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Ban Appeals

If you have been banned from the server, you can request to be unbanned here. 

Rules for Ban Appeals

You may only post in a ban appeal thread if you are the banned player in question or a staff member. Please do not post in a thread without prior staff approval.

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    • Considering the fact that Zore is against copying builds between the current world and the new one, I am therefore strongly against any sort of world reset. I understand the technical strains having a non-reset world has, but Diversity having a world that was promised to never be reset was one of the largest selling factors to me joining in the first place. Too often have I poured countless hours into builds and towns, only for the owner of the server to decide one day that its time to throw it all away. Diversity promised me that I would never have to worry about such a thing happening. As such, if it were to happen, I doubt I would ever return. Because then, what would the point be, if it were to just be reset again anyway? I propose an alternate solution. However, due to my inexperience in operating a Minecraft server, I have no idea how practical it would be to do, if even possible at all. In any case, I say that you let individuals submit their builds (or anyone elses they wish to keep if the owner of those builds are absent) to be preserved. Give players like a 3 month window to do this. Then, at the end of the window, reset all of the chunks that were not registered, keeping only ones people requested to keep. This would erase insignificant builds in the middle of nowhere as well as chunks that were only loaded once when someone did a Wilds warp. It could also theoretically erase chunks between two builds that are otherwise unimportant. Again like I said I have no idea how or if this could be done. But it would give players the relief that their stuff was not at risk along with historical builds being preserved. It would just trim the map of unnecessary loaded chunks with nothing in them. Feel free to say "uh dwur thats not how it works." I'm just spitballing ideas here.
    • wait does snow in ur name mean snowflake?  
    • yeah i was trying anything to get banned, my bad for being on anti psychotics 💔 its fine ill be back; you'll have so much fun
    • Should I get this scandal off again....?
    • Hello SinWorthy420,  As you know I am the staff member that banned you. The original ban (message) was for "Disrespecting staff and other players repeatedly is NOT tolerated here". I temp banned you after the topic of pedophiles came up in chat and you refused to drop the subject, even after being told by several players and myself.  You went as far to tell someone to "get some mental strength" because they "clearly need it" because they did not want the topic to be discussed further. We try to keep the server as a safe space for everyone, so you directly attacking someone because of their request is not tolerated.  Before this incident, you have asked to be banned many times in chat before, seemingly when something does not go your way. Causing scenes such as these can also be triggering, but you were let off on warnings each time. Even throughout this appeal, you have made it clear that you do not care about following our rules as using alternate accounts to get around a ban is not allowed.  Appeal Denied.
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