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  2. So I lost Wi-Fi at my house and probably won't be back on for a while. I'm considering getting a new laptop so I can play when I'm in a place with public Wi-Fi, but for now I'm gonna be absent from the server.

    On a different topic, for anyone who doesn't already know, my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer. He started chemo yesterday.

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  4. Hanah

    Hanah's SMP Screengrabs

    All the stuff I screenshot in game
  5. So not much has happened... I made statues in the April 2019 build battle... Didn't get top 10 but congrats to those who did. 

    Just wondering, who uses this form on a daily bases?

  6. TOP 10 BUILDERS FOR APRIL 2019! Build Contest This event was a blast to have! Many MANY great builds all around. Thank to everyone that participated. You are incredible. We look forward to seeing you again! MAY 10th is the PARKOUR EVENT :D!! After that... just TEAM BUILD BATTLE NEXT! Anticipated at the end of MAY! No Big Deal. You can claim your player_skull and prizes (if you placed) at the EVENT_MUSEUM on SMP. (/warp Hub > Places > Event_Museum. You can ask a Helper or Moderator for assistance. 1. jupiterrrrr 2. ByteIsGay 3. DDDY 4.JoFace321 5. Darkolythe 6.Blank__ 7.AdventureNarwhal 8. Sxxtt_ 9. Lburdick43 10. xia_xoa
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  8. It will be judged by me and other staff. We look for a variety of things. Cosmetically Pleasing, mechanically adept. Creative. Color-usage/palette and unique ideas!
  9. Updated to permaban and this thread is now locked. We're done with this now.
  10. Don't even think joking about that is funny, dude.
  11. Abuse? If anyone's abusive it's your shitty sense of humour. Joking about racism and HIV? Fuck off with that shit. You're lucky you're getting another chance TBH.
  12. I've decided to give you a second chance. Although your signs were very disgusting, I'm permitting you back to a 3 day ban along with your friend, Arct1cYet1. Heedies, however, will not be joining this server again. Let me remind you that you will be closely watched from now on, and that you should give the rules a read through a few more times. This behavior isn't tolerated and we won't hesitate to get rid of you if this continues on. I don't need to hear about you and arctic's beliefs. This is your last chance to be mature. Hopefully you grow from this and we won't have to meet like this again. Also, i'm a female. Thanks x
  13. Anyway, I heard that Arct1cYet1 got his ban reduced. He did the same things as me... And he does not have high functioning autism if you somehow believed that.
  14. After talking with the other staff members, we've decided to reduce your ban to 3 days. I understand your viewpoint, however, you were apart of this group and were also spam AFKing. Maybe after a few days cool down and another read through of the rules, you'll understand what we expect in the future.
  15. Damn, I forgot about the HIV sign. Just wanted to make a stupid joke and didn't expect people to see it. Also, i didn't spam afk, i did it about once and they just started doing that. I can see myself deserving a punishment such as the original 3 day ban but not permenantly, because tbh I really liked that server. If I log back on, I can promise that I won't be continuing that immature behavior that my friends had made me want to do. If it continues to happen, have me under your radar and if I manage to end up in a situation like this again, perm-ban me.
  16. Will you also admit to the other racist signs you placed? Including ones about an "HIV House" and a restricted area with no colored people allowed? Because the logs show every sign you have placed. You and your other friends were also spamming AFK multiple times, which is against the rules. All of these things lead me to believe that you aren't understanding our rules clear enough to be permitted back on the server.
  17. we are in the same discord server, also for the record I hadn't even placed those signs and I do have high functioning autism.
  18. I'll admit to making a sign saying "6969 Cool Street" just because it's a joke i have with arcticyeti who was also banned, and the signs that said "Gay" built by me were not meant in any homophobic way, but i can see it being misunderstood in that way. I'd say that i'd messed up with those signs, but being permenately banned is still quite a stretch.
  19. I'll talk with the other staff members about this, however, I do have logs of you placing the sign that I mentioned above. If we do end up accepting you back, do understand that none of this behavior is tolerated and discrimination, as you can see, can be resulted immediately in expulsion.
  20. Just because it is close to my house doesn't mean i take responsibility in it. I have never done anything troublesome either, I was actually quite polite to other moderators and staff. I just think a perm ban might be a stretch of a punishment.
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