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  2. Ban apeal

    I need to add a third point to the list here also for completeness. Third. Just a few days ago someone claiming to be a friend of Draqon_ joined and tried to 'scam' an unban for the Draqon_ account, with a story about the account being stolen. So either a) Draqon_ lied to a friend about why they were banned or b) lied to me using yet another account. Neither of which paint a positive picture.
  3. Ban apeal

    Two things I would like to address. First. Wizardd, your last appeal was just less than 2 months ago, and was denied, Second. You attempted to bypass your ban using an alt, which is not allowed. I think it is safe to say that this appeal has been denied
  4. Tengy/Robins Ban Appeal

    I remember you robin. Thank you for being patient while staff discuss your appeal .
  5. FOUND!

    It has been returned to it's rightful owner. I don't think it can, but even if it could. It's extra work, that can be, and was solved thru a posting
  6. Yeah, I can see that. The spawn and warp hub spin kinda made me dizzy as well, but I needed something straightforward that shows what the overall spawn/warp hub looked like
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  8. MCPE?

    Highly unlikely, but a cool idea I guess. Frankly, I don't even think the 5 year olds that play on PE would be interested in a server where the focus isn't on mining in a straight line or killing each other. Maybe that's harsh; I realize there are a few older, innovative players on PE, but they are so outweighed by the players who are perfectly content to... punch trees and breed pigs and stuff. I wouldn't mind this suggestion being accepted at all. It's a great idea - I just don't see it happening.
  9. Ban apeal

    1) What's your current in-game name? My IGN is Draqon_ 2) What do you think you were banned for? If you are unsure, our rules can be found at I was banned for saying bad stuff to other player via msg. Aka WitherTheOnlyOG 3) Why should you be unbanned Its been around 6 months now since i got banned for that i did. What i did i i cursed at him talked trash to him and blamed him to 412 for stealing my stuff that i put in my echest. That what i did was really immature of me. Now im 18 and i more mature that i was when i did that stupid thing. I loved the server and i would like to come back as a new person and start over and play with all the people i met there. Hope u can understand me and change your mind and unban me, and ill show my self as a better person and more mature adult. Have a nice day -Draqon_
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  11. What is your most precious belonging?

    A pie and stick bear gave me. 😝
  12. A minecraft cinematic video to help new players :)

    I think the camera effects are the only real downside. The lensing and spinning is hard on the eyes. The typography was very clean and smooth!
  13. MCPE?

    Has a PE server ever been considered? That version is desperately in need of servers that work...
  14. FOUND!

    You know the Mods can look through records to see whose it is, right?
  15. Got a mouse for my laptop, I should be able to play a lot (Ha Turbo) longer now.. Starting to work on my new house.. (Exciting stuff I know..) 



    1. AdventureNarwhal


      Wait, all this time before you got your mouse... you played with a trackpad?! :worship:

    2. KatieBug555


      Before I played with my track pad I had a computer but it recently quit working..  I had the bright idea of using the mouse from that to the laptop my brother is letting me borrow.. xD

  16. FOUND!

    Found a Diamond Sword at spawn called Jibing, if this is your's please let a admin know, it is in my ender chest..
  17. Tengy/Robins Ban Appeal

    Has this been acknowledged
  18. A minecraft cinematic video to help new players :)

    I'll see if I remember to pull some of my crap from my pc, I don't remember talking about it. But that's just probably my bad memory
  19. can I see some examples of your work? edit: and I did try talking to you about this you just didn't respond lol
  20. A minecraft cinematic video to help new players :)

    @Ash The video looks like a very good concept and can establish a good base. I see a lot of stuff that is good. And I also see some stuff that could be improved. I am fairly decent at this kind of stuff , talk to me when I'm online and maybe we can work on it a little bit
  21. A minecraft cinematic video to help new players :)

    I'm happy to see you helping out the new players. SMP, while being, in my opinion, the best gamemode of all, isn't really that popular. I've seen people just leave within 30 minutes of their first login because they have no idea what SMP even is. Assuming you you like making these videos, and assuming you want to make more of them, it would be awesome to see some tutorials explaining what SMP is all about. "I probably over edited it" (I would have quoted you properly but it's so annoying to highlight stuff on an iPad, I'm so lazy) Well, maybe a little bit... But still a great video. PS: Wow, that intro with me placing ice had to be shot at least half a year ago!
  22. I should've asked first, sorry about that. Just wanted give players something to start off. I figured that with people asking about it, and showing where it is, it wouldn't be a problem. But now that I think of it, they could just take all of it. I can remove it and reupload it if it'll cause problems?
  23. A minecraft cinematic video to help new players :)

    That after credit scene scene thou....... Really?
  24. So I've created this cinematic, somewhat "professional" video to inform new players with the usual questions they might have when they first join. I hope you guys like it! and I probably over-edited it, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  26. Tengy/Robins Ban Appeal

    Hello Diversity People its been a while. I believe last we spoke was about May, when i got banned you probably remember that i took a long break from MineCraft and Video Games in general. i was working on some mechanic related stuff. but im here to say i would like to re-become a member of the diversity server. i know my mistakes in the past have been harsh (and many). However i miss the closely bound community that Diversity can give to the play after my long search for a server to fill this void in my MineCraft heart i would like to rejoin the community. But first i need to apologize, and there are some certain people in general that deserve my words... LUCI- You are a very good person and even better admin you keep Diversity clean of baddies. i formally apologize for my harsh words against you in the past. and i would like to say i'm sorry. <3 ACE- I was just a dick in general and i don't know what i had against you, but you are a very smart athletic amazing person and i need to say sorry, so sorry <3 MUTTLEY- I was a HUGE asshole but i apologize for all my words against you EVERYONE- I'm sorry. For Those that knew me --- I hope you are glad to hear that i am a lot happy i have started my own car business, stopped the whole selfharm thing and i haven't smoked a cigarette in 3 months I have moved away from my father which has been good for me. my family is alot happier and i'm doing good Ps. i know this is kind of a shitty appeal but i dont have that much time but i hope it will do. My Current Ingame name is Tengy I was banned for a lot of things becuase i truly have changed and i miss the server. -Robin 17/11/09
  27. phpCore / Septex / VetraVex / Vezzeract Ban Appeal

    Hi, sorry for the delay in giving you a response. The staff team have decided to give you another chance - please don't ruin it. Welcome back.
  28. Ah! It's that time of year again! Snow, cold weather, and MY BIRTHDAY! HEHEHEH
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