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Community discussion about each of the servers that we run


  1. SMP

    Our main Survival server that everyone knows and loves!

    Address: smp.diversitysmp.com

  2. Vanilla

    Our Vanilla server is available for anyone Level 4+ on SMP to come and enjoy classic Minecraft with no modifications.

    Address: vanilla.diversitysmp.com

  3. Creative

    Our Creative server is available for any player who is Level 7+ on SMP. We have a plot system which gives players their own designated plot to do whatever they please.

    Address: creative.diversitysmp.com

  4. Minigames

    We offer several other minigame servers such as UHC, Survival Games and Mob Arena. You can get to our minigame servers through the Hub.

    Address: hub.diversitysmp.com

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    • 1) my warp request is a farm 2) the cords are      x-225566      y116     z101412 3) finished (will probably add a few things if I think of more) 4) yes also snowman will not be there
    • Hiya, bananasplit4me!   Thank you for posting your farm request! Unfortunately, it is posted in the wrong thread section, and is in an incorrect format. If you could kindly please make a new post in the Warp Requests section of the forum using the proper format from the links below:   Warp Requests Section: https://forum.diversitymc.net/forum/20-warp-requests/   Warp Request Form Format: https://forum.diversitymc.net/topic/4-warp-request-form/   Thanks! Best of luck in getting approved! 😄
    • this farm is a 1.17 farm, the farm is a powdered snow farm this snow can make other farms and much more   (also the snow man wont still be there)
    • Considering the fact that Zore is against copying builds between the current world and the new one, I am therefore strongly against any sort of world reset. I understand the technical strains having a non-reset world has, but Diversity having a world that was promised to never be reset was one of the largest selling factors to me joining in the first place. Too often have I poured countless hours into builds and towns, only for the owner of the server to decide one day that its time to throw it all away. Diversity promised me that I would never have to worry about such a thing happening. As such, if it were to happen, I doubt I would ever return. Because then, what would the point be, if it were to just be reset again anyway? I propose an alternate solution. However, due to my inexperience in operating a Minecraft server, I have no idea how practical it would be to do, if even possible at all. In any case, I say that you let individuals submit their builds (or anyone elses they wish to keep if the owner of those builds are absent) to be preserved. Give players like a 3 month window to do this. Then, at the end of the window, reset all of the chunks that were not registered, keeping only ones people requested to keep. This would erase insignificant builds in the middle of nowhere as well as chunks that were only loaded once when someone did a Wilds warp. It could also theoretically erase chunks between two builds that are otherwise unimportant. Again like I said I have no idea how or if this could be done. But it would give players the relief that their stuff was not at risk along with historical builds being preserved. It would just trim the map of unnecessary loaded chunks with nothing in them. Feel free to say "uh dwur thats not how it works." I'm just spitballing ideas here.
    • wait does snow in ur name mean snowflake?  
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