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We offer several other minigame servers such as UHC, Survival Games and Mob Arena. You can get to our minigame servers through the Hub.


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  1. Survival Games 4th December

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  5. Congrats!

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    • Not that I'm itching to talk about politics, but I'd like to be aware of any rules. Is political talk still banned from the chat, or was this for the elections only?
    • I suppose it's not a tremendous amount of work to maintain the golf course at first glance (occasionally having to refill bow/arrow and golf handbook chests, as well as answering requests to join the golf "town"). But there's a few things that I had neglected to fix for a while now, such as the fact that I don't have enough glass to fill in the remaining watchtower I forgot to put glass on, which could take some time. But even then, if this were to get a warp, I would still have to decorate the spawn and consult with staff and do all sorts of stuff to get it all set in stone, which I couldn't guarantee I'd be around for (I mean, I don't think I've played MC at all in the past three weeks). However, since I think you're a really great guy, and  since I respect your support, I'll head on and put the finishing touches on the course (putting the glass on among other polishing things). I'm just still not too sure what should happen if this request were to be accepted. Would I have to give up my claim to someone else and put them in charge of it? Or what should I do to ensure the supply boxes are always full?
    • What amount of upkeep is required for your warp? I really think even if you aren't around that this still deserves to be a warp!      
    • To whom it may concern -      So it's been a while since I last had an update, but I'd like to rescind this warp request.      My interest in Minecraft has heavily dissipated ever since the start of college, and as such I won't be around as much (if at all) to upkeep it the way I envisioned I would. I just wanted to inform you now so that no additional time could be wasted looking into a warp request made by an inactive user. To those who have looked into my request, thank you so much for the time you invested into it, and sorry that this is what it boiled down to. Thanks for understanding, -jepanddep
    • Happy to hear it.  A lot of those songs are interpretations of jazz standards, so I'm not surprised that you heard some of them before.