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  2. So Snow told me in-game that there is some concern that people will come and take the materials that are obtained in the farm from afk players. While that is a major concern, I would like to point out that this is a problem with 90% of the public farms on the server. Nothing is stopping someone from taking the gold from an afk player at the gold farm for instance. However, if there are any suggestions to where this could be remedied, I am willing to listen and implement the best I can.
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  4. Hello Fixerly, At this time, we will be denying your warp request. Certain farms use spawners because low TPS and several players on at once made normal farms slow. This farm is not efficient enough to compete with the public farm.
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  6. Flashback to when Ace tried to pass off Panther's test town off as mut's. I built this wood and clay house.2016-10-02_13_04_22.png.8783a6ae532fab3342951d5b5aff4e2d.thumb.png.543e7d110589048d32846fd4131108d6.png

  7. The plot of land is owned by my alt, AjiChocloPalta. My warp request is for a FARM The X and Z co-ordinates for the place where I'd like the warp landing spot are 6150 33 12668 in the Nether My build is FINISHED I have read and understood the guideline & requirements thread: YES * With this application I confirm that my build is SAFE and no mobs can spawn there. It is 100% claimed by me, with subclaims for appropriate areas. I have spent time and effort making it look nice, and I have placed signs to guide and inform visitors. * I promise to n
  8. MarkDiary

    New kits!

    THESE KITS ARE SOO COOL! Can't wait to see these kits, too bad I'm still not even half way through lvl 9 steering system UAE
  9. I've tried it multiple times, idk may be an issue with my paypal account
  10. Not sure what to suggest. I don't have any information from what I can see.
  11. Recently I have been trying to purchase a supporter package, and PayPal is blocking my card every time. It says something along the lines of "Unable to add this subscription." My cards work for other purchases, but for some reason both of my cards are not working for this site. Anyone have any suggestions, if so please leave them here.
  12. so i made the slime farm witch is fully smp and not with slime spawners to add as a secendery farm or replace the corrent farm i was realy upset to know that the corent slime farm was broken becous of updates and replaced by slime spawners ... so i made one fully survival the farm is finishd and its functaning if needed to make the slime rate faster in any point at the futer please do tall me and ill be right on it right now the farm is working on 40% speed to not overflow the farm is structerd with 9 slime chunks thanks for considering My war
  13. Let me download my town with world downloader and you can ban me forever i do not care. I just want my town i worked hard on. i will not come backif i can download my town map. So, no need to take anything because i am going to leave for good once I download my town.
  14. Appeal Denied. When your ban expires, you will be placed in jail where you will need to contact staff to return the debris before being allowed to play again. Please take this time to review our rules, which can be found here. X-raying gives you an unfair advantage and can hurt the economy. Have a good night, sir.
  15. Yeah and you keep saying the same things but no proof. I was just strip mining and i had a good picaxe But yes ma'am you are right and always will be because you have more power than me. So, yes I totally did those things because even if i did not i do not have the power like you do. So, i will keep my temp ban. Thank you
  16. We understand you were mining for eight hours, but that does not make you innocent. Repeating that fact is not an explanation for your actions. As you can see from the screenshots, you were caught x-raying. Your changes in direction always led you right to debris. In the third screenshot, you can see how random mining up in that location is compared to the rest of your tunnel. As I asked in my previous reply, why did you strip mine in a basalt delta? The blocks in that biome take longer to break than netherrack, so if you were mining legitimately, it would be a waste of time. For you
  17. Me going up and down is because i mined Dabris but i mined for eight hours keep that in mind. So of course i found a lot i actually did not know where they were sooo I just kept staying between 11-22.
  18. Hello Jay, I was the mod called in to evaluate your mining paths. You were strip mining, in the sense of using your pickaxe to create tunnels instead of other methods you mentioned. This is a perfectly acceptable form of mining for debris; however, in the 115 pages of logs I searched through, your tunnels look very suspicious. In the following screenshots, the blocks of tnt represent debris that you mined. As you can see, you were "strip mining" in a regular tunnel, but then you dug down one block in this spot and found debris. You can see the rest of the tunnel is all on th
  19. Hi, my name is Jay and I was acused of using Xray to mine for Dabris. I would just like to say that I mined for eight hours of course I am going to get a lot of dabris. I did not mine for two minutes? Also, I prefer to use my picaxe to mine quickly because it has Efficiency five and it is really good so I strip mine instead of using beds to explode and create the chance of me dying with from the explosion or lava fall. Also I dig down in the biomes because I am looking for Dabris at level 11-22 where they are mostly. I strip mine until I can found some and I do it for many hours and I happen t
  20. Monastery metro station prototype! 


  21. Hey all! I'm back on the forums again, i've decided to delete a few of my posts because I want to start fresh again and p much this wall is going to be mainly about updates of where I'm at etc :)) 

    See ya around!

  22. Hello WHI5PY after reviewing your request and with the current infraction of the rules we have chosen to keep the ban in place. We are sorry but you have not shown your ability to follow the rules which I am sure you are aware alts are forbidden while you are banned and you couldn't even follow the rule for the format of your appeal for starters. maybe after some more time you can appeal again. have a nice day.
  23. current ign: WHI5PY why I was banned: stealing on multiple occasions ( diamonds from shop were later returned on smp ) why should I be unbanned: I am willing to pay back the diamonds and the iron that I stole. I am deeply sorry for what I did it was wrong and I should have never done it in the first place. it was stupid to steal from others on the server and there for will never happen again. I give you and every one on the server my sincere apology.
  24. Hello WHI5PY, It has been 5 months since you were perm banned. In the short time you played on the server, you: stole 22 diamonds from a player's shop on smp stole 21 diamonds on vanilla stole again on vanilla You appealed the last temp ban and it was upgraded to a permanent ban after you failed to realize what you did was wrong. Please appeal using this format. Also, all appeals are handled through the forums and you will not be allowed access to the discord unless your appeal is granted.
  25. I do wonder if this would have been better built in the end. This article suggests the End can be a better choice, since their is no night time there, and the bees never sleep.
  26. Sorry DNS at this time we cannot approve your build as it doesn't meet the guidelines we require. While we were inspecting it mobs spawned on the platforms and there is no real direction given to users. you may redesign it and request again when the build has been adjusted to meet guidelines.
  27. application withdrawn after speaking to endee
  28. Looks really good, is it possible to make an item filter for the bottles so that part can't be broken? other than that we are discussing it
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