everyone else? I'm pretty sure most of the player base has used the farms in the past, or even present, and will continue to use them in the future. Yes, this is a survival server so you're supposed to get materials yourself, so I ask the question why add the use of spawners for things such as sulfur and bones/bows and arrows? Why not add a farm for squids too? I would like to think that it's just because not everyone sees the beauty in dark prismarine as I, or that they don't see all the uses for black dye. So I guess I wrote all of this just so I could hear some feedback as to why there's not a squid farm for player use? Thanks for taking the time to read all of this I hope to read some of the player's opinions on the whole squid farm thing. PS: I'm not adding in a poll or anything because I'm not really rallying for support for squid farms. I mean, if that would help make a farm for them, sure, but this is mainly just to see everybody's opinions. Also, I would totally build a squid farm *wiNk woNK*
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    Updated to permaban and this thread is now locked. We're done with this now.
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    I've decided to give you a second chance. Although your signs were very disgusting, I'm permitting you back to a 3 day ban along with your friend, Arct1cYet1. Heedies, however, will not be joining this server again. Let me remind you that you will be closely watched from now on, and that you should give the rules a read through a few more times. This behavior isn't tolerated and we won't hesitate to get rid of you if this continues on. I don't need to hear about you and arctic's beliefs. This is your last chance to be mature. Hopefully you grow from this and we won't have to meet like this again. Also, i'm a female. Thanks x
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    I feel like having vein miner as a levelling perk would be nice, since we already have treefeller, and we've always needed more levelling perks. Vein miner wouldnt be laggy/op since you could set it to just ores, and you can set a max block limit per vein mine. Vein miner will only work on ores. No other blocks such as stone, dirt, etc Please share your thoughts on this and maybe we can add an underground version of treefeller video in action of vein miner being toggled on and off. (both with the command, and by holding down shift) yB9Myc6UZP.mp4
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    TURBO you’re a genius! I second, third, fourth or fifth this all the way! The faster clearing in the regular would be a godsend! I would love to start help testing right away! As a regular player who teraforms/ flattens mass amounts of land I could be of help. as for dirt, stone, gravel. High numbers are great, but more control with lower numbers like 7-21 blocks. As for ores world: I’d rather mine in The regular SMP World. Easier to find unexplored caverns that way.
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    Mmm, I still feel that vein miner should be in smp. You can toggle it on and off so it's up to the player if they want to use it or not. As most have said, there's still a need for level perks and they're meant to make playing a little bit easier (think about the farms in the hub). You're able to get resources pretty easily because of them. Need rockets? Go to the creeper farm and the sugar cane farm. Need wither skeleton skulls? Go to the wither skeleton farm. Vein miner is really no different when compared to the farms. I kind of like the idea of having vein miner for all in the resource world because it's just one of those things that will probably attract players, and make players stay. I know for me, I'm not really trying to take a lot of time mining(unless it's for a build); I'm trying to build. New players will have an easier time getting materials to build with, making them want to play more and not just give up and leave.
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    Running the plugin on ores. After actually being online and going to ores once again, I have found would probably be a good thing to compensate for the large nerf of ores (More like absolute destruction of diamond spawns) with the plugin being outdated with allowed for more diamond . Having on smp as much as i do agree it would help with bigger builds. I always enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after working hard to get the materials, finish the project and then look at the completed thing so i still am against that side of it. But you can consider my vote for the ORES side of things a yes now after taking a look
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    I absolutely love this idea! It would be so handy in ores when trying to mine large quantities of resources such as sand, dirt, gravel, stone, ect. I am in complete agreement with something like this being added. It would make building a lot easier/more fun, as well as make larger scale projects more doable (not that they weren't before it would just be easier).
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    If limiting blocks is something thats worth considering, they have their API public. Also, you can limit tools, so maybe you can unlock shovel at a later level.
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    I suppose I should add some serious input here. In agreement with Dark's statement above about Ores not really being useful to anyone anymore, I'd like to suggest allowing Veinminer for everyone in Ores only. This will encourage more players (especially newbies) to use the Ores worlds for easier resource gathering. The level perk can make it available to players above a certain level (8?) in all the worlds, and this can include blocks like dirt, stone and sand to help people clear out areas quicker. We would need to test this though, as you can set how many blocks are "mined" at a time, so we don't want to overpower it and allow players to remove too many blocks at once.
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    As I am a person that has experienced both the old ores and new ores, I can see how newer players feel like they are at a disadvantage. Ores was extremely overpowered in the past, though, and the economy has basically been 'ruined' in a way. Things don't really hold a lot of value anymore, so adding more diamonds in the ores world wouldn't help that cause. Although this plugin would not add more diamonds, it would make the process of mining through veins of coal and iron while strip mining easier. It also adds an incentive to level up, as we need more of those. It is NOT overpowered though, and I feel that is the most important part. Just like chopping an entire tree isn't overpowered and hasn't ruined our economy, this plugin won't either. As always, this is just my opinion so feel free to reply with any concerns, preferably in this thread so it is easy to find for other players
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    No world edit. Beacons should be okay! Animals should be okay,
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    There will be no world edit. Maybe in Builder Contest Pro.
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    There is also an option to toggle it by crouching.
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    I'd have to agree with the majority of people who think vein miner as a level perk is a good idea. Personally, I would like to see this become a thing for some of the reasons, as Ryo listen above. I have not yet experienced (not sure if I'll ever experience it) the old ores world where diamond spawning was increased so I personally feel at a disadvantage to older players who had the option to get an unholy amount of diamonds. I probably spent 3 or something hours looking for diamonds and managed to get 5 stacks of diamonds. I do feel that using vein miner would make mining faster, thus increasing the number of diamonds you're able to gain in the same amount of time. I would have to agree that it's not really op, we already have the equivalent in the tree feller thing so how is mining ores faster any different? I'm more of a builder, and not really about the whole mining life so if this was implemented, I would sure be happy that I could save time by being able to mine a little bit faster so I can get back to building. I'd also have to say that if this was a level perk, for let's say, level 10, I would definitely play a ridiculous amount just to get it. Anyways, that's my opinion.
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    I want the toaster too!, but Im not participating this time! I want a smooth experience.
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    I can't build for the life of me but this is gonna be great! Good luck to everyone
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    I can't wait! But I also can't build...good luck everyone!
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    I'm excited; this will be a lot of fun. Good luck to everyone who is participating!
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    I'm lazy :(( and squid spawn rates are baD
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    Abuse? If anyone's abusive it's your shitty sense of humour. Joking about racism and HIV? Fuck off with that shit. You're lucky you're getting another chance TBH.
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    we are in the same discord server, also for the record I hadn't even placed those signs and I do have high functioning autism.
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