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  2. *SIGH* 40+ villagers and an iron phoenix laying around just to find out it doesn't work on spigot.


  3. Uh oh...
  4. Someone is in a place they shouldn't be.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Once more

    I did it again!


  7. At first I thought that was just a player head.
  8. You should totally do /give @a diamond_block 999999
  9. Last week
  10. The ability to do this
  11. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! I sexually identify as a kawaii potato Jk xDDD
  12. Once Another



    1. Loubee1000


      Cool did you make or take? Coz i dont remember this lol 



    2. Jupiterrrrr


      yeah i did!

      made it lol

    3. Loubee1000
  13. Hey guys jupiterrrrr here!

    I just made this cool picture!!!

    Hope you enjoy!!!


    1. WitherTheOnlyOG


      what if I wanted to be in it :P


    2. Ash


      OMG YOU USED MY BACKWARDS SKIN. nice job btw :D

  14. ores

    I'll second that. Having a source of packed ice, podzol, and hardened clay terracotta that didn't require decimating the SMP map would be nice. I always feel bad taking resources from SMP, like "someone might want to build there in the future."
  15. Peaches, grapes, and oranges too!
  16. Cherry/apple heads! for trees
  17. Welp, my computer is up and running, and I absolutely LOVE it. I need to get OBS and Sony Vegas on it before I'm ready to make YouTube content, but it's the best computer I've ever owned. Thanks to @Turbotailz and @OffendedChair for the help through the process. I couldn't have done it without you.

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    2. Turbotailz


      Damn that sucks about the motherboard, hopefully you learned from that experience though, do you know what caused it to die?

      Adobe software is nice, but I am finding it to be less user-friendly the more they update it. Photoshop is beginning to annoy me more than ever.

    3. PlatinumRampage


      Static electricity. I use for image editing.

    4. OffendedChair


      :/ one of the common mistakes when you first build a pc

  18. I feel like these are very specific to a person's desires and would probably be better off given as an event prize or something. I can't imagine everyone wanting these.
  19. Globes, books, lamps, stuff like that make a room feel more alive. Luci showed this site; Personally, I'd love a computer tower head and a monitor head.
  20. It's possible, but what heads would you want?
  21. Do you like kawaii potatoes
  22. Those were just some ideas I threw out there, having Cosmetics, ranks, and stuff like that would probably be the way to go.
  23. Hiii! My name is BecLabradoodle but you can call me Bec, ask me ANYTHINGG!!!
  24. Is it possible to have supporter exclusive kits? No diamonds, tools, or armor, but an assortment of decorative player heads.
  25. I tried using an underscore before and it wouldn't let me. Maybe it's a buycraft thing?
  26. Like what? As far as I know the nickname plugin (nicky) has the same character set limitations as mojang for the official names, Meaning a-z, 0-9, and _.
  27. I've found a couple of plugins that will allow us to restrict it to certain user groups
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