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Community discussion about each of the servers that we run


  1. SMP

    Our main Survival server that everyone knows and loves!

    Address: smp.diversitysmp.com

  2. Skyblock

    Our Skyblock server is free for anyone to join who likes a challenge.

    Address: skyblock.diversitysmp.com

  3. Vanilla

    Our Vanilla server is available for anyone Level 4+ on SMP to come and enjoy classic Minecraft with no modifications.

    Address: vanilla.diversitysmp.com

  4. Creative

    Our Creative server is available for any player who is Level 7+ on SMP. We have a plot system which gives players their own designated plot to do whatever they please.

    Address: creative.diversitysmp.com

  5. Minigames

    We offer several other minigame servers such as UHC, Survival Games and Mob Arena. You can get to our minigame servers through the Hub.

    Address: hub.diversitysmp.com

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    • Common(50%): Ore stuff (Iron 40%, gold 30%, Lapis 20%, Diamond and Emerald 5%) Uncommon(35%): Enchanted Tools/Enchanted Armor/Claim Blocks Rare(10%): God Apple/Player Head/Mob Head/Totem of Undying Legendary(5%): Mob Spawner/Random Spawn Egg/Random Staff Head Shulker Boxes and Elytra are very common since the Ores End reset, so I don't see the point of having them be rewards.
    • A couple things, to say. The looks of the farm could be improved.  Also I don't think there is need for another egg farm.  Even though lix  is inactive, that farm still produces enough eggs. And really eggs are only good for cakes  And making chicken farms. So I don't see the need for it. But then again this is only my opinion.  This also looks like a lag machine.
    • - WARP REQUEST FORM -    My warp request is for a  FARM  The X and Z co-ordinates for the place where I'd like the warp landing spot are: 499889 95 500026 (facing the signs, head rot. 0,0)  My build is FINISHED (I can add more chickens if its needed)  I have read and understood the guideline & requirements thread: YES   * With this application I confirm that my build is SAFE and no mobs can spawn there. It is 100% claimed by me, with subclaims for appropriate areas. I have spent time and effort making it look nice, and I have placed signs to guide and inform visitors.  * I promise to not pester staff in-game or here on the forums about this application. Instead I will be patient and wait for replies, and answer any questions asked. If any changes to my build are requested, I will work with staff to make them happen. * If my application is rejected, I won't complain or whine. Instead I will go back to working on my build and improve it so that it can be approved in the future, when it meets the requirements. * If my application is approved, I won't rest on my laurels but will continue to uphold the standard of my build and maintain the location. If it is a town, I will assist with any concerns the citizens raise and evict inactive or banned players. I may expand as need be, and I will design my spot in the warp hub to match my build.   So I noticed that Lix's farm isn't the best it could be. I decided to create my own egg farm to improve on the current one. This one has around 800 chickens, and has storage chests so you don't need to AFK; although you can AFK in the pods if you like. Attached are some images of the farm.
    • i should be their reward, clearly.

      but yeah mob spawners would be awesome.