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  1. Today
  2. Usually build events are run on the event server, so everybody gets the same stuff and perms etc @Apostasial
  3. I'd hope so seeing not everyone has access to the creative world...
  4. Ry0


    I was thinking a SURVIVAL WORLD Build extra challengy
  5. Yesterday
  6. I feel like a freeform build contest would be nice for once. Every build contest in the past has had a theme... maybe except the cube competition?...
  7. Ry0


    Statue, houses - another poll. BUILD CONTEST IS LEADING!!!
  8. @OJessicaNigri Death Note
    Lost Song
    Your lie in April
    Forest of Piano

  9. Donkey Kong and Xanoblade (I think that's how you spell it) https://t.co/Czop0U0Izk

  10. @chrisramzie Lazy heart ❤

  11. Happy #StPatricksDay ! Make sure you wear my 2nd favorite color! https://t.co/vGPShV7Qg7

  12. @Logdotzip I'm am 17
    I live in California
    I like to think I have experience in photography.
    Not sure I'm free that… https://t.co/wthoDD37Qu

  13. I had a blast at Disneyland that I feel like I wanna give thanks to a awesome smart man who was creative and did th… https://t.co/MTDQIl6C5M

  14. So this was my dinner at #DisneyLand and I never had a Turkey Leg this big before! It was yummy and I loved it! https://t.co/gcmyyJCKup

  15. @TeamYouTube Sorry for not getting back right away because my phone died before I could get on Twitter; I started a… https://t.co/N1GQdeVPtj

  16. Last week
  17. Building contest for sure. Others could be prone to cheating a lot more, I'd say. (Plus this seems a lot more fair.)
  18. What type of building contest would we be talking about?
  20. Why is everyone hating on Mario bros 3? I love that game... 😕 https://t.co/nwVEZ9caGf

  21. I'm at Disneyland right now and I'm worked down to the BONE! https://t.co/JGjE8z9txP

  22. @AkiterraGoombah Same but my home vs Disneyland and I can tell ya Disney land is so HD! https://t.co/3Bs5r4DvKw

  23. RT @ayylmaotv: retweet and I will make your profile pic in the cod black ops 2 emblem editor https://t.co/Z1W6Udhnj6

  24. RT @MrBeastYT: I’m going to dm someone who retweets this tweet a $1,000 Amazon Gift card in 72 hours. If you’re picked but don’t follow me,…

  25. @YTCreators I was live on mobile but the app crashed and now it's still saying I'm live when really I'm not... how… https://t.co/z0qnuY4VHm

  26. @glitch_prod So are you saying Season 2 is not free???

  27. @MrBeastYT Ha jokes on you I'm 17 and dont have a car yet so HA!

  28. I'm at Disney Land andi am having a blast and I just now thought of @_RebeccaParham! And I swear I thought I saw so… https://t.co/8XWhJ6zu1H

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