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  2. I like the idea.
  3. What is it? This datapack adds every mob head imaginable to the world. Meaning you can have a sheep head, villager head etc. Any head you can think of becomes available to collect simply by killing the mob. Why should it be added? Personally, I think it should be added as adds a lot more creativity and opportunities to the game. You can do whatever you please with them and if you don't like them, don't use em. It could add a whole new market to Diversity. People already collect player heads so its just another thing to collect, but is also a fresh idea at the same time. Th
  4. SMP Level Guide Level 1 Time required: None. To get level 1 you just need to agree to the rules Homes: 1 Claim blocks: 200 Kit: Starter (level 1 only), Gardener, Rescuekit Farm: WA_GuardFarm, GuardianFarm, Arachnophobia, KnightsFarm, BlazeFarm, Witherfarms, WitherWorks, Endermanfarm, Treefarm, StartFarm (level 1 to 4 only), SheepfarmNG, Sheepfarm, SkeletonFarmNG, SkeletonFarm, ZombieFarm1, CreeperFarm, Slimefarm, Ink_Farm, Record Farm, EggyFarm2.0, Drowned Level 2 Time required: 6 hours Homes: 2 Claim blocks: 1000 Kit: None Farm: None
  5. Thank you! He was very happy to hear this news. I have reminded him of your advice. I also recommended he contact you to make sure he's clear on what he needs to do.
  6. LittleThumb unbanned. I really appreciate you taking the time to help LittleThumb. I understand that people make mistakes. I understand that young people can make mistakes. I really needed to talk to LittleThumb about following the rules. He's fine now. I enjoy his presence very much and it his absence has been felt. LittleThumb should be fine as long as he follows the rules more carefully. Ask questions if unsure. Ask questions before taking is the safest bet. But yes it was mainly the taking and taking of "lapis" and the griefing of paths. No Spam. No Griefing/stealing. Be nic
  7. (1) I'm requesting a ban appeal. My 10 year old uses my LittleThumb handle on Diversity server. He's too young to manage an email and forum membership so i'm doing this for him. I hope it's not a problem. if so, just let me know how you like me to handle this. (2) According to him (he's usually a pretty trustworthy kid), he misunderstood a sign in game and was temporarily banned for griefing or stealing. I think he took some blocks out of a chest. (edit: took some lapis unintentionally and then forgot to return it.) When he received the 2 day temp. ban notice, he did not understan
  8. I believe it is as follows: Rescue - Everyone Gardener - Everyone Starter - Level 1 Decoration - Level 7 Terraformer - Level 8 Enchanter - Level 15
  9. Why did you just reply uh
  10. I know the current kits are decoration enchanter gardener rescuekit starter and terraformer but what level are they unlocked at?
  11. Appeal denied. You have been given several chances. Seeing as you are unapologetic as usual and temp-punishment doesn't seem severe enough to change your ways: your ban is now permanent. Good luck on your future adventures. Hopefully you could change.
  12. no not if I do things like this the only reason I play it is so I can be in 1.16 if im being truly honest I don't think I shoud be playing vanilla at all but Its the only place I can play in 1.16. If smp was 1.16 I whoud be playing on there 24/7. im still waiting for a notification in discord saying: smp has been updated to 1.16 but until then I guess im goin to work on base plans in creative.
  13. Literally everything on Vanilla has a sign whether you can take or not. It's not the value of the items you took, but the principle of the matter. Why would you take-all and not replace ? You easily had the resources to do so. You have tendency to touch what isn't yours from what I've seen. Do you believe Vanilla is right for you?
  14. I dident know that that chest was not for the public I didno see a sign, but there was a sign befor I stole and it said viliger curing stuff witch I thougt was open to the public. if there is any way I can pay you back like afk at the iron farm for 1 hour or mine 128 iron by hand then let me know
  15. Hi Whi5py I appreciate you taking the time to appeal. You were temp-banned 1 week for "stealing". Not for the reason you stated above. After reviewing your notes; you seem to have a history. You should really be perm-banned, but fortunately for you - not this time. You took ALL of the iron ingots from a non-public chest on Vanilla when there was a public iron farm provided for you (which offers iron blocks). I am 100% sure you are aware of the farm prior to these events.. Why did you think that was okay? :
  16. my in game name is WHI5PY I was banned for stealing I dident steal any thing what I did was take diamonds craft them into blocks then I put the blocks and excess diamonds back into the chest/shulker/barrel I got them from
  17. I have been banned for stealing when I dident steal anything. I took diamonds crafted blocks the put the blocks and excess dimonds back in the chest/shulker/barre. I have only been temp banned but I dident do or take anything to deserve this punishment


  18. Social distanced WoolWorks has been accepted!
  19. Your warp request has been granted! You have put incredible detail into this city and it turned out amazing
  20. Imagine being inactive Tyler420 and Regina. You guys are never ever on. LUL
  21. if you do not wait for us, the dragon will not be the only thing dead
  22. You may only pwned gerald the giant dragon when ty and i are online or else i will be FUMING
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