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A place where various software development projects will be posted and discussed.  Primarily focused on work related to the DiversitySMP systems.

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    • Me going up and down is because i mined Dabris but i mined for eight hours keep that in mind. So of course i found a lot i actually did not know where they were sooo I just kept staying between 11-22. 
    • Hello Jay,  I was the mod called in to evaluate your mining paths.  You were strip mining, in the sense of using your pickaxe to create tunnels instead of other methods you mentioned. This is a perfectly acceptable form of mining for debris; however, in the 115 pages of logs I searched through,  your tunnels look very suspicious.  In the following screenshots, the blocks of tnt represent debris that you mined. As you can see, you were "strip mining" in a regular tunnel, but then you dug down one block in this spot and found debris.  You can see the rest of the tunnel is all on the same y-level, so this does not look good for you. In this screenshot you can see you were doing a diagonal mine, which isn't anything suspicious, but then you go dig down a few blocks again and find more debris.   Same thing here,  just "strip mining" but then you go 2 blocks up and 1 block over and you find more debris. This is NOT a normal mining pattern.  You cannot claim it was just luck either, as every single time you make a change on the y-axis, you find debris. Unlike most people where there are cases of "poke holing" with the occasional luck of finding debris, you head right for it. There are dozens of cases like this where you are going straight, and then make a change in direction and instantly find debris because you know where it is.   Additionally, if you really cared about your "pickaxe being fast" you would not have mined in a basalt delta. As you know, those blocks are not insta-mine so you do not go fast. Do you have any explanation for your sudden (and seemingly perfectly placed) changes in direction and your choice of biome? Your honesty will go a long way.
    • Hi, my name is Jay and I was acused of using Xray to mine for Dabris. I would just like to say that I mined for eight hours of course I am going to get a lot of dabris. I did not mine for two minutes? Also, I prefer to use my picaxe to mine quickly because it has Efficiency five and it is really good so I strip mine instead of using beds to explode and create the chance of me dying with from the explosion or lava fall. Also I dig down in the biomes because I am looking for Dabris at level 11-22 where they are mostly. I strip mine until I can found some and I do it for many hours and I happen to find a lot. I would like to state that what I was doing was just strip mining. Sorry that I do not prefer to die from lava and explosions. I like my picaxe it is fast and easy and more convenient. I was acused of using Xray when that is not true. I believe I deserve to be unbanned from the server because I have done nothing wrong. I am being acused of using a Xray mod? Which I do not even know how to get. I mean you can watch me. All I was doing was strip mining. with my efficiency five picaxe it is a really fast picaxe. 
    • Hello WHI5PY after reviewing your request and with the current infraction of the rules we have chosen to keep the ban in place. We are sorry but you have not shown your ability to follow the rules which I am sure you are aware alts are forbidden while you are banned and you couldn't even follow the rule for the format of your appeal for starters. maybe after some more time you can appeal again. have a nice day.
    • current ign: WHI5PY why I was banned: stealing on multiple occasions ( diamonds from shop were later returned on smp ) why should I be unbanned: I am willing to pay back the diamonds and the iron that I stole. I am deeply sorry for what I did it was wrong and I should have never done it in the first place. it was stupid to steal from others on the server and there for will never happen again. I give you and every one on the server my sincere apology.  
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