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Want to have your location featured in our Warp Hub? Post your requests for a warp here. Make sure you have read the Warp Guidelines first!

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    • Whaaaaaaat why does everyone want a reset ;-;     Well, that's sad, I was actually wondering what went wrong, but I guess it will be fun to start again. whatever happens, I'll definitely keep playing modded, because awesome modded servers are hard to find and I love diversity haha   anyway, I liked a lot of the mods, but the most important ones to me are probably Bibliocraft, Pam's Harvestcraft,  Mr. Crayfishs furniture mod, Biomes o' plenty, Galacticraft, Safari net, Tinkers Construct, Chisel,  and the essential ones like Treecapitator, Morphs, and Minimaps.   New ones that could be fun would be things like Candycraft, which allows you to go into a candy dimension, and Tropicraft, which adds a load of tropical stuff and even allows you to go to a safari paradise. (it also adds fish so that's cool)   one I (surprisingly) don't want, is Mo' creatures. (Sorry) It just kinda stresses me out with all those potentially dangerous mobs? it really just makes me too scared to leave the first safe thing I jump on haha 
    • Can you describe what is, or isn't, happening or what is going wrong?
    • Punctuation is simple:  Write your text.  Read it out loud.  Every time you need to take a small breath, put in a comma.  Every time you pause to finish one part and start reading another, put in a period. Anyway, given your history on our server and your attitude here on the forums, you will not be unbanned. You're not Diversity material, but I'm sure there are plenty other servers out there who'll be more accepting of your, uh, personality.
    • Hi everyone, I just wanted to give a quick update on our Supporter Gifts. Some of you may have experienced the problem where a nickname has not been applied to a player because they are offline. This was due to the way I had BuyCraft setup where the package would run the commands while the purchaser was online, not the person being gifted the package. BuyCraft now have a proper "gifting" feature that I have setup for those wishing to purchase supporter packages for other players. I've tested it, and it works, no more nickname errors! Well, there's always the odd case when a nickname is invalid or unavailable, but that doesn't happen very often. For those interested, I'll post some screenshots below on how the new system works...   When choosing a package, you can now select the "Gift this package" option, this will allow you to enter the name of the player you are buying the gift for   Once you hit the Gift button, you'll be taken to the nickname selection screen. Previously this is where you'd enter the name of the player you're buying for, but we've already done that, so all you need to do is configure their nickname.   Once you're ready to checkout, make sure the player's name is displayed here where it says "This is a gift for <player>"   And that's it! Now all they need to do is log in (or wait a few minutes if they're already online) and their nickname will be applied as expected. Their Supporter rank is applied immediately after purchase, there has never been an issue with this (it works when they're offline). As usual, if you have any questions, please let me know  
    • Okay, I know what punctuation is it's just I don't know how to do it.