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  3. Build Battle WINNERS! 1st Place: OmegaEille 2nd Place: Jupiterrrrr 3rd Place: Blank___ 4th Place: Darkolythe 5th Place: theMarttaship 6th Place: _Ryo_ 7th Place: Blueinthewater 8th Place: Aidenracr 9th Place: _Phobi 10th Place: AtomicLightBulbs´╗┐ Thank you to everyone who participated! Prizes for both the parkour and build battle can be found at the event museum (/warp hub > places > first on the back right) on /smp! Also, congrats to the 15 people who completed all 7 levels of the parkour! More fun events to come, stay tuned!
  4. Hello EpicExtendus, We have decided to deny your appeal as we do not think you are ready to come back on our server. You were perma banned on the 31st of December, 2018, which is only 5 months ago. We do not believe you have matured, as proven by you messaging me on the forums and being impatient. Your last words on the server were, "idc if you ban me, I xrayed all my stuff" and that is exactly what we did. You stole from a shop, when you knew it was a banable offense, and that was the final straw. You were overall just a trouble maker, and wanted reactions out of people. We do not want these types of players on our server. You can appeal again in 6 months.
  5. Last week
  6. I would like to participate if accepting late entries :)
  7. It's a similar concept to how the per player day signs work, it may look like day to you but the server is in night mode, so you will still see mobs spawning in the day. The effects do not alter spawns (it's purely cosmetic).
  8. Weather cannot be player-enabled. Its a server-wide feature only. If a storm appears on your screen and only your screen, it will not affect anybody but yourself, and only visually.
  9. I am unsure if there is some required format to request a new feature to the server so... Recently I have been attempting to acquire Mob Heads and with the new 'Channeling' feature on the newly introduced tridents to summon lightning to charge creepers and lead them to a mob to get their head. However, to summon the lightning you need a storm. Storms are rare and players always disable the rain etc. as they find it irritating. This is my idea : At /warp lounge there are signs to disable the rain and make it day. Some signs are for players and some affect the server. Now with the issue of storms being rare, I would like to have a sign to enable a storm or any other desired weather for the Player only so that it does not affect all the others on the server if they do not want it but the people who do want it can simply go to /warp Lounge and enable their desired weather for whatever they need it for. Now this is still in the supporter only lounge so some rarity is still in place as a payment is required to even enter the area. Any thoughts?
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  11. Hello Lt_James, We have decided to give you another chance. Please refresh on our rules, located here, before joining back into the community.
  12. EpicExtendus' ban appeal previously known as SPACEGHOSTTHOT 1) My in game name is EpicExtendus 2) I was banned for stealing and x-raying 3) I believe i should be unbanned because I have matured since I last played on your server and I wish be be allowed back in your community
  13. 1)Lt_James 2)harassing a staff member 3)So i started playing Minecraft again recently, and was looking for an SMP server when i remembered this one, unfortunately, due to my previous actions i got banned, i apologize for my past actions but i feel like i have matured, its been 2 years and i would like a second chance if possible, thanks for reading.
  14. I would like to join the event! Please add me in. Thank you for another amazing event!
  15. It's coming...

    Fall 2019


  16. Hi, some of you may remember me as Groz and I used to play on this server. Unfortunately, however, my account was stolen in 2018 and i havent played Minecraft in a very long time. However, playing through the game Stardew Valley made me miss such a friendly community like this, which leads me to this question: if I were to buy another Minecraft account and prove it were me, could my assets from my previous account (claim, base, level, shop) somehow be transferred?
  17. Hello JetpackPiglet, We have decided to unban you early, but please take the time to read the rules, located here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any online staff member or open a /ticket. On our server, the definition of afk is any time you are not actively playing, whether you are at your keyboard watching or not. In your case, every time you were grabbing items from the farm, you reset the afk timer and therefore gained ar time. This is unfair to players who work on builds and are actually playing to level up. Next time, just wait for the timer to kick you, and then log back in, or if you come back early, please make sure you are playing, and don't just afk again. ~Snow
  18. Hanah

    Hanah's SMP Screengrabs

    All the stuff I screenshot in game
  19. Edit: I just remembered, I was accidentally "ignoring staff" because I was actually afk, lol

  20. 1) What's your current in-game name? JetpackPiglet 2) What do you think you were banned for? If you are unsure, our rules can be found at diversitymc.net/rules anti-afk and ignoring staff 3) Why should you be unbanned? I did not know afking for small increments of time, then coming back to collect was illegal, (because I actually did it in front of zore lol) I would like another chance. Thx
  21. Hello rektelixr, We have decided to give you a second chance. We ask that you please change your skin before joining, otherwise you will not be allowed to play.
  22. sign me up for build battle!!
  23. I'd like a plot for the build battle, please!
  24. Sounds like fun! I would love to try a build battle again so count me in!
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