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  2. Monastery metro station prototype! 


  3. Hey all! I'm back on the forums again, i've decided to delete a few of my posts because I want to start fresh again and p much this wall is going to be mainly about updates of where I'm at etc :)) 

    See ya around!

  4. Hello WHI5PY after reviewing your request and with the current infraction of the rules we have chosen to keep the ban in place. We are sorry but you have not shown your ability to follow the rules which I am sure you are aware alts are forbidden while you are banned and you couldn't even follow the rule for the format of your appeal for starters. maybe after some more time you can appeal again. have a nice day.
  5. current ign: WHI5PY why I was banned: stealing on multiple occasions ( diamonds from shop were later returned on smp ) why should I be unbanned: I am willing to pay back the diamonds and the iron that I stole. I am deeply sorry for what I did it was wrong and I should have never done it in the first place. it was stupid to steal from others on the server and there for will never happen again. I give you and every one on the server my sincere apology.
  6. Hello WHI5PY, It has been 5 months since you were perm banned. In the short time you played on the server, you: stole 22 diamonds from a player's shop on smp stole 21 diamonds on vanilla stole again on vanilla You appealed the last temp ban and it was upgraded to a permanent ban after you failed to realize what you did was wrong. Please appeal using this format. Also, all appeals are handled through the forums and you will not be allowed access to the discord unless your appeal is granted.
  7. I do wonder if this would have been better built in the end. This article suggests the End can be a better choice, since their is no night time there, and the bees never sleep.
  8. Sorry DNS at this time we cannot approve your build as it doesn't meet the guidelines we require. While we were inspecting it mobs spawned on the platforms and there is no real direction given to users. you may redesign it and request again when the build has been adjusted to meet guidelines.
  9. application withdrawn after speaking to endee
  10. Looks really good, is it possible to make an item filter for the bottles so that part can't be broken? other than that we are discussing it
  11. hey its me again. its been quite a while since I've even tried to contact you again but on July 30th 2019 (I think) I was permanently banned from diversity. I am more that sure that I have learned my lesson and I am not going to steal anything from any one. PS I am banned from the discord too and that would make it a lot easier to contact you
  12. No picture? would you mind explaining it a little? give us some back story or purpose. Other than that I will definitely check it out when I'm on and give some feed back.
  13. Ampharo I will check it out next time I'm on for sure. it looks really nice from the picture.
  14. Hello! This is Ampharos516, I’d like to submit a warp request. A bee farm I have been working on! There are two sides. One for honey and one for honeycomb. My only request to the users is that they recycle the bottles they use. Occasionally the bees will freeze when too many players are online, but that’s an issue with other mob powered farms too, and can’t really be solved. Anyways, I worked a bit on this farm, and I’m really happy with this outcome. I hope it can get accepted, but if not, that’s okay! More info below. My warp request is for a FARM (Bee Farm) The X and Z co-ord
  15. My warp request is for a PLACE The X and Z co-ordinates for the place where I'd like the warp landing spot are -25877 65 32724 My build is FINISHED I have read and understood the guideline & requirements thread: YES
  16. I understand. I should not have done that. Happy holidays.
  17. Hi DNS I understand that you are frustrated and upset not being able to play. You also need to understand the frustration it is for staff when you just get back from a ban only to receive another. We would love to have you as part of our community but only you no cheats or hacks. I feel that at this time since you were not given a perm ban that you should just wait out your time. I do understand that means you will miss out on the up coming events and that sucks, but we are not the ones that tried to take a shortcut. I hope you understand and that we will see you when your ban expires. Have a
  18. 1) What's your current in-game name? DNSSunflower 2) What do you think you were banned for? If you are unsure, our rules can be found at diversitymc.net/rules I was banned for using an X-Ray texture pack to find ancient debris. 3) Why should you be unbanned? This was a temp ban which I was grateful for as the other option was permanent. I understand this was against the rules. I wanted to gift the netherite as part of a game or the secret Santa event. I had no intentions of using it for my own personal gain. I turned in the ancient debris I had acquired illegally to a
  19. I acknowledge these risks and would like to proceed.
  20. Hi DNSSunflower, while your farm does look functional. Staff does have a couple security concerns first off the build is near your base and not enclosed which could lead to abuse and grieving. Second the public permissions could allow for players to grieve and abuse the farm. This could be address with subclaims if you need help with this please visit /warp claims or ask a staff member to help. let us know when these things are done and we would be happy to reinspect your farm. if you chose to not modify it you may also retract your application and apply at a later date. Thank you Staff
  21. So. I'm not really good at presentations so I'll make it simple: I'm gay I'm goth I'm a Latina girl pronouns: don't care, I usually use She/Her I'm Eighteen. Hope that's clear enough
  22. My warp request is for a FARM The X, Y, and Z co-ordinates for the place where I'd like the warp landing spot are 374634.5 66 198373.5 My build is FINISHED I have read and understood the guideline & requirements thread: YES / NO (select one) * With this application I confirm that my build is SAFE and no mobs can spawn there. It is 100% claimed by me, with subclaims for appropriate areas. I have spent time and effort making it look nice, and I have placed signs to guide and inform visitors. * I promise to not pester staff in-game or here on the fo
  23. I like the idea.
  24. What is it? This datapack adds every mob head imaginable to the world. Meaning you can have a sheep head, villager head etc. Any head you can think of becomes available to collect simply by killing the mob. Why should it be added? Personally, I think it should be added as adds a lot more creativity and opportunities to the game. You can do whatever you please with them and if you don't like them, don't use em. It could add a whole new market to Diversity. People already collect player heads so its just another thing to collect, but is also a fresh idea at the same time. Th
  25. SMP Level Guide Level 1 Time required: None. To get level 1 you just need to agree to the rules Homes: 1 Claim blocks: 200 Kit: Starter (level 1 only), Gardener, Rescuekit Farm: WA_GuardFarm, GuardianFarm, Arachnophobia, KnightsFarm, BlazeFarm, Witherfarms, WitherWorks, Endermanfarm, Treefarm, StartFarm (level 1 to 4 only), SheepfarmNG, Sheepfarm, SkeletonFarmNG, SkeletonFarm, ZombieFarm1, CreeperFarm, Slimefarm, Ink_Farm, Record Farm, EggyFarm2.0, Drowned Level 2 Time required: 6 hours Homes: 2 Claim blocks: 1000 Kit: None Farm: None
  26. Thank you! He was very happy to hear this news. I have reminded him of your advice. I also recommended he contact you to make sure he's clear on what he needs to do.
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