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Want to have your location featured in our Warp Hub? Post your requests for a warp here. Make sure you have read the Warp Guidelines first!

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    • Building seems to be the best solution to the problem. Yet as it is a quite large area on the map and a big portion of it is on the ocean where building isn't that easy, a fix of the problem would save me a lot of work since it hinders my plans
    • This is a common problem between big update. Unless zore has another way to force dyna-map to update the best thing to do it go into the chunk and modify it, and spend some time there. I know it sound tedious but that's how it works, Dyna-map doesn't think the map needs updating cause nothing has happened in that area. so if you do some ground modification it might update it. How much?, not sure Zore would have to weigh in on that. Or you can run around in the area? Sometimes that works for me. Just having a player in the space pops it up. That said it sometimes takes time, especially if quite a few people are on and there is a bunch of chunks that need to be updated.
    • The holidays are around the corner, and Diversity  is ready to celebrate! Jupiterrrrr and I have decided to kick off the season with a: Fall 2019 Scavenger Hunt! Time Start: November 16th, 3 pm Central End: Whenever all the skulls are found! Information There are decorative player heads scattered around a fall scene. Each head type is worth an assigned number of points (see below.) Players will be released into the festive area, and you will have as much time as needed to gather as many heads as possible. The more heads you collect, the more prizes you will be able to afford! (There are also 2 bonus heads that, if found, allow you to double your points!)   Prizes At the end of the event, you will need to rename all the heads you have collected to your IGN, and throw them in the provided hopper so we can total your points. Then, the next day, you can talk to Jupiterrrrr or me in game and let us know which heads you would like! If you do not have enough points for a prize, you will be given your player head as a participation prize. Reminders All rules for smp remain. Do not break any blocks besides player heads. If you are found breaking blocks, you will be disqualified and won't receive any prize. Report any bugs/glitches. Have fun and respect each other. Don’t try to escape the barriers. (There aren’t any heads out there I promise.) Hope to see you on November 16th!
    • Hello there I had been offline for some time and when i came back and wanted to use the dynmap in my home area i noticed that areas areas that had previously been explored are now black again. It's exactly the shape of the chunks that have turned black. Exploring these areas again doesn't do much either. When i spend enough time in them they will sometimes eventually pop up again on the dynmap but i really don't want to have to do that with every single chunk that i've already explored before and it's bad for planning out what i'm going to build. Is there a way to force dynmap to render these chunks again?   The area is somewhat big around the coordinates 56000, 64, -79000
    • Hey Ratpackin! Welcome to the server! We are glad to have you here and I hope you enjoy your 'stay.' If you have any questions feel free to ask away. Staff and players are always glad to help. You can also check out our discord by typing /discord in game.   I'm excited to see what projects you take on and how big they get!   ~Snow
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