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Community discussion about each of the servers that we run


  1. SMP

    Our main Survival server that everyone knows and loves!

    Address: smp.diversitysmp.com

  2. Skyblock

    Our Skyblock server is free for anyone to join who likes a challenge.

    Address: skyblock.diversitysmp.com

  3. Vanilla

    Our Vanilla server is available for anyone Level 4+ on SMP to come and enjoy classic Minecraft with no modifications.

    Address: vanilla.diversitysmp.com

  4. Creative

    Our Creative server is available for any player who is Level 7+ on SMP. We have a plot system which gives players their own designated plot to do whatever they please.

    Address: creative.diversitysmp.com

  5. Minigames

    We offer several other minigame servers such as UHC, Survival Games and Mob Arena. You can get to our minigame servers through the Hub.

    Address: hub.diversitysmp.com

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    • I hate cynical game design as much as you do Imp, but I don't think multi tier rewards are bad as long as it's not "pay to play". These crates don't seem to withhold any game play experience on Diversity whatsoever, unlike battlefront and other games, and it doesn't give players an advantage that they couldn't obtain from other means, so I'd be fine with it.  Anyway, @GrowlingFall535, I doubt vote keys will be implemented because from what I've seen so far, the reward boxes will be obtained from using "mystery dust" which is pretty similar I guess. Also, I like all your suggestions about what the rewards should be except the ar time one. It kinda defeats the purpose of what ar time is all about. I know that its not going to give an unfair advantage or anything like that, but it does feel very satisfying to do /ar check and know that all the time there is time that you've actually invested into the server, and not just a number buffed up by voting. BTW: One thing I've just now noticed on here is the suggestion that once in a while, smaller, shorter supporter packages could appear in the loot boxes. I know that may sound a little unfair, but honestly, I think it would help Diversity meet their goal a lot. The reason I'm a permanent supporter today is because some guy gave me a supporter for free a long time ago, and after I got a taste of what it was like, I wanted more. Giving players a chance to feel what being a supporter is like for free would encourage them to buy supporter more often. Lot's of other companies do this. It's why so many games or sites give you a free 30 day trial to try out their product - you might not want to buy it right then, but after you've tasted it, you know its worth it. So, good job to whoever came up with that suggestion, I definitely think it will bring us closer to beating that monthly goal, which right now seems to be just out reach... (Of course, we would need to figure out how long these supporter samples should be. I suggest 5 days. Also this suggestion still has one flaw that I'm not sure how to handle: "What happens if someone who is already a supporter finds this in their loot box?")  
    • um ... we don't have to like each others suggestions, but let's stay civil please. 🎀
    • YOU WANT LOOT BOXES!? So you are the target audience that EA ruined Battlefront for. OK angry mob this is the person we need to sacrifices. WTF! GAWDS NO! This would make me actively never vote.
    • I would like to see multiple crates. Each crate consumes more keys the better the loot inside. For instance;  Crate 1 could cost 1 key, and be filled with more common blocks and or collectibles. Crate 2 could cost 5 keys, and be filled with skulkers full of rare blocks such as; obby, iron, etc. Crate 3 could cost 10-20 keys and be filled with Very rare blocks and or a spawner, (something simple, cow, chicken, pig,) (not a villager, pigman, iron golem) and or diamonds, emeralds, gold, iron, and heads. You could also put the rare collectibles in this one so they are harder to get. I would also like to be able to see ar time in the crates so you would get 10% more time than what you have. Not a set time, but a percentage.  Thank you for reading and I hope that you choose something out of my suggestions.