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    Hi my name is Zoë! I joined the server in September 2018, my preferred pronouns are she/her. I am 17 and a musician.
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    I'm a vocalist!
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    HI there, Firstly in regards to your following post after this, one month doesn't equal 11 days, which is the amount of time that has been since this appeal. Secondly, how can we know that you've really matured? You seemed to have a lot of infringements over the course of ~6 months, without maturing, so why now? (This many infringements to be exact:) So why should we really take you for your word when you've had this many chances?
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    Happy Halloween Diversity...
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    Diversity Resort is officially a warp!!!! Now to start making it halloween!
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    It's October Diversity! That means it's time to get spooky! I got my Halloween skin on already If you got your skin on at me on here! Happy October! ~Jupie
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    Little update: Started plans for a new coaster. .Will be a wooden one, and will rival the size of the Dweller
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