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    • i’d love to do this! maybe a pantheon/parthenon sort of thing as well?
    • I am putting this out here to see  1) who is up for it 2) what ideas we have I would like to start a community build project. Something grand like the hanging gardens? any other ideas are welcome. We as a community would discuss the build, location and design. Have different roles i.e.. building and gathering. We would also need to come up with a rule for granting permissions to prevent griefing. Lets start the ideas flowing and we will have a poll to vote on the best ideas. 
    • I don't know how to start. I guess you could say i'm laid back and easy going. I build transmission powerlines, so if im not on for a while, im probably at work, we work 10+ days at a time. I get along with everyone, im shy, but love outgoing people, who arnt afraid to be themselves.  I guess they inspire me?? I went to college for computer programming for about 2-3 weeks, dropped out for the reason of not having adequate material, i.e wifi for doing/uploading homework. Tried joining the USAF, scored high enough on the asvab to get any job I wanted, --Aerospace Engineering, but due to the fact of my past medical history of cancer, I was rejected. So now I am building transmission powerlines, gradually working my way up to becoming a project manager for the company. Age?? Does it really matter? I'm 21 as of 7/14/19  << not my birthday, just post date Want to get to know me a little better outside of the post, I try to be active in the server, but I do play other games such as RB6, OverWatch, and ESO. You can always talk to me on my sc.     Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this and getting to know a little more about me. sc: Mike_Legend07 
    • Hello vantega, You are correct in that you have been banned for stealing from players on vanilla. Just because someone else does something, doesn't mean that it is allowed. (You can message me here on the forums if you would like to give details about who took what, as that is a separate situation that we will look into.) By playing on our vanilla server, you are expected to follow the same rules as on smp. The second rule is "No griefing or stealing. Do not take things that do not belong to you. Do not raid or grief unclaimed builds." This means that whether the person plays everyday, or hasn't been seen in months, you do NOT touch or take their things. Players come back after breaks and deserve to have their items how they left them. Just because there are no claims on vanilla doesn't mean other players' stuff is a free for all. We expect players on vanilla to be trustworthy. We are trusting that you will follow the rules and won't take advantage of the limited grief protection we have on vanilla. This leaves me with a few questions: 1. Do you still think it is ok to take things from players just because they haven't been online for awhile? 2.  Why should you be unbanned if you broke a rule 'just because other people were doing it"?  At the end of the day, you are responsible for your actions, and you were the one that played on the server, accepted the rules, and then went on to break them.
    • 1) What's your current in-game name? vantega 2) What do you think you were banned for? If you are unsure, our rules can be found at diversitymc.net/rules  stealing 3) Why should you be unbanned?  i was unsure whether or not the owner was no longer playing, i witnessed other players taking stuff from certain people near spawn with the sole reason being "they no longer play".  i am willing to provide information on who took what, but i simply did not know that the players i stole from were going to be continuing playing.  as for that, i apologize.
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